Lets Go Round Again (part 2)


Lets Go Round Again (part 2)

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It’d been a long, slow day, and he was glad to finally lock the library doors and put it  behind him.  He slung his rucksack in the trunk of his car and checked that his gym bag was there, before reversing and driving slightly out of town to the modern building which housed a swimming pool, indoor ball courts and a state-of-the art gym.  The car park was half empty, but the bike rack was full as the students used the facilities too.  He grabbed the canvas bag and took it to the locker room to change.

The Librarian had a routine of exercise machines and weight stations he used in rotation, as many gym regulars did,  but the weights he pushed were never remarkable and he tried always to blend, not stand out.  Popping his bluetooth earbuds in he selected a playlist of classical music at low volume, his vampiric hearing meant he felt discomfort and irritation from a barrage of loud music.  Warming up on a running machine, he chose one which was not directly next to anyone.  He let his eyes roam the gym, in case his beloved was amongst any of the fitness freaks currently training, but none of the girls snagged his attention.  However, a boy on the cross-trainer seemed familiar, he had broad shoulders, dark hair and wore a clinging Body Armour t-shirt which hugged his spare, muscular frame.  He ran with a relaxed, elegant gait, his calf and quadricep muscles bulging pleasantly with the exertion while his arms reached and pulled at the poles, which moved in time with his stride.

The Librarian realised he was staring, so shook himself, guessing this was probably the student who’d been in the library early that morning.  It was unlike him to pay much attention to boys so he checked his watch and focused on his warm-up for the rest of the allotted time.

He moved to the bench press machine and adjusted the pin in the stack of weights.  Lying back on the padded vinyl he concentrated on pushing away then lowering the bar to his chest in a steady motion – whatever he did his body wouldn’t change from the stage it was at when he was bitten and became a vampire, he’d been a sporty young man of 28 – but not ‘fit’ by today’s gym-honed standards.

The classical music in his headphones swelled to a crescendo then died away, signalling it was time to change to another piece of of equipment on his circuit.  He looked up and found himself face to face with the student from that morning, waiting his turn on the chest press.  What shook the Librarian to the core was his eyes – they were her eyes, or like her eyes and he felt really unsettled!  

For a split second his heart had leaped, he’d found her!  Then his brain caught up and he realised that it couldn’t be, because this was a boy.  For over a century his love had been reincarnating and her soul had never chosen a male body.  Whilst these thoughts bounced round inside his brain he did his best to act normally.  He picked up his towel and wiped the machine over, then he grabbed his water bottle and moved away, gulping mouthfuls of cool liquid to give himself thinking time and to round up his scattered emotions.

He moved to the rowing machine (he’d been on a real rowing crew in the edwardian era) and began adjusting the leg length, resistance and the foot straps of the static equipment.  Then he allowed himself another furtive look in the direction of the boy who’d just turned his world upside down!  The student was lying back on the chest press with his eyes closed, all concentration going into the press away and controlled return of his work-out, then suddenly he opened his eyes and the Librarian was blown away!  It was her, it had to be!  Her precious soul, inside this young male body.  The boy was lean and toned, his upper body an inverted triangle of broad shoulders and pumped arms which narrowed to a hard trunk where slabs of muscle overlaid his abdominals.  His legs looked strong, the quadriceps and calf muscles defined as he braced himself against the weight machine.   

This was a lot to take in so the remainder of the Librarian’s gym session passed in a blur.  He kept coming up with questions which he needed search engines answer, while others he would prefer to put to the runes.  He found his eyes drawn back to the student at every possible opportunity, and subtle though he tried to be, sometimes he was caught looking.  At first it felt awkward, but then he got a-hold of himself: how different was it really?  Each time he’d courted his beloved in the past it had begun with shy meeting of eyes, then looking away, only to be caught looking again.  Social conventions had evolved and sped up over the passing decades, so it wasn’t really strange to keep looking at each other when there was a mutual attraction building, 

As he left the exercise zone for the changing room, he took a last look over his shoulder, and his heart lurched because the young man looked back at him boldly, then raised one eyebrow, with his lip curved in the hint of a smile!

That night in front of his computer the Librarian went down many internet rabbit holes pursuing answers to his questions on reincarnation. The answer kept coming back the same, that there were no hard and fast rules regarding reincarnation, the re-visiting spirit does not limit itself to the gender of the host body it originally occupied.  This made the Librarian think again about the one occasion when it had seemed as if his beloved had not reincarnated during the usual 17-20 year span, he’d waited and checked the runes obsessively, convinced he was in the right place, but he had never recognised her.  He wondered now if she had been presenting as a man on that occasion too, but had the tighter, binding social conventions of the era prevented him recognising his beloved?  

He would never know, but he felt deep regret all the same.  Their time together, falling in love, was always fleeting, but all the more precious for it’s doomed trajectory.  How he longed to find a way to break the curse so that he could show his love in a physical way, to press his flesh against the skin of his beloved.  To share their kisses and steal one another’s breath, to twine fingers and legs or feel another’s heart beat against his ribs.  His cock stirred at these thoughts, unfurling and firming behind his flies as he day-dreamed moments of intimacy he could share with the person he was destined to love for eternity. 


…Story concludes here

This serialised fantasy story was originally submitted for #MasturbationMonday.  This episode fits with the current prompt for #Wicked Wednesday which is Missed Connections.

I have also used the song title by the Average White band for my title, so am linking up with #SeptemberSongProject  and I=Immortal for #SnakeDen’sAtoZ

I hope people will read all three parts of the serial 

The images I’ve used are from Pixabay.


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  1. Wonderful. The writing is so richly descriptive and evocative that I can practically see the scene playing out like a film in my mind. Love the idea of her reincarnating into another gender this time around. ?

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