It’s the middle of the day (which immediately makes a roll in the hay feel decadent!) and I’m fresh from the shower. My sun kissed skin is sensitised: from exposure to the tropical heat but slightly moistened from the aftersun. While I rubbed the fragranced lotion into the tops of my thighs, around my buttocks and near to my pussy I had to exert steely willpower not to let fingers brush against my moist lips. 

The burning sun had beaten down on my mons all morning like a super trouper spotlight. Even my book, with a cat and mouse BDSM theme, made my pulse beat deep in my core.

I was ready for him, Oh God was I ready, so I set out the toys within easy reach on the big white altar of a hotel bed.  He lay still, eyes twinkling with anticipation, his muscled arms looking strong and capable as he watched my preparations.

“I like this,” he smiled, stroking the lapel of the white waffle dressing gown when I sat beside him.  

Our eyes met, while his hand snaked between the lapels and tweaked my nipple.  My instinct was to duck away (why? Cos usually we’re in a rush/ have others in the house) but today I was still, allowing him access.  This was our time, nobody would interrupt us and sex was on the agenda!  The french doors were open, floor length curtains blowing lazily in the breeze. Eight floors up, the gentle crash of the waves on the sandy shore made a white noise backdrop.

I shucked off the robe and commenced licking at his member, which was semi-hard already. I felt the usual fascination as my ministrations with tongue and lips made it taut and elongated.  He smelt fresh and clean, recently showered, leg and chest hair retaining moisture in their curls.  I sucked and tugged at the flap of foreskin that cradled the head of his glans. There would be no looseness to play with once he grew to full size, but while I could I teased it, inducing sighs of satisfaction above my head.

I teased and tickled his pink nipples with greasy arousal balm then gently blew on them; its menthol component shrank them to stiff, sensitive points.  Back at his cock and balls, I licked and sucked, nibbling my exploratory way around the entire region.  I had no pattern of when my lusty sucking would change to teasing nips!  But it’s a cat and mouse game we both loved and he groaned as I sank over him with my mouth, to draw his full length into its cavern while reaching up with both hands to tweak and twist at his nipples.

It’s hard to concentrate on doing both things well, so 80% effort went into giving him head, while nipple stimulation was a bit haphazard! He likes it rough, so tugging is acceptable.  I love the feeling of his girth filling my throat and I sensed my own moisture gathering.  As I parted my legs to straddle his pelvis, the air against my opening pussy felt shockingly cool.  I settled my heated folds against his penis to press and rub, teasing my clit against his root.

Suck, nibble and pull – my teeth and mouth made tiny movements to torture the darkened flesh of his aureoles.  I sucked at them, imagining pulling at my own nipples. I visualised sending sparks of fire radiating out from the tissues, a hot-line of sensation to his groin.  Fixing my lips wide around one nipple I pulled hard,  drawing it into my mouth and filling it.  I dragged blood into the tiny area, wanting to make it tingle and ache, to become heavy with need for the fucking we would both enjoy.

He groaned.  “Don’t stop.”  Trust me, I thought, I won’t!

I reached for the little black anal plug, coating its surface with lube. In my position spread over his thighs, pussy slick with my own cream, it slipped easily in place. The sensation, the invasion, the pressure flooded me.  I was his dirty whore, wanting to fill all my holes, only one neglected so far! 

I raised myself on my knees, so his cock sprang up firm and eager.  It’s head was purpled with lust, its girth coated with my juices, making my pussy clench at the sheer joy of knowing that I was welcoming it home.  I reached one hand behind me to hold the itty bitty butt plug in place while centring his cock at my entrance. I sank down in one rushing, satisfying thrust.

Speared, impaled on his manhood – I paused to feel the full joy, the shocks and throbs as he stretched and filled me.  This was our first foray into dual penetration and the pleasure was not to be rushed.  Opening my eyes, he was looking up at me, trust, anticipation and lust all transmitted in his gaze.  I commenced a sinking and raising motion – reminiscent of a merry go round pony, but oh the pleasure from that slippery pole!  Reaching back to hold the plug in place felt almost as if I was holding mys elf together, while the climax built swiftly, intensely.

My heated clitoris was engorged so any rubbing was intense. My sphincter muscles throbbed, seeming to bounce my pleasure back on itself til I was cumming, and he was groaning likewise.  We exploded, each one’s individual pleasure bursting against the other’s. Our climaxes simultaneous, they washed over us like tropical waves. Although I kept moving, my undulations became less frenzied. He watched my breasts swaying and I looked down at my pelvis, still joined with his, now oozing globs of our emissions.

I dismounted and rolled to the side. We needed tissues which I hadn’t remembered to set out. I should fetch some from the bathroom, but not just yet … Far nicer to cuddle and savour the moment, plus my legs were made of jelly!

This post was originally inspired by the prompt “Lust” 
for this #WickedWednesday in July 2018, but now also for #Food4Thought where the 150th prompt is “Holidays”
Do visit to see what others have submitted for this meme.

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    Mmm could feel the heat! Very sexy – I love men's nipples. I was intrigued to see you mentioning holding the butt plug in place, I thought I was the only one who struggled to keep the darn thing in!
    Indie xx

  2. Reply

    Phew – I had forgotten how hot this is Posy! I love your little details – like the cool air hitting your cunt and such. Oh – it has made me want to be on holiday NOW!

    • p0sy


      Thank you May- Yay! I got both same reactions when I gave it a quick tidy up this morning before linking it! I too wanted hot sex and a hot holiday – quick as possible please!

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