Bondara : Check out my Basket!

So many luscious #SinfulSunday posts recently have featured lovely ladies wearing gorgeous bodystockings, I felt I had to have one of my own!  

Browsing the sex toy and lingerie sites I found Bondara were having a deal on featured bodystockings, so I just needed to select my favourite.  Did I want a fishnet one?  I love fishnet, but I already own a fishnet mini dress, so no, I’d have lace.  Did I want long sleeves?  Maybe, but Oooh, look at that pretty halterneck!  I made my choice and ordered it.

Their website was easy to use, it arrived in discreet packaging (along with a couple of other things which I added to qualify my order for free P&P – more details to follow).  An excited Posy unwrapped her purchases!

I ordered a S/M as I’m 5’ 4” and a 10/12 and it fits really well – I have to allow for my DD boobs taking up some lace!  It would fit someone slightly taller, but you wouldn’t want the lace stretched too tight as this might cut in around the groin or on the back of the neck.  This style of bodystocking is open-crotched, which means no awkward undressing to use the bathroom!  It also means easy access when worn for sexy adventures! [I’ll just let that delicious thought sink in!]

It would be possible to wear this as club or party wear, with a bra or boob tube under it, or if you’re really brave, with pasties or bare nipples!  The knit of the lace has lots of spring and stretch and the tights look and  feel sexy – although I should let you all be the judge of that.

Picture 1 was from a feature I occasionally do called #FridayFail where I take a kinky phrase or terminology and deliberately misunderstand it!  It’s entitled:

Junk in the Trunk

Picture 2 was from #SinfulSunday week 371, where I also featured the lyrics to ZZ Top’s song Legs and it’s entitled:

Legs Eleven

Unfortunately the style which I purchased is no longer available from Bondara, but similar bodystockings in their range are priced between £11-95 and £23-95.

To accompany my purchase I also bought some water-based lube called Maximus which has been awesome.  I own quite a few silicone toys now, so can’t use lubes containing silicone as their surface could be damaged.  It’s odourless, and doesn’t stain or dry out when you need it most!  It is clear and deliciously cool when applied and it’s bottle has a very discreet logo so I don’t panic if I leave it in the bathroom that younger members of the family will even notice it (or be any the wiser if they do!).  

I don’t always need lubrication, but as The Desire Girl  advises  sex is often enhanced with lots of lube!   My man groans with delight as I drizzle lube over his erection ready to stroke and smooth.  My clit toys don’t make me over-sensitive if I prepare myself with lube and honestly, slippery just feels nice!

I only bought a small bottle (50 ml price £5.99) and I’d buy the same size again because the lube goes a long way and this size is so portable!  I packed mine for both holidays this summer plus my dirty weekend and it’s ideal to pop in my handbag with a mini-vibe!

On  a slightly less sexy topic – his lube does not upset the pH balance of my vagina.  I’m a person who can feel itchy or dry after using some bathroom products with perfumes.  I’ve had thrush and cystitis over the years from some toiletries etc. which I didn’t realise would aggravate  (condoms with spermicidal coating – OMG! Weeks of discomfort).  I’m very careful now, having read Lily Delvaux’s  informative article about lube, and  the Maximus Water-Based Lubricant gets a thumbs up from me!

This article is entirely based on the opinions I formed from shopping with on-line retailer Bondara and the products I ordered from them.  I purchased these with my own money, and have not been influenced by this supplier to write a positive review, I genuinely found their products pleasing and good value.

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