The Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit : Review

Hey guys it’s Vampy Valentine here with another sex toy review!  

Did it rock her world?  or could she take it or leave it?  Read on and see.

So  recently, having been gifted this toy, I tested out the Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit vibrator. This toy also has air pulse technology for clitoral stimulation.  [Pretty nifty!  That sounds like quite a sexy way massage your pleasure point!]

So I really like the look of this toy – this is FANCY! I almost felt like I daren’t use it! Haha! It’s all really smooth body-safe silicone. It has a USB charger so you can charge it and take it anywhere you want to play, (even in the shower/bath) so that’s handy!

Okay, so I like how you charge the toy, because it doesn’t actually plug in to the toy but it’s magnetic! This was new to me, I thought it was a really cool feature.

This vibrator is really powerful and the the air pulsing on the clit stimulator arm felt AMAZING! I came really quickly with this toy and it was soooo intense!!! But that’s if you can work it.

I needed like a month to fully test this toy out and my main criticism is that I had a really hard time actually turning it on and off!  [Oooops! – That sounds a down-side.] 

The buttons on this vibrator are hidden which meant initially I didn’t realise they were actual buttons!  You’re supposed to hold one down for 5 seconds and it will turn the pro G-spot  Rabbit on, and this was not happening for me, in my experience it took longer than 5 seconds (so at first I thought it wasn’t working). Also there’s a separate button to turn on the clitoral stimulation which is nested inside the other button so it’s hard to see, and by the time I’d figured out how to turn that on I was no longer in the mood!

I unfortunately would rate this toy 2/5!     ?????

Sadly, this toy was form over function, it just didn’t do it for me BUT this doesn’t mean someone else with different sensitivity or body dimensions won’t like it!

This toy was given to us in return for an honest review.  What Vampy says is her own, unbiased opinion, never influenced by the toy manufacturer, but I’d like to thank May for passing the toy to us for Vampy’s evaluation.

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