School Reunion: (I’ve waited a long time) Part 2

This is the second part of a story begun on #WickedWednesday (recreate).  Read Part 1 here
So that you, my Dark Darlings, don’t have to wait too long, here’s part 2 loosely fitting this week’s prompt (educate).

Frank kissed me thoroughly, leaving me breathless, the wild dance of tangling tongues promising the touching and teasing our bodies already want to enjoy.  As he kissed me he eased the zipper at my back down, and the tightness of my sheath dress loosened.

“D’you mind if I take charge?” he asked.  I could barely talk, so I shook my head.  He sank to his knees at my feet, reverently raising the hem of my dress, to kiss and lick at my stockings with each increment of flesh discovered.  When he got to the point where he revealed my panties and matching suspenders and the pale flesh in-between framed my pussy, he stopped and gazed at me.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” he murmured before pressing his mouth to the lacy layer over my labia, nipping and lapping at me, while he held me tightly in place with strong hands cupping my buttocks.

He’s waited! My every filthy fantasy had come true but I kept wondering if it was real, it was so attuned to the screenplay of my dirty dreams!  Next he dragged my panties to one side and my swollen labia, engorged with arousal lubricated his lips with fragrant juices, while my knees nearly buckled as an orgasm broke over me.  I panted and gasped through the clenching, throbbing sensation and buried my hands in his glossy dark hair to steady myself.

“Over to the bed please,” he commanded, so on unsteady legs I complied.  As I sank onto the pristine sheets he drew my dress over my head, before unclasping my bra to let my breasts settle against my ribs.  Once again he surveyed me as if I was a beautiful vista, a sunset or a cityscape of lights, and my pussy throbbed in delight at being so adored.  

I was pushed back and my thighs parted.  He brought my hands to my breasts and said “Touch yourself.”  I pinched and twisted my nipples with an alacrity which had me squirming and groaning while he removed his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt.

“I don’t think you’ll need those either,” I said, eyeing his boxers which were pulled out of shape by a burgeoning erection.  He smiled.

“Greedy girl!” he growled, sliding the fabric off his hips, before hooking his fingers in the sides of my panties and pulling them off.  He pressed the glossy, swollen head of his cock to the lips of my labia, then worked it up and down, getting it good and lubricated from the juices trapped in my slit.  I was so sensitive right then that it felt both burning hot and really good, making me groan and writhe like a ‘Vegas stripper’.  I pulled at my nipples and pinched with a wicked vice like grip and yet still I wanted more.  More sensation, more rough treatment, more stretch and drag. I wanted to be filled me his cock, fucking deep and hard.

Frank lowered his head to my breast to nudge my hand out of the way, biting and sucking like I wanted.  He nestled his cock head at my entrance, then drove in hard and deep, the first thrust is always the best, before drawing out  nearly to his tip.  He powered in again slow and deep, with a little hip wriggle at the end that did something wonderful to me!  Oh he was fucking me good!  Better than I ever dreamt, because the real Frank knew tricks that I hadn’t experienced, real Frank was dominant and commanding, and I loved it!

His strong fingers gripped my arse and I hoped I’d have bruises.  He pulled my groin onto his cock with every slamming thrust while working one finger into my anus.  I’d never done that before, but my body welcomed it, the throbs building in my pussy seemed hotwired to it!  My body took that finger and enjoyed the pressure it applied. 

“Uh Frank,” I moaned, “please …”

“Please what baby?” He kept fucking me hard and deep and I could hardly cope with the climax I felt building, gripping my body, flooding me with hot and cold sensations.  I clawed at his back and raised my knees to grip his hips.

“Please … please … I wanna … cum,” my breathless thoughts were scattered.  I was scaling that mountain of sensations, wanting to reach the crest and throw myself off in a swallow dive.

“Cum for me Lizzie, cum now.”  His cock slammed into me, bottoming out on my g-spot with that little wriggle he did, and I tipped over the edge.  I was squeezing, throbbing and pulsing, his finger deep in my arse so I felt myself grip it and bounce off it, which was a revelation of increased pleasurable sensations that just wouldn’t stop.  

Then Frank was groaning, his body tightening with spasms too, his thrusts gained purpose as his climax spurted from him, trapped by the condom which I hadn’t even noticed him slipping on.  We clung together, castaways from a shipwreck where our orgasms crashed and broke, the waves of sensation nearly drowning us.

We were left exhausted, sweating, and I felt slightly suddenly shy.  I felt Frank had looked in all the dark, X-rated corners of my imagination, and offered them back to me as the perfect seduction.  I’d acted like a slut, submitting to my darkest desires, he’d been masterful and dominant, and I couldn’t get enough.  What would he think of me?

Frank smoothed my hair and kissed the ‘salt cellars’ either side of my neck, before nuzzling at my face.  He planted a kiss on my lips, gently, reverently then pinned me with his dark, amber-flecked eyes.

“Was that good for you?”  

I was feeling so bashful I could only nod, hoping I didn’t look a wreck with smeared lipstick and trails of mascara from squeezing my eyes tight shut as I came.  He kept looking at me, not content with a nod for an answer.

“Yes, that was good,” I managed to say.

“I’ve dreamed of that for years!” we say in unison.  

What the …?  Then we both laugh.

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  1. That was sexy Posy and glad they both got what they wanted – I once gave my first boyfriend a blow job round the back of the school hall! must write that one up! x

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