Hot Holiday Reading!

For #MasturbationMonday I thought I’d share Book Reviews / Recommendations 

I can’t speak for everybody, but my holiday experience is enhanced by great books to read!  While vacationing, there is plenty of time to pass: waiting at the airport/station/harbour, travelling on the plane/train/ship and then during your time relaxing by the pool or sea, in a cafe or restaurant.  I read everywhere – something which has got easier since i was given a Kindle – I can even stand in a queue reading, right until I have to hand my passport or ticket over!

Another BIG plus for the owner of an e-reader is that nobody can see what you’re reading.  Not everyone has the confidence to ready an overtly sexy, saucy novel in public, (a topic touched on by Annabelle Knight at #Eroticon 2018) so download a racy text and read it on your device, it’s discrete.  Hurrah! 

So here are some recommends for HOT and enjoyable reading matter for taking on holiday with you, these books put the ‘bonk’ into bonkbuster!

  • The Highlander’s Prize : Tabitha Rayne

A book in which our heroine, Harriet, travels to Scotland on a journalism assignment to cover the Highland Games and becomes intrigued, then obsessed with the local champion.  Archie MacDonald is the beefcake with a bad-boy reputation and Harriet sets out to find out what makes him tick, while also discovering what has been missing from her love life.  I don’t want to spoil the plot so I’ll just say when Archie goes all ‘caveman’ on her she gets weak at the knees!

Being pinned to the bed by her mouth while she was hand fucked was not something Harriet had ever experienced. …..but as she spiraled off, cunt spasming, into the beginning of an intense orgasm, she decided she loved it.”

[Not to prejudice my readers, but in addition to being a talented author Tabitha is the inventor of the wonderful Ruby Glow – a vibrator for use while seated – and the person behind the recent challenge “30 Days of Orgasm Fun”.]

  • Roadhouse Blues : Malin James

This book is a collection of erotic stories, which are hot and real.  Unafraid to tackle difficult or taboo topics, the author is ‘fearless in her portrayals of the sexual lives of those who’ve struggled’ (the words of Lana Fox from Go Deeper Press).  The link between these stories is their setting in Styx, a fictional U.S. town, providing a ‘collage’ of the town’s blue collar inhabitants, seen from many angles.  Some hook ups are feisty, emotional, doomed, others are powerful and brimming with enjoyment.  Tough topics are broached and some readers might be triggered by the issues raised (so it is wise to read the warning in the Introduction).  The author clearly understands suffering and the highs and lows of our passions.  The stories are not all heterosexual, some stories I suspect defy classification as to whether they are queer or heterosexual.  This book contains a story collection I will want to revisit many times.

In part 2 of my holiday reading recommends I’ll be reviewing:

  • Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet Book 1) : Laurelin Paige

  • Blood of the Eternal Moon  :  Simon Oneill

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4 thoughts on “Hot Holiday Reading!”

  1. I haven’t read much lately. I’ve been writing or working and haven’t taken time to read. Perhaps I should.

    Cara T

  2. Posy thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review my book!
    And to have it on the same bill as Roadhouse Blues, well, that's the stuff dreams are made of ����
    Roadhouse Blues is one of my favourite books ever x x x

  3. If you are looking for good erotic reading I can recommend Undone by Kristina Lloyd. I think you will really like it and she is a very good writer


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