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When I first started this blog, as Posy Churchgate, very much anonymous I hadn’t thought of having a trademark at all …. If anything I thought my trademark might be the fact that I wrote erotica and reviewed other erotic writing, because I’d noticed that the majority of sex blogs I read were populated with sex toy reviews. 

Even though I didn’t plan to share any images of me, I needed something against my profile so from Pinterest I found a sexy one of just legs, which looked quite a lot like my legs, which I used. (Kapow!  Bubble popped for anyone who thought it was me with fishnet-clad legs!)  As things moved along I needed further images, so I cropped a real picture of me, showing my legs & feet. I thought I’d chosen legs as my trademark  ‘thing’.

My name is formed from a silly game some friends and I played years ago, how to create your “Pornstar” name.  You choose your first pet for the first name and for the surname you chose something from your first address.  I thought Posy Churchgate had a ring to it so I stored it away for the future!

After blogging for about 9 months, and trying to bring my following over from Literotica to Pillow Talk, I was persuaded to join Twitter.  My readership growth and my enjoyment in the act of blogging has grown hugely since I did!  I am quite a feedback junkie, so I loved to see when people ‘like’ ❤ or re-tweet what I’ve shared.  Every time I posted something new anyone who followed me would see me ‘tweet’ about it (previously I sent an email out to anyone who I knew read my blog – painful and limited hey?)  I built up the number of people I followed gradually, making sure I liked what they shared or had something in common with them.  Basically I treated Twitter like a cocktail party, sometimes watching conversations, often following links, often ‘Liking’ or commenting and sometimes introducing 1 blogger to another’s content.

Not long after joining Twitter I noticed people were talking about the importance of ‘Sharing our Shit’.  Apparently bloggers were being being shut down  and silenced in various ways and it was important that we cross-pollinated blogging links and content amongst ourselves, like an underground rebellion.  I’d only just discovered this sex blogging community but already I felt very strongly that this was my ‘team’ – my elected family.  I was keen to help  but I only had a very small voice, what should I do?  

I soon had the idea of creating an interview as a post.  I’d get a  blogger I followed to answer some questions so that I knew more about what made them tick, and then share that interview so that others were privy to the same insight as me.  I asked a couple of my blogging friends if they thought it was a good idea, they did, so I pushed my luck further and they became my first interviewees!   

The questions I created are selfishly what I want to know – when I read someone’s erotica I like to know what their sexuality is, and have they tried others before settling here?  When I ask about the toys and dressing up I get a better idea of what makes them tick, the same for the fantasy sex partner question.  Other questions, about films and blogs they recommend is further sharing, which my readers  and I can investigate later, as I usually include links.  I noticed after I’d been doing this a while that Cara Sutra (who curates a fantastic site which is a great help to those of us wishing to hone our skills) also ran an interview feature, but apparently hers featured a while back and most people are happy to share again, even if they were asked before!  I keep my questions the same, that way I can ‘compare apples with apples’ (as a friend of mine says).

Nowadays I feel it is my ‘duty’ to share an interview and some blogging links every Saturday on the #SoSS meme, and people tell me they look forward to the interview feature!  May Moore, who is a firm friend and very supportive, tells me it is my ‘Trademark’ – which of course is the topic of this piece.  It goes to show that with a trademark (or a nickname or gimmick) you can try to steer your audience’s perceptions in the direction you want, but they can’t be forced. 

This story was submitted for the #WickedWednesday meme.
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8 thoughts on “My Trademark”

  1. Great post Posy – interesting to read how you have grown and developed your blog. I like the way you use twitter too. I always come over and read your trademark interview on a saturday. Its fun to find out more about other bloggers. 😉 x

  2. Very enjoyable read Posy! I loved finding out about the genesis of your name, and that of your trademark interview. I can still remember being excited and delighted when you asked to interview me. Its wonderful that you are so dedicated to #SoSS, I confess I've slipped on this over the last little while (along with my blogging – sigh). Thanks for sharing, as always.
    Indie xx

  3. It is cool how we have the freedom to craft an image online…from our name to our visuals, to our signature moves and themes. This was an interesting history, Posy. I love how you created your name.

  4. I love how you treat Twitter. When I first joined, I was indiscriminate about who I followed back, but now I treat it much the same way. And, for the record, I'm so glad you joined the "team." 😀

  5. I’m not sure if my comment went through, but I’ll say again that your blogger interview is a brilliant idea and I enjoy reading it each week


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