‘Young Posy’ Tells a Toy Story

I really enjoyed writing a ‘memory lane’piece  last week for #MasturbationMonday, and since it was well received, I thought I’d share another fragment of my past with you, Dark Darlings.

Before beginning let me provide links to the sites of @EmmelinePeaches and @JoannesReviews – both ladies actively work to make sex toy companies realise they should only make toys in body-safe materials, no matter that it costs a little more.  I’d also like to highlight a great post which @AuroraGloryBlog created where she gathered  reviews of various ‘budget’ sex toys in one place.  Here’s a great series of reviews on which lubes are good for the job while being kind to your ‘floof’ with its delicate PH balance!  Nobody wants their fun to be followed by tears because the lube makes them develop thrush or similar infections/ irritations!

Scene Setting:  At this point in my story I am no longer a virgin, but still fairly new to things (as my status only changed about 6 months previously).  My current sexual partner is a couple of years older than me and more worldly wise, he also owns a car.  That is where the majority of our sexual activity takes place, parked up under the cover of darkness, we’re free to take our time, experiment and find out what we like.  I’m a college student, on the pill and nobody has heard of AIDS.

The B/F and I are playing hooky one day, well just me really as I’m missing classes while he is unemployed.  We decide to drive up to London so that we can go to a sex shop in Soho and buy a vibrator.  My memory’s a bit clouded as to where we got the idea – maybe he had one with a past partner – but anyway I am totally up for it, it feels so taboo!

The first shop we go to is a big disappointment, it has a big glass front but I’d expected it to be displaying mannequins in sexy underwear or kinky sex devices (strap-ons and gimp masks perhaps?  Not sure how much I knew back then) but it looks more like a video store, both from the outside and the inside!  

I go in with B/F, but with head down and my hands dug into my pockets. I don’t look at anybody but feel everyone is staring at me!  Perhaps a neon sign has just appeared over my head “Prey on this girl, she is UP for it!”  Ridiculous I know, but I bet most of you can relate (from your own first purchase of: condoms / girly mags / sex toy scenario).  Anyway, the fella is as intimidated as me so we leave the shop not having looked at or purchased anything.

Once outside the store we feel rather foolish, the adrenaline is still rushing around our bodies making us feel bolder, realising this will be a VERY wasted journey if we’re going to drive home empty handed, if we are too scared to buy anything!  Anyway – we’re in Soho – Sex shops everywhere, so we just keep walking until we come to another one.  This one looks a bit more how I’d expected, with displays of gaudy maribou edged negligees which would leave nothing to the imagination and shiny pvc hotpants, corsets and long boots!  Now we’re cooking on gas!  We stride in and, although I still feel a bit furtive, I make myself look around at all the shelves of wares and the other shoppers – who hilariously do not want to make eye contact at all!  So I feel better already!

Anyone watched the Harry Potter films and seen the teetering stacks of boxes in Mr Ollivander’s wand shop?  Then you’ll have a good visual of what the aisles of this store looks like!  Anyway, we find our way to the vibrators – I don’t want ours to look life-like (I still don’t really!  Sorry fellas, but to me a penis is not a pretty thing!)  I also don’t want to choose something too big for me, so we go for a model about the same size as my B/F – a 6-7” bullet shaped vibe made of hard, cream-coloured plastic.  Obviously we want a battery-operated one, batteries are easy to come by and no potential embarrassment from our vibe being spotted by a parent while it’s on charge. (B/F’s mum is really nosey!)

As we stand at the counter waiting to pay, my confidence is going through the roof!  What a liberated girl I am!  Kind of badass!  Do any of my friends have a vibrator?  I doubt it.  I start to look around more, kinda expecting all the patrons in the shop to be wearing flasher macs so they can hide their purchases under them when they leave the shop!  Ours is put in a brown paper bag and we exit the shop, giggling and elated.

This is Lovehoney’s Basic 5″ mini vibrator so you’ll get an idea –
mine was longer and cream in colour.

We obviously try our new toy out on the way home: Parked up on the empty side of an under-used car park.   Not entirely sure what to expect I brace myself for it making me feel like a sex crazed maniac very quickly, and beg my B/F to be very cautious how he uses it on me.  Well of course it is nothing like that!  It IS very pleasant, a lovely tingling buzz and l love how it feels when he runs it round my lips and the folds and dips of my pussy.  It is indeed an electric sensation if he rests it on my clit, and I couldn’t stand too much of that at a high speed, but I like it turned down to a slow buzz if he’s going to focus on that sensitive little bud!

B/F is loving being at the business end of things!  I’m pretty sure I lay in the passenger seat with it reclined right back (it’s quite an old model car, and the seats go nearly flat, that’s what we like about it!) B/F is crouched in the footwell watching the action unfold (literally!).  Soon we both feel a bit braver and he begins to slide it in and out of me.  I love how cold it feels at first (this has not changed!  Hence my current love-affair with glass dildos).  Soon it’s warmed to my body temperature and he is sliding it in and out more, deeper and faster.  I feel my orgasm building and am getting really quite breathless and wriggly, but suddenly my orgasm-escalator won’t climb any higher!  

I’m at a plateau of excitement, which at this point I don’t really understand.  My B/F realises he isn’t going to make me cum with the vibe alone so he eases down his jeans and presents his rampant cock to my pussy.  [He was always great like that, doing things to me got him really excited, it was foreplay enough for him and he’d be ready for action even if I hadn’t touched him.]  OMG I’m tight! – the vibrations and the level of arousal I’m at has made my pussy walls contract and it’s a great feeling to have him power in.  I draw him deep into me, raising my legs as I’ve found is comfortable (gosh I’d learned a lot since those early days when I thought I should just lie flat with my legs spread!).  He always finds being able to push back against the footwell really helps his thrusting and so we have a lusty fuck, but sadly I do not cum that first time with our toy.

Later, once we’ve re-arranged our clothes, it’s decided that he should keep the vibrator in his car, as it has a locking glove compartment.  So there it was stored (alongside the essential box of tissues!) and we learn how to use it in oh so many fun ways over the next 12 months.  When B/F and I split up, I maintained custody of the vibe!  I’d learned to love it and I wasn’t sure I had the nuts to visit another sex shop to buy a replacement.  Remember, this is before the internet, although I guess I could’ve bought myself a new BoB from  the small ads, but that had its own problem of arriving in discreet?? packaging!!  I’ll admit I often got a frisky thrill from reading those small ads and looking at all the different toys, my mind boggling at the size of some of them while wondering at the use of others!  This primed me for the arrival on the scene of Anne Summers, and those infamous parties, but that’s a story for another day!

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Please leave me comments/ feedback, I’d love to hear how your sex journey began or whether my experiences struck a chord with you. 

15 thoughts on “‘Young Posy’ Tells a Toy Story”

  1. Great story Posy, I absolutely loved it so please write more! Our early sex shop experiences are similar – and I'm old to enough to remember your first vibe too!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my post! I really enjoyed reading about your first sex toy, it really took me back to when I first bought one. It's sounds lovely to have shared that experience with someone else.
    Aurora x

  3. A great trip back down memory lane Posy (And I always loved your stuff written in the first-person too)
    I love the way you conveyed that awkwardness of "coming out" to the world that you are now a sexual being (it so reminded me of my youth too)
    I must admit to cars being my first venues for sexual experimentation but remembering how I longed to be able to take my GF to bed (literally rather than figuratively) where there was all that space to fully explore … (but that's another story ha ha)

  4. Loved this Posy – you have a really good memory for that time and I am with Nero lets hear more – i think personal stories are just great for all of us finding out how we got to be the person we are today xx

  5. The first daring thing in this Posy, after playing truant that is , was driving into London but I suppose it was easier to do in those days. I so enjoyed this journey into your past. Absolutely fabulous. CPxx

  6. I love this story! And my first experience to buy and use a sex toy was only a few years ago, and I can't remember nearly as much. I wish my first experiences had been similar to this. 🙂

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  8. Dear Posy,
    I was awake tonight having had a difficult weekend and having seen one of your pictures was drawn to look at your writing. Reading your story was a pleasure and I found myself able to escape my situation for a while. Thank you!


    1. Thank you for visiting; that I was able to transport you to the smutty Soho I remember from my youth is wonderful news! I’m sorry your weekend has been difficult, but I hope my fiction (and real life pieces with a twist) continue to prove diverting – that is a lovely comment. xx

    2. Hello Sub2Word, just reminded myself of your lovely comment. So thought I should check in on how you are doing. In these strange times of lock-down, enforced isolation and uncertainty, I hope you’re managing to stay positive.
      Posy x

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