The Diary Uncovered [Part 2]


This continues a story of a D/s relationship, where the master reads his submissive’s journal to get an insight on her thoughts about their sex play.  You can read Part 1 here, or you can jump straight into Part 2:

My little rabbit was away from home, attending a body balance class before getting a hollywood wax.  I dictate that she looks after herself, our play scenes require her to be strong and supple and a good master should take care of his slave’s wellbeing.  I also like her  hairless, so her pussy is waxed at regular intervals, although she shaves her legs and underarms daily.  Whilst she was occupied at my bidding, I took another opportunity to peruse her diary.  It had been both exciting and elucidating last time I acquainted myself with her innermost thoughts about our sex games.  I wanted to know more.

Friday 18 May

Sir was angry with me, he’d needed his city clothes washed and dried and ready for him to meet a client.  I don’t like him to leave me alone all day.  He did not have any dark socks clean (oopsie I was going to wash them tomorrow) and although there were shirts washed and ironed, none of them were his favourites (of course not!  I’d stuffed them to the bottom of the ironing basket, with pillowcases on top).  This did not stop him going to the meeting (shame) but it did make him late and in a bad mood and he promised me there would be consequences (sorry, not sorry!)  so I waited for him by the front door, legs spread and naked except for a collar which said ‘slave’.

When he came in the door he barely acknowledged me, he just put down his laptop bag and took off his shoes, then went to get himself a drink from the kitchen.  I hung my head in disappointment, but waited, heart thumping, knowing I’d like whatever happened next.

“Come rabbit, follow me.”

His voice was gruff as it trailed off towards the living room, so I moved on all fours in his wake.   He sat on the dark leather sofa and spread his legs apart, resting a glass of whisky and ice on one knee as I followed his lead, trying to put as much sass and sexy ass-sway into my crawling as I could.

“Kneel here,” indicating the space between his feet.

I obeyed, sitting with downcast eyes.  Sir sipped his drink and the anticipation stretched.  I heard the ice clink in the amber liquid before feeling a chunk of it rubbed over my bottom lip, it was chill and the shock zapped into me not unpleasantly.  He tilted my chin up, allowing me to look into his eyes, and melt water dripped down my neck.  He pressed the ice cube against my mouth and I opened wider, whereon he slipped it onto my tongue.

“Don’t swallow!” he warned.

As the ice melted slowly in my mouth, cooling cavern and tongue with it’s chill, he fished another cube from his drink and pressed it hard against my nipple.  Suppressing a gasp, I know my eyes widened with shock and thrill at the spike of cold which burned its upturned tip.

His hard eyes challenged me not to wince as cold droplets splashed my belly and thighs.  He pressed the rest of the cube against my lips, I took that into my mouth too, letting it rest on my tongue.  A third cube was held to my other breast, an ache and throb zapped from nipple to clit at lightning speed, almost causing an involuntary thrust of my pubis, but I remained still.

“Unzip me rabbit,” he commanded and I responded with alacrity, my chilly breasts jiggling, scattering cold droplets onto both thighs.

“One more, open wide.”  He popped the third ice cube into the puddle of meltwater in my mouth.  “You may swallow rabbit, but ensure you keep the ice cube on your tongue.”  The others had melted and it was a relief to let the water run down my throat.

His cock sprang free, almost hard, oozing a droplet of his arousal.  I pulled my eyes back up to Sir’s face.  In my peripheral vision I saw his hand grasp his girth and begin to work up and down; slow, languid pumps which eased his foreskin with them, drawing its cowl over the head of his cock and back down, just how he liked it.

Sir eased himself forward, his knees spreading to trap me within, and his meaty length eased close to my face.

“Suck me!” he growled, and a let down reflex in my pussy slicked my lips with delight to be commanded into service.  I opened my mouth wide and pulled him in with lips and tongue, keeping hands behind my back and eyes on his face.  His groan of pleasure made my pussy snatch and throb.

“So cold!” he grunted, bucking his hips into my throat, so I sucked harder, slopping saliva over his length and rubbing the underside with my chilled tongue.  My needs were subjugated to his pleasure as I sucked, licked and swallowed, his member throbbed in my mouth and I tasted salty pre-cum.  My pussy swelled and drooled with lust, I felt it’s lubrication running out of me and pooling on the hard floor.  Experience told me I’d be licking that up later while he called me a ‘dirty girl who couldn’t get enough’ –  thoughts of this had my walls clenching with heightened arousal.

“Nipples”  he barked harshly, and I knew his climax was building.

I reached my fingers to his pectorals and used  pincer fingers and thumbs, pinching and twisting both nipples to heighten his pleasure/pain dynamic.  As I tormented the tiny nubs of flesh I accelerated my sucking and bobbing on his cock, swallowing what saliva and precum I could, but knowing there were strings of drool hanging from my mouth and chin.  I didn’t care that I looked a mess, I knew this delighted my master and his pleasure was the endgame, his climax the goal.

“Stop” he roared, breaking my concentration and I opened wide and sat back on my heels, accepting the jets of white semen which spurted from the bulbous head of his cock to decorate my face and neck in liquid ribbons which dribbled down to my tits.

He slapped my sticky face with his softening cock and I felt pulses in my cunt.  He commanded me to clean myself up so I used fingers to scoop his jism off my skin and into my mouth.  Swallowing his climax I felt mine creep one step nearer.

“Now go and make us something to eat.  You may wash your hands but not your face.  You look a mess but  perhaps my cum tightening on your skin will remind you the importance of making sure my clothes are clean and ready to wear.”

“Yes Sir” I replied.

His sternness, my obedience – both fuelled my desire.

Later that night he bathed me and washed my hair before fucking me with my head hanging off the edge of the bed He pressed his forearm to my neck so it was hard to breathe.  That was so hot!  I love it when he treats me like his precious dolly, then lust overtakes him – making him rough with me.

I looked in the mirror the next morning – I had lovely pale blue grey bruises on my neck and some on my hips where his fingers dug into me!  Lucky rabbit!

Now I remembered that day – I’d been so furious with her bratty behaviour that I’d hatched up the plan: punishment for her, pleasure for me!  How glorious she’d looked at the door, with penitent big eyes and parted moist lips.  Torturing her slowly with the ice had brought fire to my my veins while her sucking mouth had been like a sub-zero tunnel.

I loved to see my pretty maid all decorated with lacy ribbons of cum and her dainty skin looked like porcelain when bruises came through – to my delight, she wore them like badges of honour.  Later, when my little rabbit gets home I’ll find a fun way to stripe her bottom red so we could admire the bruises which developed.

This story  fits pretty well for ‘The Games’ prompt on #WickedWednesday – follow the link to see who else has shared their writing.  The image is from Pixabay.

Visit my Home page and click on Erotic Fiction (Longer Serials) for the full list of Diary stories, but the story continues here.

7 thoughts on “The Diary Uncovered [Part 2]”

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  2. I love how he gets to know her better through reading her diary, even though the thought crossed my mind if I would’ve wanted someone to read my diary like this. But I think it works in a D/s setting 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Yep – I get that Marie. I was imagining that in a 24/7 D/s relationship that the sub’s privacy is handed over – but I’d be interested what others think. For me – I’d be furious!!

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