After the Party – Cleaner Close #7

This story can be read by itself, or as part of the Cleaner Close series where a girl employed as a maid but discovers a secret world of BDSM, to become a willing submissive to her mysterious employer.  [Episode 1 is found here and to find each subsequent adventure, click ‘To be Continued’ at the end of each episode OR put ‘Cleaner Close’ into the search box.]

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Two weeks had passed since the party at the Graveson’s and Josie was growing quite close to Maya, she found herself looking forward to bumping into her every time she went to the big house to clean, but recently there had only been her and the Master to play.

That’s not to say that Josie didn’t love time spent under the Master’s tutelage.  On her next visit to the Pleasure Zone, they watched the footage of the girl on girl display she’d put on with Maya at the party.  Master was very pleased with them, in particular he’d enjoyed their wax play.  Josie found it intensely erotic watching herself with Maya.  Viewing herself kneeling before Maya in submissive stance made Josie very aroused.  She began slipping into obedience again as she watched the other girl trail the crop around her breasts then down towards the cleft at the top of her legs to deliver that first stinging, thrilling blow.

Having enjoyed their ‘show’ to it’s sexy 69 climax, Josie  was buzzing with arousal.  When Master began to bind her arms and legs to the padded chair she was already wet, glossing the tops of her thighs.  The last thing she saw before he slid the silky blindfold over her eyes was his tight black leather pants with the beginnings of a bulge at the groin.  Plunged into darkness Josie wasn’t scared, but she found herself tracking Master’s movements from the creak and swish of his leather trousers as he moved around her.  He approached from the front and she felt a sudden cold, almost to the point of burning, on both nipples simultaneously.  It made her jolt in her seat, the rosy pink of her nipples ached, tightened and surely pebbled under the onslaught of the ice.  She bit her lip, absorbing the electric message running from the tips of her breasts directly to her throbbing clit.  The cold stopped, leaving Josie wriggling in her seat, yearning from some attention, even the touch of the melting ice cube, on her swelling clitoris.

Swat!  The first stinging blow to her left breast made Josie yelp, and then the tip of the slapping object was drawn across the nearby nipple.  Swat! A second swipe of the whippy instrument landed on her other breast and its nipple was similarly teased and tickled.  Josie bit her lip harder, straining her pelvis up in a greedy tilt, hoping it was next in line for a stinging blow.  This was not to be – the slapping and smacking of the springy, hard instrument (Josie was guessing at a riding crop) continued in a rhythmic pattern of strikes and strokes on alternate breasts.  The impacts were short and sharp and their targets were the outer reaches of her breasts – not the nipples.  Josie’s side boobs and sensitive under boobs were slapped and tapped until they stung and throbbed, feeling swollen and warm.  Her pussy throbbed in expectant harmony while her clitoris strained for attention and friction – which Master continued to deny her.

Josie clenched her bound hands in frustration and strained against her bindings – o how she longed to be able to rub herself.  It was maddeningly erotic to have her breasts focussed on with such intensity and she felt the blood pounding in her veins, while she strained and thrashed in the chair – her bindings keeping her seated and upright while the cool air caressed her increasingly fevered, wet pussy lips.

Despite her blindfold, when the beating of her breasts stopped, Josie sensed her Master drawing closer, and was able to respond with an appreciative hunger when he kissed her parted lips.   He must have brought his head to her breast because her next sensation was him drawing the stalk of her nipple into the contrasting warmth of his mouth.  While he suckled at her she groaned aloud, her stomach muscles tightening as her open pussy thrust upwards, clenching fervently.  He sucked at her, elongating the flesh of her nipple in his questing mouth and when he broke away to torment her other breast in the same way she found herself fantasising that Maya was there to attend her so each breast could be teased in tandem. 

Master continued to suck on her breasts alternately, pulling the nipples deep into his mouth, while also tweaking and stretching the breast not being sucked with cruel, pincer fingers.  Josie panted, completely focused on the onslaught of sensations which made her hips buck.  Her clit craving attention was a constant, frustrated buzz, while something bigger built within her body, an insistent tingling which seemed to be rising in pitch. 

Swat! Swat! Two fast blows fell suddenly, almost central on each nipple, which had her throbbing with explosive lust – then Master latched onto her clit to suck, and Josie came hard and fast!  Her wetness drenched his chin, her abs tightened, pulsing with her throbs while his fingers pinched crab-like at both nipples.

“Aaah, aaah,” Josie’s gasps of pleasure/ pain signified both release and surprise.  As she strained to curl in on herself as waves of sensation broke over her, Josie wondered at what was happening.  How could she cum from nipple teasing alone?  Why had something which should have felt painful felt so good?

Master’s lips crushed against hers, tangy and musky with her own juices and Josie sucked his tongue into her mouth, fencing him with darts of her own.  She was buoyed by the pleasure he’d given her and wanted to please him too.  When she heard the distinctive sound of the zip of his flies, she opened her mouth wide as a good slave should.

To be continued

This story is submitted for the #WickedWednesday meme – please click on the link to see what others have contributed.  The prompt this week was ‘Someday I Will …’  which fits because this summer I set myself a challenge  to have a nipplegasm and I achieved it … hope this story inspires others!
For tips on Nipplegasms – read my article here!

9 thoughts on “After the Party – Cleaner Close #7”

  1. Yes yes yes!! WHAT a continuation of one of my favourites of yours – clever how you tied it up with your recent posts on Nipplegasms too. I loved this! Posy; you are, as always, the mistress of the erotic word. With this one, you have, once again, surpassed yourself. Although although short, it was incredibly arousing. Thank you X

  2. Love the "swat" made me smile – My breasts are so sensitive sometimes too sensitive I think – Which is why I have had a nipple orgasm but also why I find it difficult to have prolonged arousal of my nipples x

  3. I’ll echo about how much I enjoy having my nipples played with. I like having them throb and ache after from being bitten and pinched. I’ve gotten super aroused during, but never enough to make me come. Very hot installment

    Cara T

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