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When I first started this blog, as Posy Churchgate, very much anonymous I hadn’t given much thought to having a trademark. If anything I thought my trademark might be the fact that I wrote erotica and reviewed other erotic writing, because the majority of sex blogs I read at that point were populated with sex toy reviews, a few more had erotica but none seemed to review stories. 

Even though I didn’t plan to share any images of me, I needed something against my profile so from Pinterest I found a sexy one of just legs, which looked quite a lot like my legs, which I used. (Pow!  Bubble popped for anyone who thought those were my fishnet-clad legs!)  As things moved along I needed further images, so I cropped a real picture of me, showing my legs & feet. I thought I’d chosen legs as my trademark  ‘thing’.

The name I chose, my pen name came from a silly game some friends and I played a few years ago, creating our “Pornstar” names.  Use your first pet for the first name and for the surname select something from your first address.  One of my results, Posy Churchgate had a certain ring to it. Posy sounds retro, like a character from Victorian erotica I enjoyed when I was 19. And Churchgate?  I’ve an opinion that people from ‘prim’ or ‘religious’ upbringings are the most filthy when the lights go out/ their clothes  come off.

Nine months of blogging, I joined Twitter and early on I noticed people discussing the importance of ‘Sharing our Shit’.  Apparently bloggers were being being censored  and silenced in various ways (it’s still happening, platforms wont support NSFW content and may delete an entire blog). Others said it was important that we cross-pollinated blogging links and content amongst ourselves, like an underground rebellion.  I’d only just discovered this sex blogging community but already felt I’d found my ‘team’.  I was keen to help  but I only had a very small presence, what could I do?  

I had the idea of creating an interview as a post, inviting someone I followed to answer some questions, to share with me what made them tick.  I asked a couple of my blogging friends if they thought it was a good idea, they did, so I pushed my luck further and they became my first interviewees!   

The questions I initially created were selfishly what I wanted to know – reading someone’s erotica I wanted to ask about their sexuality and kinks, and did they try others before settling there?  Asking about  toys and dressing up gave an idea of what made them tick.  Other questions, about films, and blogs they’d recommend was further sharing, which my readers  and I could investigate later, as I usually included links. 

I noticed after I’d been doing my interview feature a short while that Cara Sutra (who curates a fantastic site which is a great help to any sexblogger wishing to hone their skills) also ran an interview feature, but had run hers a while back. Most people were happy to share again, even if they’d been asked before!  I kept my questions the same, but people could skip any.

For my first year, I shared an interview and some blogging links every Saturday using the  tag #SoSS, and people began to tell me they looked forward to the interview feature!  May More, who’s always been very supportive, told me it was my ‘Trademark’. This goes to show that – with a trademark / nickname or gimmick – you can try to steer your audience’s perceptions, but they can’t be forced. 

For my second year of blogging I dropped back to 1 interview a month, filling the Saturdays in between by sharing links to what I’d enjoyed reading during the week. I also revised my questions so that my interview was applicable to any interesting person I followed, not limited to sex bloggers.

For 2020/1 I have been combining my interview subjects with the newbie bloggers being featured on May’s 4 Thoughts and Fiction meme. The objective being to support and encourage folk who’re beginning their blogging journey by giving them better exposure. My questions have been revised again to freshen up the feature – thanks to ML Slavepuppet for her input!

This post was originally submitted for “Trademark” on the WickedWednesday meme. Now Revised, it fits in with 4Thoughts or Fiction “Pen Name”
There will be other great entries, why not click on their links to see for yourself.



13 thoughts on “Pen Names & Trademarks”

  1. Great post Posy – interesting to read how you have grown and developed your blog. I like the way you use twitter too. I always come over and read your trademark interview on a saturday. Its fun to find out more about other bloggers. 😉 x

  2. Very enjoyable read Posy! I loved finding out about the genesis of your name, and that of your trademark interview. I can still remember being excited and delighted when you asked to interview me. Its wonderful that you are so dedicated to #SoSS, I confess I've slipped on this over the last little while (along with my blogging – sigh). Thanks for sharing, as always.
    Indie xx

  3. It is cool how we have the freedom to craft an image online…from our name to our visuals, to our signature moves and themes. This was an interesting history, Posy. I love how you created your name.

  4. I’m not sure if my comment went through, but I’ll say again that your blogger interview is a brilliant idea and I enjoy reading it each week


  5. Interesting read thank you for sharing. Do people still do SOSS? I remember joining in before I went on prolonged hiatus. I’m hoping to post about my pen name for this meme too, but my story isn’t quite as interesting as yours.

    1. Hi Zara, thanks for commenting. I don’t know if they do – I’ve let SoSS fall by the wayside, I now share in other ways. I shall look out for your post, you have me intrigued.

  6. Oh my – we seem to have done a lot over those 2 plus years since u published the original of this, We haven’t let the grass grow that’s for sure. And I am really surprised I didn’t chastise u for the extra “o” you put in my name. lol I wonder if i wrote for the WW prompt too. I will have to check

    1. We have covered a lot of blogging ground May. Sorry about the spelling mistake – corrected it now! I bet you did write something for #WW you’ve always supported the memes

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