Posy’s History of Shaving

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OK – shaving: discuss!  I’ve been shaving since I was 15 – pressure from girls at school made me feel I needed to (I’m mousy blonde, but the hairs on my legs are darkish and coarse).  My mother urged me not to shave before I needed to, saying once you start you have to keep it up, which is true.  I used her electric razor that first time, so although the hairs were visibly absent, I wasn’t silky smooth.  Next time I tried with a disposable razor and soap (ooh ouch!  It’s easy to nick yourself this way, and because you’re legs are wet, any bleeding looks alarming) I applied baby oil to my legs afterwards – now that was much more glossy and satisfying!

I’m a bit lazy though, I wasn’t about to shave every day, and hated how it felt like ‘cactus legs’ only 24 hours after!  I also found I easily broke out in a rash post-shave, so I continued for special occasions, but was most dissatisfied with the whole process.  I was looking out for an alternative.  Depilatory cream?  Hell nooooooo!  That stuff stinks, and my coarse hairs wouldn’t dissolve, instead broke they off at surface level causing a prickly regrowth as bad as with shaving!

I bought a battery razor and used it to trim my legs, underarms and bikini line – satisfying myself that it looked as if the hairs were gone, but not feeling very smooth (hey I didn’t have a boyfriend much in my teens, so nobody ran their hands up my legs anyhow!)  Once I was with a steady boyfriend I shaved my legs more regularly (hadn’t realised it was key to change your razor often, and get 2 blades instead of 1!).  I also let him shave me.  I began by trimming it all down to ½ cm with scissors, and I’ve written it into this story.  I loved the feel of that, and went to the toilet at work frequently, just to admire my cute bare cunt!  However, I hated how itchy the regrowth was, so only did it once!

Aged 21 my older friends told me they got their legs waxed, which is something I’ve been doing ever since.  I used to have a ½ leg, with the bikini line waxed for holidays only (cos that was excruciatingly painful, and rather embarrassing).  I only reverted to shaving was when I was pregnant and couldn’t lie down on my back & front for the process!  

Armpits: I’ve always shaved, it’s no trouble to do it in the shower, I’ve hardly ever cut myself and I can do it often.  How could I let it grow out to the 5mm I’d need for waxing to grab?  I think I’ve only had my underarms waxed once when it was thrown in as a freebie!

Trying intimate waxing:  OH and I used to watch a programme called Sexcetera (anyone remember it?) and always joked we didn’t want to see anyone with grey pubes having sex on it!  Ageist I know, but this translated to me promising myself I’d shave or wax my intimate area as soon as I began to go grey  (I know you’ve said the same May!)  

I jumped before I was pushed – so to speak.  In 2013, when I first discovered how much erotica was easily available online, and in e-books, I began to notice how many of the ‘players’ were completely bare of hair, seeming all the more sensitive for it.  I decided to try for myself so booked an appointment at the place I had other beauty treatments done.  As I expected, it was painful and embarrassing, but as a surprise for my OH it had the desired effect, we both loved how it looked and felt!

Critics of waxing say it makes you look little-girl-like:  I’d disagree strongly, for starters there’s a colour change in the flesh as it gets nearer your slit, which a child does not have.  Secondly I do not have a little girl’s upper body!  I have large full breasts, so I think that argument is moot!  Some fans of waxing say it is much more hygienic – I’m not sure that’s valid and the hair obviously serves a purpose, even if it’s only protective padding.  (e.g. Look how much more ‘camel toe’ we see since the shaving/waxing trend;  fully-bushed girls of the 70s/80s didn’t have to worry about that!) 

Anyway I do it because I like the look, the feel and the sensitivity.  I’ve asked my man and he feels the same about the look and feel. While he admires the landing strip style of grooming also, he says all bare is fractionally more pleasant for performing oral sex.  For me: I  like how obvious it is when I become aroused – a sexy betrayal of my body’s desire.

The important thing is not to “yuck somebody else’s yum” because there’s no right or wrong!  If you want to leave any of your hair-growing areas au naturel, do it!  I personally enjoy the sensation and look of ‘smooth’, and I’ve found a pain free way of achieving it (now I use a professional who specializes in intimate waxing).  

When I originally published ‘First Experiences with Porn’ a lovely guy wrote to me to say his first discovery of sexy pictures was also in porn magazines from the 70s/80s which fixed his preference on the natural look of pubic hair.  This is his choice, and when he described the way it holds a woman’s natural fragrance, I couldn’t disagree.  I enjoy the smell of my  arousal  (also the taste – I’ll admit it!) and one day soon I’ll write a post about when I used to find my pubes sexy.  I also try to mix it up in my erotica, fully aware that the bare pubic area is not to everyone’s taste.

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