Picnic basket in a field on a summers day

Risky Alfresco Sex


It was a hot summer’s day, droplets of sweat tracked a route from the nape of my neck down the valley between my breasts.  I could barely move in the small room, surrounded by my furniture and stacked boxes of books, kitchenware and clothes.  I straightened up, it was only midday but my back was complaining!  In the next room I could hear the whine of my new boyfriend’s power drill as he fitted a curtain rail, or maybe bookshelves; he was gifted at practical things and I was grateful for his help.

I felt tired and dusty so I sidled down an alley in cardboard city to get a drink of water at the sink.
“Shit!”  I hadn’t un-packed any glasses or mugs yet.  
I rummaged in the nearest box labelled ‘Kitchen’ , but it was packed with saucepans and tupperware – necessary but not useful right now.

The drilling stopped. The doorway was filled with the muscular physique of my very own handyman.  I felt a tingle in my nipples as I appreciated the bulge of his biceps, his forearms and hairline glowing with the sweat of his efforts.  His lips crooked up in a lopsided smile which I yearned to kiss away.

“Time for a break?” he questioned and I nodded, some tiredness dropping away as our eyes met and a spark made my pussy clench.  We washed up at the sink and thundered down the stairs and down to the main front door to collect the picnic stuff I’d left in the shade.  I was the last to move into the newly-converted lodge house, but my other 3 neighbours had gone to work so we had the building and its square of parking to ourselves for now.  Having been the gate-house of a mansion, the property stood on the exit road, surrounded by fields. This had given me the ‘wow’ factor when I was flat hunting; although my apartment was very compact I had spacious views.  A black and white tudor style farm house a quarter of a mile away meant all around were ploughed-in stubble now the crop had been harvested.

Ever gallant, Craig carried the cool bag and rug as I shaded my eyes against the sudden brightness.  Walking to the edge of the gravelled parking bays I stepped down onto the crumbly earth of the field and looked about me for a fairly level patch. 

“This’ll do won’t it?” I asked looking back at him, noticing his eyes were on my bare midriff rather than the suitability of the picnic spot!  He tore his eyes away and nodded, but I’d spotted a bulge in his jeans, he liked what he saw!  As he spread out the chequered blanket I feasted my own eyes on his taut glutes and the wide triangle of his strong shoulders; there wasn’t a spare ounce of flesh on him!

“You really are wonderful to help me!” I smiled, stepping toe to toe with him and wriggling into his arms for a kiss, which he returned enthusiastically.  Yep he was definitely pleased to see me, I felt his heat swelling at my hip and a pulse in my pussy responded!

My throat really was parched though, so I knelt on the rug to unzip the cool bag and rummage inside for the large bottle of water I’d brought.  I offered it to Craig first and watched his adam’s apple bob as he took several long draws of water before handing it back to me, wiping his chin with a smirk.  I drank thirstily too, closing my eyes against the sun as my head tilted back.  

I was dressed in cropped sweatshirt tee and a matching ra-ra skirt, my legs were bare and I wore converse – it felt like the casual version of a cheerleader outfit, which was reinforced by its sunflower yellow colour!  Probably if this romance wasn’t so new, I’d have been wearing my ripped-knee jeans and a faded t-shirt, but I was still presenting my ‘shop window’ to Craig so my hair was shiny and my makeup ‘barely there’.  Craig looked edible in a marl grey t-shirt which clung in all the right places and jeans with a hefty leather belt.  As we sat and relaxed he took off his work boots and socks, letting his bare feet wriggle in the sun.

Trying to snap out of my lustful reverie, I peered into the picnic bag, asking Craig if he wanted chicken sandwiches or all day breakfast.  I’d also bought some apples, grapes and chocolate biscuits.  When he didn’t answer I sat back on my heels and looked at him.  He wore a very cheeky grin and made no secret of the fact he’d been ogling the bare skin my top revealed as I rummaged in the bag.  Dropping the plastic triangles of sandwiches back into the bag I fixed him with my gaze and closer, a dangerous swing to my hips.

“Hungry for something else?”  My voice was husky.

Craig remained semi prone, his weight resting back on his elbows, but the smile widened so I swung one leg over him to straddle his hips, looking down.  Mmm-hmm I was wet, I felt it when I moved, a slick of excitement coating my panties.

Craig’s gaze did not waver and I bent to kiss him, teasingly at first with nips and tugs to his bottom lip, before crushing our mouths together and letting our tongues dance and twist, while  my groin ground against the front of his jeans.  He sat up, pushing me back a little, holding my wrists; both possessing and anchoring me onto his lap as he made pushes and grinds of his own.  The heat of his erection a delicious thrilling thing to rub against, spread open, I felt every nuance of his moves.  My panties became soaked and my breathing ragged.

My viewpoint was looking at the lodge house, and I desperately hoped none of my neighbours would nip back home for lunch!  The burning in my pussy just wouldn’t quit and I wanted more.  The ridge in Craig’s jeans was hard and pronounced, pointing straight up so I fumbled at his belt buckle to free it.  He rested back on his elbows to give me free access, seeming to feel the same urgency as me, and when I drew his boxers down the purpled dome of his cock was leaking pre-cum.  My cunt clench with hunger to have him inside me.  I looked around desperately – I couldn’t even see the windows of the farm house, so surely we weren’t visible from there.  

Craig’s hands had begun to sneak under me, one working its way inside my knicker elastic while the other rubbed the swell of my ass cheek appreciatively.  My little flared skirt covered what we were doing, whilst giving him free access to everything below my waist!  I was lost to sensation as his finger crept deeper and penetrated me, smearing my juices over my lips, oiling the pebble of my clitoris to circle it maddeningly with his thumb.  His other hand was working my panties up and into my crack as he teased my other entrance, the thrill of this was new to me, but I found the pulse he was inducing as exciting as it was illicit.

I groaned in frustration.  “Can we?”  

Craig lifted me a little with the hand under my butt and I pulled at his jeans and boxers, freeing his cock down to his balls.  I took another look around, desperate to take him inside me, but scared we could be seen.  Also in my line of sight was the mansion house, now a training and events centre.  At this distance the windows were just dark rectangles, but if people were on the upper floors, could we be seen?  Possibly.  Seen but not recognised, I told myself … and anyway, it might give them a bit of a thrill, especially if the training was droning on!  That wicked thought, combined with raging hormones, made my mind up!

“Do you have a condom?” I worried urgently, and Craig dipped into his pocket and pulled out a foil pack.

I pulled my panties aside as he rolled the latex over his dick.  Raising onto my knees Craig angled himself, then I began to sink down onto him, drawing his erection into my liquid heat.  Boy oh boy, dry humping is sometimes the best foreplay!  I was so ready for more, to take him deep inside me that I felt the need of it in the back of my throat!  Craig linked fingers with me again, and taking my weight on his elbows I was able to use my arms to steady myself as I rose and fell on his cock, feeling deliciously speared!  There is something about being on top that feels very wanton and abandoned, perhaps it’s because I set the rhythm and depth of thrust, but I was enjoying being in control.

I threw my head back and gloried in the waves of pleasure rippling into my core, as my orgasm began to build.  Craig released one of my hands to tease my clit with the broad pad of his thumb.  Starbursts appeared behind the dark of my closed eyes, I was vaguely aware that my knees were getting sore from the rug on the hard ground, but still I rode on.  Craig’s and my gasps were loud and uninhibited – we were in a field for God’s sake!

“Oh Fuck!” Craig groaned, “Give it to me!”

I thrust faster, clenched harder, till my pulses and throbs reached tipping point and I came, we came, panting and sweating.  A lusty fuck in the open air, possibly visible to all the trainees at the manor house, I was elated!  As my pussy walls pulsed with throbs and aftershocks I looked into Craig’s eyes, knowing I was the one wearing a wicked smile now!

“Dirty cow!  You loved that didn’t you?” he asked with amusement, tucking my hair behind my ear and rubbing his thumb (yes that one) across my bottom lip.

“Maybe!  I laughed, planting a kiss on his lips.

As we did the undignified bit (cleaning up with tissues and removing the condom) I realised how starving I was. 

The image is courtesy of Pixabay & the story is written for the ‘Risky Sex’ prompt for #KinkoftheWeek and  #MasturbationMonday. I am also sharing it for ‘the gaze’ on #4Thoughts_Fiction






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  1. Young Nero also had an encounter like this. Pretty much exactly like this. Her sundress was longer than your ra ra skirt, allowing her to mount me discretely. Of course any pretence we were doing nothing untoward was lost once she started riding me like a pony. Such sweet memories.

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