Trick or Treat? Halloween Party (2)

First item of my fancy-dress outfit:  suspender belt.  It’s white and silky and I fasten it at the front then swivel it round til the catch is at the back.  Next I get out white, sheer stockings.  The trick is to roll them down with your fingers, put your toes inside and then smooth them up your foot and leg, slightly stretching the fabric as you go.  I fasten them one at a time, the suspenders are at the front and the side, it’s a little fiddly to get the rubber button through the top of the stocking then into the fixing.  I’ve chosen a bra which is underwired yet see through, it’s sheer fabric has floral embroidery over the cups which does nothing to conceal my dark nipples or disguise when they harden to a point – sorry, not sorry!  I’m meant to be a bad girl tonight.

The last item of underwear is panties, these match the bra, made of  filmy see- through fabric with a hint of the flowery design at the sides, so nothing hides the shadow between my butt cheeks or the cleft of my freshly shaven pussy. Before I put on the nurse’s dress I need the white boots which I bought on E-bay, they’re on top of the cupboard in a cardboard box.  I stand in front of my wardrobe with the doors open and reach up, but even on tip-toes the box is out of reach.  I hear Mike leaving the bathroom, so I call out to him.

“Mike, can you come in here a minute?”
As he moves into the room I turn back to my wardrobe, reaching up as far as I can, demonstrating my difficulty.

“What seems to the the trouble, li’l darlin?”  he’s getting into character, his Elvis voice drips charm like sweet molasses.

“I need that box up there please,” I point.

He comes up behind me and I feel his arms resting on the bare skin at my waist.  “Now you just hold your pretty horses,” he nuzzles my neck and the rumble of his voice makes me ticklish, the vibration travels down to my backside, which feels good!
“You’re kinda like a damsel in distress, young Missy.  We don’t want to rush into anything.”  
Mike is stroking up and down my ribs now and his hands travel to my shoulders and along my arms, which are still raised, until he presses my hands against the top shelf, guiding me to grip the edge of it.
“Hold on there li’l lady, let a fella assess the situation.”

While his accent makes me want to giggle, what he is doing with his magic fingers has me tingling all over, he’s stroking me up and down my body, his touch tantalizingly light.  His hands run down past my panties, trailing around the bare section of thigh above my stocking top, then down my legs, made milky and smooth by the white nylon stockings.  He massages my feet one by one, rubbing under the arch, which is deliciously soothing, before putting each foot down spaced quite wide apart.  Then his hands begin a slow ascent upwards, and I hold my breath.  

Mike’s touch is feather-light as he skims over and around my inner thighs, then moves away from my yearning pussy, touching and appreciating the suspenders and teasing me by slipping his fingers around the edge of my panties.  He’s kneeling behind me now, and I guess he’s drinking in the provocative, slightly helpless, tableau he has posed me in.  It appears my hands are tied above my head, my lean slender body stretched out for him to admire, with nowhere to hide and no way to defend myself.  I’m at his mercy, like a doll, dressed in my virginal white underwear.

“Well look-y here,” he continues in his fake southern drawl, “I have found myself a Georgia peach!” 
He begins to cup, fondle and stroke my pert behind, sometimes pinching, sometimes smoothing, exploring all the time.  I’m yearning for those questing fingers to creep under the elastic edges of my panties … aaaah like that! Yes!  They begin stroking my cunny lips, dipping inside my pussy which is well and truly sopping with lust.  

I let out a sigh that is part groan and Mike’s face nuzzles my buttock before sinking his teeth into the flesh.  The shock and delight from his bite makes my pussy clench around his 2 fingers buried deep inside me, and I’m well on my way towards a second orgasm of the evening.  The spike of desire heating me from the inside has me grinding my rear into his face while my juices drip down his hand.  Mike tugs at my panties and pulls them down to my knees, where he leaves them, stretched taut between my spread legs, while his fingers and hands maul me in the most delicious way.  He pulls and presses, invading both my holes with as many fingers as he wants, as often as he wants because I am his sex toy, fixed to this shelf and if he wants to make me cum he can (and he will!)

“O don’t hurt me, please,” I groan, sounding seductive rather than in distress, “have mercy on me.”

I moan with desire, as he reaches a hand up and pulls at my pony tail, dragging my head back and stretching my throat.  He slaps me hard on the buttocks, 4 or 5 times and I gasp, but the stinging of my flesh is thrilling.  He licks and laps at my arse from behind, the tip of his tongue penetrating a little way in and I grind myself against his face. The passion within me is building and his tongue and fingers  sendfiery darts of lust from my pussy to my molten core.  I love feeling the helpless passenger, he’s in the driving seat and I want him to have his wicked way with me (the more wicked the better!)

“Please don’t ravish me!” 
I mean quite the opposite of course, and Mike knows it, we’ve played games before and have a safeword!  Breathless with my mounting desire, my legs feel liable to buckle, so I truly am hanging from the shelf.  Mike moves around my legs so that he can access me from the front – one hand tight against my dripping pussy, three fingers plunging in and out, while he presses his nose against my smooth mound so he can lick and suck at my clit, giving my tiny nub a ‘blow job’ which has me panting, close to cumming.

“O Fuck me pleeeease!”  I whine, as I feel my orgasm building, I want to be filled with his cock while I cum, I’m on the edge of something really big.

Mike doesn’t need telling twice, he unbuttons his flies and his thick member springs free, drips of pre-cum smeared around its bulbous tip.  I think I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.   Mike’s commando, so with no fuss he shoves his leather trousers round his ankles, grips my waist and hips before burying himself in my sodden cunt up to the hilt.  

Damn that feels good! We are a perfect fit, his thick cock stretches me as he slams into me hard, then pulls back slowly, almost letting its tip escape from my greedy lips.

“More!” I cry, bearing down hard on his delicious prick as I feel my pussy walls begin to pulse as I’m washed over with wave after wave of warm, orgasmic pulses.  

Mike continues to thrust in and out hard, while I cling to him and cum, moaning and clutching at his broad shoulders, but as I quieten he pulls back out and turns me around, moving me in front of him so that I can brace myself against the wardrobe door.  Mike delivers two hard slaps, one to each cheek of my arse before he spreads them apart and accesses my pussy from behind.  He slides easily into my wetness and recommences pumping at me, using me like the sex doll that I have become.  He grunts and slaps as he shafts me, and I am delighted with his rough treatment (I expect my rear will still look pink and spanked at the party, but I don’t care if people know I like to play rough!)  Mike chooses his own speed, I’m just pushing back to meet his thrusts, enjoying the slam of his dick.  It’s so deep inside me that it feels like it’s touching my womb! His rough balls are slapping against the tender, smooth globes of my arse while my nipples enjoy the fact that Mike can reach forward to play with them. He gives his thrust a circular wiggle, which makes me start to tingle again, and as Mike cums, pumping his load into my pussy, I join him in a milder, tingling after-shock orgasm.

We’re both breathless,  Mike rests his weight on my back for a few moments while I’m glad to lean on the wardrobe door. Then we both gasp and giggle at the wickedness of us.

“I need to go to the bathroom to clean up,” I smile,  “could you reach the box down for me while I’m gone?”

I step out of my knickers and go to use a flannel and warm water to clean myself up, washing away the sticky juices of both Mike’s and my cum.  Checking in the mirror, my make-up looks fine and my hair will be hidden under the wig, so not too much damage done.  When I return to my room I notice Mike’s hair is no longer slicked back, so I point him to gel and spray in the bathroom then leave him to clean up and get back into character.  

Once I slide the knickers on and zip up the dress, I can feel that my pussy lips are swollen, they chafe a little as I walk.  Mike returns to my room – he asks to be allowed to lace up my white boots so I stand there in the high heels while he kneels at my feet, criss-crossing the laces around the 2 rows of hooks.  He looks up at me with adoration when they are fastened, then runs his hands reverently up my stocking-clad thighs – the suspenders on show below the hem of my dress.

“Look what you’ve done to me!” I pout, lifting the hem of my stiff white uniform so that he can see the engorged pink lips of my pussy, clearly visible through the gauzy fabric of the white panties.  Mike reaches up and presses his lips and nose to my mound, he breathes in deeply (I’m sure I still smell of sex) and then kisses my clit, which tingles.  

Then he smirks, “Look what you’re doing to me!” pointing to the crotch of his shiny leather pants, where his cock is already hardening into a semi, straining against the black material.

“It’s good to be bad!” we say in unison and give each other a high-five!  It’s going to be a great Halloween Party.

 Week 233’s #WickedWednesday.  Follow the link to see what others are posting for this week’s prompt : Passenger 
Some of my Dark Darlings may recognise the central character – Freya – I’ve also written a  story following her while she shops for underwear, sending selfies to her lover.

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  1. bloody hell that was sexy – I love you writing in the first-person and the way yuo described how you felt… just divine!

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