…That Party with the Sauna

My friend Judy was very attractive, girls could see it, lads knew it!  She looked like a china doll: rosebud lips, peaches and cream complexion and platinum blonde hair – a la Marilyn Monroe.  Her figure was also like Marilyn’s, nipped in waist, a bubble butt and full round breasts – oh yeah everybody noticed those – she often went bra-less!  Judy had it going on, even a sweet personality – you could try to hate her, but it wouldn’t be easy!

Tell me girls – if you’ve ever had a friend this attractive, has it made you feel less so?  Judy made me feel very un-girly – not ugly but all her curves made me feel very straight up and down, her daintiness made me feel clumsy.  When she finished with her boyfriend I didn’t hesitate to suggest she came to live at my flat, but I began to question the wisdom of my decision when my BF was around, because she awakened the ‘caveman’ in him.  I wasn’t sure she was consciously flirting with him, but he was definitely responding.

That weekend we went to a party – a guy we knew was living on a remote farm with his Finnish wife – all our friends from the pub were all invited.  It was going to get messy because the farm was fairly ramshackle, most of the gang lived at home with their parents, so hadn’t learned proper respect for others’ property.  People were car-sharing to avoid driving, or were staying the night so they could drink.  We invited Judy to come with us, but my BF would drive us home – with the flat he and I were already away from the scrutiny of parents!

The party was fancy dress, so I helped Judy dress-up like a gangster!  In a boy’s grey suit, with a white shirt & tie straining to contain her ample breasts, we drew on a moustache and gave her a trilby hat to wear. She looked smoking!  Her big cornflower blue eyes popped under the shade of the hat, the boyish cut of the flannel suit could not disguise those curves.  I wore a black mini skirt with a red side zip which unfastened from hem up to the waistband, so I could show lots of leg.  Teamed with red stilettos, stockings & suspenders, a black lace vest top over a black bra, I fiercely channelled Madonna!  I don’t remember what my BF wore, but he was proud as punch to have two ‘hotties’ to squire to the party!

We arrived at the farm to find it as basic as I’d expected!  Our host had already fused the whole house earlier, in his efforts to provide party music!  We dumped our contributions of beer in the kitchen then went to join the rest of the gang.  I introduced Judy, almost immediately the lone males in our group started ‘sharking’ around her, solicitously ensuring her glass did not go empty and showing off their dance moves.  

The girls gave Judy wary eyes, but I didn’t read too much into that, they did that to me too (all lived near our pub, I was considered an outsider, brought in by my BF who was a local boy.)  I’m painting the picture that I didn’t have a friend among the girls, because I actually felt happier that day with a girlfriend riding shotgun for me.  

Most people had not tried very hard with their fancy dress costumes, but I remember one guy wore a lady’s up-to the-neck nightie, he flashed us with a posing pouch sporting eyes and and a nose!

I mentioned that the guy who lived on the farm married a girl from Finland: this is relevant because the first thing in his renovation schedule had been creating a steam room in the basement to make his wife feel at home.  At previous parties – I’d always considered it an imposition – people had disappeared off and had a sneaky sauna.  Suddenly Judy was pulling my arm and giggling:

“Come with me, we’re having a sauna!” 

I was fuzzy with drink, stumbling along after her, not even sure who was joining us in the steam room.  My BF was close behind, delighted that for once I’ve thrown caution to the wind.  Once in the tiny panelled room my eyes darted from Judy to Kevin – she had not chosen one of the single guys!  I looked at my BF to gauge his reaction, but the guys were busy messing about with the temperature.  We all removed our bottom halves, Judy’s knickers were fishnet, so I noticed she’s a natural blond!  I was getting cold feet right now, but the air’s so hot and dry, my throat feels baked once the door is closed – this is happening!.  My friend seemed elated and the guys are really up for it, I can’t be the party-pooper.

Fuck it was hot!  I didn’t know how to deal with the heat, but Judy and Kevin started kissing.  While I’m gobsmacked, my BF was inspired to start trying the same with me!  But I could hardly breathe – not a scenario which inspires passion!  I wished I could breathe fresh air, it felt like I was suffocating.  Next moment Judy was stripping off – underneath her white shirt she wore a matching fishnet bra. Viewing her boobs in that gave even me a twinge!  Kevin couldn’t believe his luck, they kissed and fondled.  My BF encouraged me to take my top off, so I reached behind me to unhook my bra and pull it through the arm-holes of my black lace singlet.  It felt odd being able to see another couple getting intimate and knowing they could see and hear us too!

Suddenly there were fists banging on the sauna door!

“Kevin are you in there?” it was a girl’s voice. “He’s in there I know he is… with that bitch Amelia brought!”

Well, the shit’d hit the fan, just like I knew it would.

“Kevin’s not in here,” my BF called out.  “It’s just me and Amelia.”

There are muffled female voices outside the door.

“Kevin, are you in there?” she didn’t believe us.

Judy and Kevin were panicking, but there was no way to hide or to get away, we just had to bluff it out.

“It’s just me and Trevor,” I called out, hating that I was involved in this lie.  At the same time wondering how Judy and Kevin thought this would play out.

“I fucking know that blonde bitch is in there!” Kevin’s girlfriend raged, but her voice faded,  someone pulled her away.

Kevin dragged his jeans on, despite the sweltering heat, while my BF whispered to Judy that there’s a window in the adjoining changing room, so she could slip outside unseen.  Kevin exited the sauna to make up some story that he was elsewhere (if his sweaty torso didn’t give him away) while we waited a few minutes before exiting the sauna to boost Judy out of the window.  She had her clothes bundled in her arms and it was dark outside. We planned to make our excuses and leave; hopefully Judy could dress and make her way to the car unseen.  

We avoided eye contact with Kevin as we rejoined the party in the living room, then moved into the kitchen in search of our host to apologise for having an impromptu sauna.  He was quite laid back about it, but I became aware of the pinched face of Kevin’s girlfriend across the room, giving me daggers.  She broke off from tearing Kevin a new one to ask where Judy was, calling her plenty of unpleasant names.  I said I didn’t know, acting like I thought she’d been dancing in the living room. I could tell she didn’t buy it.

My BF and I hurried to the car, calling out for Judy in low whispers. She came running join us, made pale and luminous by the moonlight.  As we piled into my BF’s beaten up car and bumped down the dirt track towards the main road we were full of bravado about the night’s events.  

I viewed Judy a little more warily around my BF after that. Clearly a guy already having a girlfriend did not say ‘hands off’ to her, so I was relieved when she got herself a room to rent, and later a boyfriend of her own.

My story for #MasturbationMonday was sparked by reading a piece on the various connotations of ‘swinging’ which you may find of interest.  Charlton would love people to share their experiences with him in his comments section.  
I’d love my story to inspire my Dark Darlings to share cringy situations they’ve got into!
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4 thoughts on “…That Party with the Sauna”

  1. Charlton C. Tod

    Deliciously salacious! I would have liked to see Judy get away with it though. Maybe in another story? 😉

  2. I've always thought that same thing…if they'll hook up with someone else's boyfriend behind their back, will they do it to me. Of course, the same amount of blame is on him for cheating in the first place.

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