#SoSS Share the Talent, share the Joy

I have been a little lazy this week – in some ways.  I should have asked a blogger or two if they would do my little interview slot, so that I could have something edited and ready to post today (as I am travelling home from my treat holiday to celebrate 25 years of having found my soulmate – who you know as Mr Churchgate!)

Instead my holiday break has had me very inspired to write new pieces! I have been very gratified to read great posts and erotica from other bloggers.  There have been some chilli hot stories, and some wonderful soul searching and heart-on-sleeve posts shared by the kinky community in general.  

We need to acknowledge and thank the meme creators who allow us to cross pollinate and grow our audiences with their wonderfully organised memes, I love:

@mollysdailykiss – who organises several, #sinfulsunday, #kinkoftheweek, being my 2 favourites

@RebelsNotes – the organiser of the  #SmutMarathon & #wickedwednesday, although she steers others too

@KaylaLords – the organiser of #masturbationmonday which celebrated its 200th edition this week and is now expanding into audible stories too.

My reading pleasure this week was greatly enhanced by these memes, and here are some of my picks:

And finally a link to a  novel which I must download onto my Kindle, as the sample by @Charlton_Tod had me quite hot and bothered on my sun lounger!!

My final words are a big thank you to everyone who has joined in on the Twitter chat, or taken the time to DM or e-mail me about nipplegasms.  

I hadn’t known they were a ‘thing’ until I was asked to write a piece on them by @anna_frolicme but now I am so much better educated and yearning to have one for myself! (I fall into the almost category, as a few of you guys do!)
Have a lovely weekend all!

2 thoughts on “#SoSS Share the Talent, share the Joy”

  1. Finally back online again (I hope, this is my first actual foray) and now catching up with your wonderful blog.
    Amazing content as always – I have always loved your longer pieces (especially the ones written first-person).
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, words and images with us (your dark darlings)
    and now, I am going to spend a happy hour (or three) reading all that I have missed πŸ™‚

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