Racy Red

Why does red scream sexy?  

Is it conditioning?  Is it because red is often put forward as the colour of love?  Cast your mind back to any Valentines’ day display you’ve ever seen and, depending on the shop, it’s all red roses, red lingerie, red helium balloons or cakes with red icing or red heart shapes in the decoration.

Is it linked to the ‘Red Light Districts’ a term coined for the areas where you can engage a sex worker in big cities?  In Amsterdam, for instance, a red-light in a window/ on a premises would indicate that a prostitute was available for hire.

Red-light district – Wikipedia

A red-light district or pleasure district is a part of an urban area where a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, such as sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theatres are found. … The term red-light district originates from the red lights that were used as signs of brothels.

Strippers, burlesque and other exotic dancers frequently wear red, or black and red. One only has to browse any sexy clothing ranges to see that red and black are the strong favourites colour wise.  I’ve heard it quoted that red is the colour of underwear most frequently purchased by men for their lovers … and most frequently returned by the giftees for an ‘easier’ colour to wear.  I was brought up to think that ‘fast women’ wore red, perhaps because it shouts “look at me!” and you have to have a certain confidence to carry it off.  Nature has an influence here too – redness or swelling often indicates in mammals that they are primed and fertile.  This fertility message had been watered down to red clothing being an indicator that it’s wearer was “up for it”!  However. in these enlightened times, what someone wears is not a gauge of their receptiveness to advances, and certainly not permission!

I read a fascinating article recently by a high class call girl. In it she stated that a manicure in any other colour than pillar box red strikes the wrong note with her customers.  I know many friends who were not allowed to paint their nails red in their teenage years, or wear bright red lipstick.  Yes red lipstick can be considered ‘classic’

But it can also be considered tarty or sexually aggressive.

In my own relationship, if my OH admires my red nails, I know the other half of the sentence (left unsaid) is that would make your hand look sexy gripping my dick.  Similarly if I wear a read lippy (fairly unusual for me) he will look quite perky or remark on it looking hot and I know (again unsaid) that he’s imagining watching me giving him a blowjob, my red lips livid round his cock!  As lipstick was invented in makeup terms to mimic the full blood-flow to the lips caused by a woman’s high state of arousal/orgasm, I guess that message of ‘sexy’ is one that nature has planted in us.

Here is a quick history of lipstick, from it being banned, to prostitutes wearing it until finally Hollywood stars made it mainstream. 

None of this answers my question as to why red is considered a sexy colour per se.  Who doesn’t think of fast cars (Ferrari, Porsche) in shiny fire engine red as sexy?  Also flashy, I’ll grant you, but aren’t we often drawn to that self assured, cocky, I-know-what-I-want-and-I’m-going-to-get-it attitude?

Does red subliminally say hot to us?  Or danger?  Aren’t most poisonous berries in nature red to warn birds and mammals not to eat them?  So are we being subliminally drawn to the danger?  It depends on our culture of course, because to the Chinese red is the colour of luck (thus frequently used in decoration).  Red has also been used to represent power – on crowns and robes worn by royalty, and research seems to show that the message given out by a male wearing red or owning red things is power, which is often considered sexy.

Stop – Wait. These connotations are also projected using red via the medium of ‘signage’, another warning of danger.  How about when a red ribbon is used as a presentation aid – for a very special gift or a rosette for first place?  In history many parchment documents were stamped and sealed with red wax and secured with red ribbon – the colour has a connotation of importance and gravitas.  Once again, to those of us who like to show bravado or rebellion by walking a fine line or flouting the rules, red has an allure, quite possibly sexual.

So, when your lover deliberately dresses for you in shades of red, no matter whether the fabric is satin, lace, leather, latex, lycra or sequins, sit up and pay attention.  They are possibly sending you a message of seduction, an invitation to be reckless, a signal that they’re feeling slutty or that the interaction is going to get hot … or maybe you just got lucky!

I hope you enjoyed this post, the pictures are from Pixabay & Bondara. If anyone wants to send me something sexy and red to wear I’m a size 12/M, my bust is 34DD and my shoe size is 39!

This piece is part of the #Masturbation Monday meme – why not check out the other hot posts?  Also check out what my blogging friend melody wrote after reading my thoughts on the colour red.

6 thoughts on “Racy Red”

  1. What a fantastic piece. I think it probably explains why I'll wear red nail polish but very rarely red for lips and shoes. And why the only reds in my wardrobe are dark and sombre.


  2. Interesting post Posy . Red is vibrant and we wanna be vibrant. Red stands out – and we wanna stand out. Red – the colour of blood that sustains out life – and we wanna live. Our hears are red? we wanna love with all our heart – Red says stop which means I wanna go 😉 xx

  3. This was a fascinating read, thanks for putting this together Posy.
    I generally like dark reds rather than bright reds. Blood colours, clarets, maroons, its the wannabe vampire in me I think. A lover once told me I had thin cruel lips,and when the mood is on me that and red work well together. Lipstick on his cock – yes please!

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