Sharing some Cringeing – Posts Made Before we Found our Voice!

For this week’s #SoSS I thought I might do something different, give my sharing a twist!  Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s easy to project a persona on line that is slightly diverse from the real you – I suggest that most of us have done it for our sex blogging personas, others when they create dating profiles or use social media.  On most occasions we aren’t lying or manufacturing something fake, but instead we are playing up the facets of ourselves which suit the situation/media.

When I began blogging in this sexy vein I opened a blank blogging profile,  thought up a name to use, then designed my blog domain in a style which projected what this new version of myself would be ‘about’.  As with packaging on any product you might buy, I shaped my image.  I imagined my ‘look’: dressed like Fenella Fielding from “Carry on Screaming” – oozing latent sexy energy, my voice: speaking in a seductive drawl, that’s why I address my readers as my “Dark Darlings”!

I wanted ‘Posy’ to strike a tone which was slightly seductive to make visitors feel drawn into my X-rated confidence!  I planned to bare parts of my soul to them which I’d so far only shared with my closest friends/bedfellows.  I’d to tell stories which got readers hot and excited – I wanted them to keep coming back for more of my confessions, opinions on sex-related topics and original erotica.

I always planned to be a writer – sometimes fiction, other times journalism appealed.  As a child and teenager I kept diaries/journals on and off.  The urge to log what I’ve done combined with thoughts and feelings was strong, so it’s hardly surprising I was drawn to blogging once I understood what it was.  The big difference between a diary and blogging is that you Do NOT expect anyone to read your diary, but with a blog you Hope LOTS of people will!  And that they will keep following to hear more!

Back to sex blogging: Bloggers start our journey of sharing, but it can take us a while to find the right style in which to blog.  We don’t have an editors of course (we can press the publish button whenever we want – yikes!).  What shapes our writing?  Quite often it is feedback and comments from our readers.  Their enthusiasm about a particular post will likely inspire us to write more of a similar style.  Not many views, likes, shares indicates we have struck wide of the mark with our topic or style.  This is a generous community so often fellow bloggers advise us:  they applaud what we’ve done  well, or warn us if we have gone too far, maybe stepped into someone else’s domain.  But who tells us we’ve made a post too flowery, sentimental, self-absorbed?  That is back to us, as the editor-in-chief.  That and time, because looking at things in retrospect can be a great aid to seeing our writing clearly.

I have asked several of my blogging friends about posts which they no longer feel are true to the style they adopt today.  While I don’t think anyone I asked is ashamed of how they used to write – there may be a hint of cringe to some of their earlier work.  Some bloggers meticulously re-visit their work to make sure it still represents their opinions and values but for many their writing and reviewing has a large back catalogue, it would need editing and monitoring constantly.

Many bloggers share the links below which they now feel are ‘out of step’ with how their writing/blogging has developed.  It is fascinating to see how far they have come, to notice which parts of their style have fallen by the wayside and which stronger elements have survived.  I am very grateful to their generosity in allowing me to spotlight their potentially cringey links.  I hope you’ll get a buzz looking at their writing from when they still on the ‘nursery slopes’ of blogging!  Maybe I can coax a few ‘baby bloggers’ to take the plunge!

Links to their own Blog Posts (Bravely) Nominated by Bloggers as No Longer Being ‘In Step’ with their Blogging Style:-

Floss Proud to be Kinky [T:  @_floss_84]  Post:  The Joy of Topping

Bibulous One  [T:  @BibulousOne]  Post : Adventures on Pandora

Nero Black  [T: @NeroTweetsHere]  Post:  XXX Messenger Chat with Jo  Story :  Manic Monday – Reliving 2012’s Mayhem (part 1)

Picture courtesy of Little Switch Bitch

Little Switch Bitch  [T: @_LittleSBitch]  Review :Flaunt Me Floral Lace Balcony Cup Basque

Indigo Byrd  [T: @midnightoasis64]  Post : Indie thinks out loud!

LasciviousLucy  [T:  @LasciviousLucy] Post: Lucy’s very first!  Story: Back Door B/f  Story: A Romantic Interlude

May More  [T:  @more_matters]  Post:  How do I tell my Partner about my Fantasies?

Charlton C Tod  [T:  @Charlton_Tod]  Charlton’s first story:  The Teacher’s pet (written 8 years ago!)

Scandarella  [T:  @ella_scandal]  Story: Freckles

Isabelle Lauren  [@Romanticisa]  Post:  What is your Fantasy?

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Luv Bunny  [T: @LuvbunnySL82]  Review:  Lovehoney Mini Dress    Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection

Well my Dark Darlings, I hope you enjoyed this tour around some of my favourite blogs and I hope you will continue to visit them and familiarise yourself with the great content they provide, taking note of they have got into their stride!  I will of course share 1 cringey piece from my blog, it is only fair!  My content from this week’s memes has also delved into my older work, I hope you still enjoy them, and a cute little review of a toy from my side-kick Vampy Valentine!

Cringe Post :  How this Toy Became Teacher’s Pet  Now I know better than to recommend jelly toys!

#MasturbationMonday :  Posy’s Early Experiences with Porn – Centrefold

#WickedWednesday:  Doctors & Nurses

Toy Review:  the Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit

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  1. What a fantastic idea for a soss! It really shows how we all have to start somewhere and all get better and find our blogging selves over time. I have deleted a few early posts that no longer fit my morals, but most are still there to cringe at lol x

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