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For this week’s #WickedWednesday I have chosen to share an excerpt from a longer story which you can find in its entirety here.  The story itself is part of a series of adventures I wrote about a girl called Josie, who has a cleaning job in a big house, and who stumbles upon the fact that the owner is a Dom who hosts hedonistic sex parties.  So if you like what you read here there are several episodes of the ‘Cleaner Close‘ series which you can search for on my blog (please do – Josie’s journey is kinky fun!)  The prompt this week is Uniform and there is a very sassy one in my story which I’d love to wear!

Josie knocked on the door and a deep voice called out ‘Enter’ so she opened it and was met by the sight of a broad, bearded man wearing a white doctor’s coat and a stethoscope around his neck.  To the side of the armchair which Dr Watson occupied, stood a stern but sexy looking woman  wearing a tight blue and white striped nurse’s dress, with a white apron at the front, an upside-down watch fastened to the upper slope of her bosom and a neat white nurse’s hat which was pinned to her hair, which she wore in a french pleat.  Everything about her spoke of efficiency.

“Please go behind the screen, Miss Josie, and change into the gown you see on the hanger,” the Doctor instructed, consulting a clipboard.

The nurse stepped aside and Josie moved behind the fabric screen to remove her shoes, before struggling to reach the straps and fastenings of the outfit she was wearing.  Quick as a flash, the nurse was at her side, undoing her cuffs and helping her remove the sex slave outfit she’d been wearing, then they slipped the white, lightweight fabric gown over her head and fastened the front buttons to conceal her bare breasts.  The nurse indicated for Josie to follow her and led the way to a black leather chair, the kind used by obstetricians, as it divided into two halves below the seat and had stirrups in place of a foot rest.  Before Josie sat down the nurse sheathed the chair seat in a layer of absorbent paper.  Josie sat and eased herself back, awaiting instructions, curiosity and trepidation filled her in equal measure..

The Doctor moved closer to the chair and stood over Josie, devouring her with his eyes.  Josie felt the first trickles of arousal:  he exuded power, looking at her as if she was a succulent steak he intended to devour, one tasty mouthful at a time.  Nursie moved up behind him, wheeling a trolley which bore surgical instruments and some sex toys laid out by size on its stainless steel surface.  Then she came around the chair to fix and tighten a strap around Josie’s wrists and each ankle.

Josie’s heart rate kicked up apace in the silence, she searched the Doctor’s face for clues as to what would happen next  – looking deep into his eyes as his luxuriant beard obscured the lower half of his face.  The Doctor eased latex gloves over his large hands then wrapped a pulse-rate cuff around her arm.  He velcroed it closed then applied air pressure and took a reading from the valve, which Nursie noted. So far it was like a regular doctor’s appointment – Josie could not believe it would remain so!  Next the Doctor turned to the trolley to select an ice cube, which he began to apply to her left teat.  He pressed and rubbed the cold, wet chunk against her nipple and rubbed it around her areola, which ached and stood to a hard tight peak – clearly visible through the soaked, translucent fabric.  Josie parted her lips and breathed deeply, the shocking cold hurt but it stimulated a pleasant tingling which went directly from nipple to pussy in a nano-second.  The Doctor turned his attentions to her other nipple following the same routine, cooling and shrinking the tender skin, her erogenous zones made extra sensitive by Maya’s earlier application of hot wax to her breasts.  Josie’s body revelled in the sensations, the peaking of her nipples and tightening of the delicate flesh sent thrills to her pussy, where moisture began to gather.

The Doctor watched her face closely and, as Josie’s breathing quickened, he pumped air into the blood-pressure cuff, let it deflate until her pulse was clearly defined, then took a reading which Nursie noted on the clipboard.  

The Doctor indicated the buttons at the front of Josie’s white gown and Nursie deftly undid several and folded the fabric back to fully expose her breasts.  Josie watched, powerless to resist but in thrall to her captors as the nurse selected some stainless steel tweezers from the trolley and carefully picked at and removed any remaining black wax until Josie’s tender pink flesh was no longer coated.  Josie was imprisoned in the chair, while Nursie fussed over her, the little pinches and tweaks taking her by surprise and making her eyes water, then the Doctor scrutinised the shiny pink areas which the wax had made extra sensitive, using a head torch and a magnifying lens which he swung close to examine his ‘patient’.  He moved the ice cube around randomly and Josie was alternately soothed and stung by its intense cold on her naked flesh.  He made her feel like an experiment, but Josie’s inner ‘slave’ was loving the attention and revelled in his manipulation.

Using the pedal under the chair, the Doctor made the leg supports move apart.  Nursie unbuttoned the rest of the gown until Josie felt herself totally exposed to his hot, hungry gaze.  The Doctor continued to pump the pedal forcing Josie’s legs to spread wide; she felt the cool air against the moist, engorged flesh of her pussy.  The Doctor moved towards the trolley and selected a steel speculum, which he coated with water-based lube before sliding it into the folds of Josie’s cunt.  Josie startled at the chill of the invasion, the cold steel and the slick of wet lube, but it wasn’t unpleasant to be treated in this dispassionate way, instead it aroused her.  The Doctor operated the spring on the device and the speculum gradually opened out.  Josie felt it press the walls of her pussy apart, spreading her open for all to see.  Both the Doctor and Nursie bent low and peered into the depths of her pussy making remarks of appreciation, while Nursie used her phone to take photos. 

Initially Josie felt humiliated by the scrutiny, but as the Doctor began to describe, in his deep resonating voice, her moist pink walls, her delicate peachy lips and the delightful gloss from the trickles of moisture pooling between the folds of her labia, her discomfort was replaced with pleasure.  For Josie, the shame and exposure of being treated like a specimen in an experiment appealed to her submissive side, she was theirs to do with whatever they wanted, they could hurt her, torment her, bring her pleasure, in whatever combination they chose and as often as they chose to.  All Josie could do was respond and endure.  She wondered what she must look like, her legs were held wide apart and a tremor had already begun in one at the unfamiliar stretch.  She knew her white flesh stood out in stark contrast to the menacing black leather chair, and the black buckled straps held her limbs tightly and would bite in if she struggled against them.  ‘Bring it on’, she thought, ‘use all my holes, I want to be your cum slut, the more you degrade me the harder I’ll climax.’ 

“Nurse, swab that moisture.  Please verify if our patient is aroused at this moment in time.” The Doctor barked out his orders and Nursie leaned in and took a sample, stroking an oversized cotton bud inside the swollen folds of Josie’s cunt.  Once done, the Doctor also dragged his gloved index finger along the outer then the inner lips, before bringing his finger to his mouth, making a sucking, lip-smacking noise as he savoured her juices.  Josie felt a thrill to be appreciated like a fine wine and strained her pelvis off the seat, yearning for more stroking.

“Nurse – please apply the balm, to her breasts first. Our patient is in the first stages of arousal.”

The nurse opened a small round tin and with her gloved finger rubbed some of its contents on Josie’s nipple and she felt a cold sensation again, although this time it wasn’t actually created by temperature.  It seemed the balm was infused with menthol, because she felt a toothpaste kind of tingle.  Josie’s nipples both shrank into hard peaks again, but this time the tingle and buzz was less direct but more insistent, seeming to build.  Josie’s nipples felt cold but it made her pussy feel hot and crave attention, she wriggled her hips like a dog on heat, longing for more touching and stroking where her desire was strongest.  At a nod from the Doctor, the nurse began to apply more of the chilling balm, this time to Josie’s swollen clit.  The delightful sensations made Josie sigh and moan, they were everything she wanted right then.  The throbbing in her core began to build as the older woman made circles around her pussy folds and teased her clit with little taps and light breaths blown across the tingling nub. The Nurse pressed the flat of her other hand across the top of Josie’s pubis, pulling upwards towards her navel, which made the skin tighten til Josie’s clitoris became isolated and distended, now it was easier for the nurse to rub the balm in circles around Josie’s little stalk, sending waves of intense pleasure radiating deep into her pussy.

Josie could not help squirming with arousal at Nursie’s ministrations, she tried to tilt her hips towards the sensation and to arch her back to thrust her pelvis upwards.  She was vaguely aware of the Doctor pumping up the arm cuff again to note her elevated pulse, which thumped in her arm once the cuff was tight.  She took great gulps of air and wriggled against her ankle bonds because she dearly wanted to thrust to gain more stimulation in her cunt.  She whimpered with lust, feeling her pussy walls wanting to throb and grip, but instead they were held wide apart by the examination device inside her.

Nursie took another swab of Josie’s juices, and the Doctor selected a black vibrator with a curve in it.  Although the speculum made her feel like a butterfly displayed for examination under a microscope, Josie enjoyed the scrutiny.  When the Doctor inserted the vibe inside her and used its curved, silicone tip to apply throbbing patterns of pressure to her G-spot she nearly sobbed with the intensity of her joy. Her legs were straining and she could feel the pulses of her core muscles tensing, but the nurse did not stop stroking and stimulating the little nub of Josie’s clitoris.  The rumbles and pressure from the G-spot vibe made Josie feel that she wanted to pee, but the Doctor did not ease up, instead he made tiny rotations around the sensitive tissues while intently watching the wet pink walls of her cunt throb and pulsate against the speculum as her orgasm built.  Josie moaned and writhed, as much as the chair and restraints would allow, she bit her lip to try to stay quiet, but as the first throbs of her powerful climax ripped through her, she couldn’t contain her groans of agonized pleasure.  As the nurse sensed Josie approaching her climax, she used her phone to film her unravelling, capturing all her thrusts and bucks as the walls of her cunt clenched powerfully against the spread-open arms of the speculum.  A warm jet of opaque liquid burst from her pussy, resulting from the intense G-spot stimulation she’d enjoyed, and Josie sighed and groaned with pleasure and release. 

The nurse swabbed the pooled liquid which Josie had squirted and stored the cotton bud in a  test tube while the Doctor set the vibrator aside and pressed the cold metal circle of his stethoscope against her chest to listen to Josie’s heartbeat as she came down from the peak of her climax.  The nurse removed the soaked paper towel from under her on the leather chair.

The Doctor let the nurse clean up the patient, while he continued his examination impassively.  He held up a pen-light and instructed Josie to follow it with her eyes.  Josie did as instructed, trying to concentrate on the task as she felt Nursie close down the speculum and remove it from her pussy.  Next the nurse inserted a bendy, violet ridged part spreader to Josie’s labia.   The curved section of the spreader was slipped inside her to nestle against her now-sensitive G-spot while the ‘legs’ of the spreader held her swollen labia minora and majora wide open.  The Doctor was still examining Josie’s eyes so was able to detect the sudden pupil dilation of surprise as the nurse bent her head to the task of licking Josie’s wet and wide pussy with alacrity!

So sensitive was the whole area after that mind-blowing orgasm that Josie wanted to clamp her legs together and avoid the nurse’s warm wet tongue, but she was powerless to resist.  At first the licking and lapping and sucking which Nursie was carrying out had Josie clenching her fists and tightening her buttocks in something like frustration, but it was relentless and so skillful that soon Josie was climbing the walls of arousal again, moaning and wriggling, writhing and trying to thrust to meet the warm stabbing tongue which plundered her hot cunt and sucked hard on her clitoris bud.

“Slow things down please Nurse, I’m concerned our patient is getting too excited.”  The Doctor’s deep voice broke into Josie’s pleasure build-up and she felt the blood-pressure cuff once again tighten on her arm.  Nursie moved away, and wiped her mouth delicately with a tissue, but there was no disguising the haze of arousal in her eyes, and the press of her engorged nipples against her striped nurse’s uniform.  All efficiency, she made a note on her clipboard of Josie’s b/p then she used a pedal to lower the leather chair and rotate it so that Josie’s head was lower than her elevated, spread legs.  The nurse then turned to the Doctor and opened his lab coat, unzipped his flies and reached within to draw out his impressive, hard member.  With her gloved hand she gave him several long, slow pulls until his cock’s angry head was well coated with dribbles of pre-cum.  Next she guided him towards Josie’s face, which she slapped several times with his cock, before pulling Josie’s chin down to open her mouth and inserting his swollen member inside.

“We intend to test your ability to suck and your gag reflex Miss Josie,” the Doctor’s voice was not quite as calm and measured as before, as Josie began to move her tongue against his helmet.  “This test is not definitive, we believe that patients can improve in both areas with the correct practice and you may use whatever style you prefer to get the best results.”

Josie sucked and licked around his phallus as best she could, relaxing her throat to accommodate as much of his length as possible, she was happy that the Doctor had a thick cock but no longer than average.  She tried to gather drool and saliva in her mouth to work around his meaty length while she moved her head as much as her wrist fastenings would allow.  The Doctor stood rock still as she fellated him but she could tell from the bob of his adam’s apple and the ragged sound of his breathing that she was giving him pleasure with her mouth.  She drew back as far as she could to give special attention to the head of his penis and its underside, before sinking back down, taking as much of his length into her throat as she could, the choke of it making her eyes water and her mascara run.  Josie was horny now, in the third stage of arousal the nurse had noted, and she was feeling a sexual thrill from the pressure of her throat around the doctor’s length, as if by sucking hard enough she would soon feel its fleshy throb in her hungry cunt.

While Josie put every effort she could into sucking and licking and satisfying the Doctor with her slutty mouth and throat, the nurse was working in the background.  She’d loosened the Doctor’s belt so his trousers dropped to the floor around his feet.  She selected a vibrating anal probe and coated its business end with silicone lubricant then she slowly, gently began to introduce it to the Doctor’s arsehole.  He grunted with the invasion, then shuffled his feet further apart to allow the insertion.  Nursie expertly pressed it onwards til it was touching his p-spot and then she operated the dial to start its vibrations. The Doctor tried to remain dispassionate, but the vibrations which even Josie could feel running through him were going to take him over the edge pretty fast.  She made her throat as relaxed as possible and allowed her mouth to be a warm welcoming tunnel.  Soon the Doctor began thrusting his hips towards her, fucking her face as his climax built to a peak, Josie gagged and spluttered but was helpless to pull away. A low growl escaped the Doctor’s throat as the nurse held the anal probe in place while he unleashed hot jets of cum into Josie’s throat..  She sucked and swallowed as best she could, but white dribbles ran from her mouth and down her chin as his balls emptied their load.

As the Doctor came down from his climax, the nurse efficiently removed the P-spot massager from his anus and wiped it, then she grabbed handfuls of tissues to wipe clean his penis.  Josie was left dishevelled, her face streaked with tears and mascara, her chin and neck decorated with trails of fast-drying cum.  The nurse took a swab of the cum and saliva mix from Josie’s chin and a picture of her ‘destroyed’ face and once again the blood-pressure cuff tightened on Josie’s arm and a reading was taken.

“You seem to be a fully-qualified cum slut, Miss Josie.” The Doctor was business-like again now that his trousers were re-fastened. “Your pulse went up considerably carrying out that sex act.

“I also suspect that you are becoming addicted to submission and exhibitionism, which makes you very well suited for this role you have chosen.”

[If you want to read more of this medical encounter, the full story is here.  To read Cleaner Close series from the beginning Part 1 is here.

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  1. YAY – a very welcome return to the world of Josie – LOVE LOVE LOVE this series.
    Thank you for reminding us all what a truly wonderful world you can invent.
    I strongly recommend that anyone who has not read Posies earlier works to go back and read them, you are in for a treat, I promise.

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