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Hey guys it’s Vampy Valentine here! Since it’s national emoji day I thought I’d write a review of my “Ohh! Moji” bullet vibrator. ?

You see I have a bit of a collection of toys and vibrators, some of which are luxury items, but I find myself using this little beauty over and over. ?

This little beauty is even waterproof which is just a plus for me! Since I like making bath time fun again! ?

This bullet is powerful! Needing only one AAA battery (which by the way was included) this baby really packs a punch!??

The size makes the “Ohh! Moji” bullet vibrator very convenient and easy to use. No cords, no awkward bulk, yet it’s large enough that you won’t lose your grip! You can easily get this precisely where you want it with no faffing about.

It’s really easy to turn on and use the 10 different functions, you just press the small button at the base. Turning it off is the hard part – you have to really push down and hold the button for like 10 seconds, at first I really struggled to do it ?

If you need simple strong vibration, and a take anywhere size, this is seriously good?

This vibrator was gifted to me by Rocks Off but this review is Vampy’s unbiased opinion  – what she thinks, I print!  This model may have been discontinued because I can no longer find it on their site – which is a shame, but they do others which are similarly small and precise & battery powered.

I, however, was influenced by the discrete size and fun design of the “Ohh! Moji” bullet vibrator, and featured it in my story She Dares Me, which you can read for yourself here.  It was a #WickedWednesday submission on 6 June 2018.

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