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Hello my Dark Darlings,

This week I am featuring a strong woman who is relatively new to our blogging community so the theme with the links I’ve shared is ‘strong too.  I hope you will enjoy and share forward.

Ella’s Halloween spells take Helen to the hedonistic flip-side  

Asrai’a evocative tale of frisson and yearning in an early intimate experience which burns so brightly! 

This slightly taboo series of May’s has a surprise with every twist and turn 

If you haven’t already discovered Nicci’s tale of a young guy pushing his sexual boundaries then I suggest you start here and read all 8 (only 8 so far!) mouthwatering episodes 

Tabitha has been yearning for this satisfaction all day 

Steeled Snake plays scrabble but not a family friendly version!  



This week I was picked in the top 3 for #Masturbation Monday by @SouthernSirsPl which is a big thrill.  The prompt picture of a maid  was irresistible so I linked to the first in a series I write called Cleaner Close.

For #Wicked Wednesday  I concocted CleanerClose #7 : After the Party.  For the previous week’s #WW I shared My (Secret) Blogging Lifestyle which proved popular but interestingly it also inspired an erotic writer who I work with sometimes to craft a piece in response to it!
I have shared this on my blog. – @PJAWoode is a charming guy with such an eye for detail and fun sense of humour – I hope you’ll take the time to read & comment.


Please remember my Dark Darlings, sharing other bloggers’ work is vital to our survival and our growth!


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