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I woke with the sheets tangled round my legs and an aching tightness which gnawed at my abdomen, I felt agitated but couldn’t place the source of it.  I lay in bed while the unfamiliar curtains and wardrobe came into focus and struggled to remember where I was.  

My labia were slick with arousal and my breasts felt heavy, slowly I ran my palm over a hardened nipple and a thrill buzzed direct to my pussy.  It seemed I’d had a sexy dream, the frustration of unfinished business cramped – a tangible ache deep inside.  Grasping at the wisps of my subconscious thought I realised I’d been dreaming about Hamish; a materialisation of my longing to get to know him intimately.  Hazy memories of hands exploring each other’s curves and crevices remained, alongside us kissing, his fingers digging into my flesh while his hips ground against mine.  

I swung my legs out of bed, reluctantly shrugging off the hot dream.  It was Christmas morning, back at my parents’ house but, unlike bygone days, no stocking was waiting by the Christmas tree.  We spent a quiet day – helping my Mum cook the Christmas dinner and watching TV while my Dad fiddled about with the jigsaw puzzle that I’d given him.  Boxing day was more of the same, the jigsaw was halfway completed. I was chilled, but alone in my room my subliminal frustration surfaced.  I went to sleep thinking wistfully about Hamish, his sensuous lips pressed against mine, before they travelled lower.

We were clearing the lunchtime plates away when the phone rang.  To my surprise I overheard my Dad say,

“Hello Hamish.  Yes she’s here.”  Who me?

He handed me the phone.  “Hello?”

Hamish asked me how I was,  if I’d had a nice Christmas, – we exchanged small-talk.  I was having a phone call reminiscent of my teenage years!  My parents were hanging onto every word at my end of the conversation!   When Hamish invited me over to watch films and have a bite of supper, I realised I had to check with my Mum – this was awkward!  She smiled and made a “shoo” gesture so I agreed the visit, feeling both flattered and flustered.

Driving to Hamish’s home I questioned what I was doing – he was so much younger than me, was it inappropriate?  The devil on my shoulder took on the persona of David who I worked with.

“Go on Posy! A younger bloke with an older bird?  He’ll love it!  Teach him some new tricks!”

It did stroke my ego to imagine I could ‘mentor’ him!  A vision of ‘Mrs Robinson’ popped into my head but I shook it off – the age gap wasn’t that big!  Besides, Hamish’s previous girlfriend had also been older, so I wasn’t likely to corrupt him!  I wore tight, dark jeans with a slouchy jumper and long ‘riding’ boots.  Because the jumper had a wide neck which showed off my shoulders a lot, I’d worn a cute emerald green bra and (of course) a matching stretchy lace thong.

I parked in the town square – deserted on a Bank Holiday – and rapped on the front door.  When Hamish swung it open my knees nearly buckled in the glare of his megawatt smile!  He looked good enough to eat in a casual grey hoodie and button fly jeans which hugged his bum.  Moving to the kitchen to get a drink, I noticed he was no longer using a stick, although he still limped.

“I see your leg’s getting better!”

“Yes, it’s less painful.  Just my ribs bothering me now – keeping me awake at night.”

I think I blushed a little, reminded of the steamy dreams which had been slicking my knickers since we last met!  I watched his elegant long fingers fiddle with the fancy coffee machine, making a latte for me and a cappuccino for him.  I couldn’t  block the image of those fingers plucking at my nipples and I felt the delicate skin pucker in response.  I needed to get hold of myself.  Although we were alone together he’d invited me over for company – he was probably just lonely with his family away.

We adjourned upstairs to the living room – an informal den, nothing like the reception room for the party.  The sofa was a large L-shape and a flat-screen TV dominated one wall, with speakers for surround sound.  Hamish sank into the cushions and offered me a bowl of popcorn.  The conversation was not quite so easy, we were being so polite, neither of us even wanted to choose a film genre!  In the end we opted for comedy, so sharing snacks and sipping coffee we laughed along to a classic.

When the credits rolled Hamish looked at me and a frisson of sexual tension ran right through, we had a moment there!

“Would you like something stronger Posy?”

“A drink would be nice, but I have to drive home.”

“But not for hours surely?”  He cocked his eyebrow and my gut twisted with desire.  “And we’ll be eating later.”

“Okay then, what have you got?”

“Let me show you,” and natural as anything he took my hand and led me down to the kitchen.  My heart thrilled, I wasn’t imagining our attraction.

Hamish proudly showed me an array of spirits, left over from the party.

“What’s your poison?” he put ice in two large tumblers then turned back to me.

“Whisky and diet coke please.”

“Really?  Not vodka?  I think I’ll try that too!”  His grin was infectious, I smiled back.  “You have a really beautiful smile, you know that?”  He was suddenly serious, his pale eyes meeting mine.

I didn’t know what to say, I’m rubbish at accepting compliments, but he moved in for a kiss so I melted into the moment.  One of his hands went under my hair, to the nape of my neck and the other started at my waist, but as our kiss deepened and our tongues danced it slipped down to my butt and fondled the curve of my rear.  I cashed in on the moment and let my own questing hands enjoy his deliciously muscled back and chiselled pecs.  Pressed together I could feel the outline of his cock trapped in his jeans and I moistened the narrow gusset of my thong in response.

“I didn’t think you’d be interested,” Hamish’s voice was hoarse with wonder.

“Why not?”

“You’re so sophisticated.”  This was music to my ears!

“You’re not exactly a shy innocent,” I giggled up at him.

“You don’t know the half of it!” he laughed with a wink and went back to making our drinks.  

Taking my hand he led me upstairs to the den, and this time we snuggled close together.  The film didn’t make much sense as we took so many interludes to kiss and touch.  Here’s something you forget once you get into a long term relationship – the excitement and build up caused by heavy petting!

He swung my legs over his lap and cupped a buttock whilst pushing up my sweater to nibble at my breasts through the lace of my bra – bliss!  I loved that he could tease me even with my underwear still on.  I ran my hands over his chest, bare under his hoodie, which I’d unzipped.  His flawless skin was smooth and so taut over a layer of muscles.  I nibbled a line from his neck along his collarbone, before latching onto a neat pink nipple which I nipped and sucked, making Hamish groan aloud.

“You little minx!  I like that.”

I switched sides, where I nibbled and pulled at that nipple too.

“I must have my revenge!” he cried and reached into my bra to spill my breasts from its emerald cups.  Mirroring my tweaking and pinching he sucked on the buds of my nipples, til my pussy was soaking and slippery, and I felt dizzy from gasping!

“Hamish, I’m not sure we should,” I tried to exercise some self control, despite the pulse in my pussy thumping loud enough for him to hear. 

“Why not Posy?”

I was so horny I could hardly think straight, why not indeed?  It wasn’t like I was corrupting him or cheating on anyone.  Should I sleep with this younger man who I’d only just met?  My libido was twanging like a bow string, and my pussy was melting like chocolate.  Hamish was gazing at me with a deadly combination of lust and adoration in his eyes, there was only one more thing to settle;

“As long as you have some condoms, lets do it!”

His eyes twinkled wickedly and he took my hand, leading the way to his bedroom.

To be continued

This story is submitted for Marie Rebel’s great meme #WickedWednesday.  The prompt this week was roots, so you should check out the other participants to see what they submitted.  My delectable ’emerald bra’ picture is courtesy of Petra Pan who’s fabulous reviews can be found here!


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    love reading about your past – very sexy and i can picture it – looking forward to more – I was 23 when i slept with a 20 year old -must write about it x

  2. Reply

    Oh, delicious. I love the heavy petting and youthful hormones in the light of a tv neither of you are actually watching!! Wonderful descriptions!

    • p0sy


      Thanks Hun – I think many a fumble happened by the light of an unwatched TV in my youth!

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