It’s not often that I meet a like-minded female, well not in the context of the kinky side of my personality, so it was refreshing when I met Naomi.  She was just as ‘dark’ as me, sex on her mind most of the time, a fascinating goth dressed in black with shrieks of colour from her purple hair to her technicolour tattoos.  We got talking in the erotic book section of Waterstones and because we hit it off, we went for a coffee.

Over a frothy cappuccino (her) and medium black decaf (me) we found that we were a similar age and had grown up liking the same bands (The Pretenders, Blondie, The Stranglers, Elvis Costello).  While Naomi’s music taste had stayed dark (she was now into Slipknot, Evanescence and Bullet for my Valentine)  mine had stayed indie but had evolved lighter (Two Door Motorcycle Club, The Vaccines, Wolf Alice).  We both had a penchant for vampire and supernatural books, and plots which strayed into other-worldly matters.  What we were skirting around discussing was our sexual predilections.  I hadn’t seen which book Naomi had bought but she was browsing in the fetish section,  I too was delving into kink, but via the fiction route.  I’d purchased a copy of Anne Rice’s book The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, as recommended to me by a Dom on Twitter.

As I talked to her I was equally distracted and fascinated by her piercings: small stretchers in her ears, a ring through the septum of her nose and piercings with either studs or rings in several places on her mouth and eyebrows.  They were all black in colour, but some were engraved in such a way that the silvery metal glinted through.  Her lipstick was black too – it made me watch her mouth when she talked and it left a perfect print of her lower lip on the edge of her cappuccino mug.

She raised an elegantly made-up eyebrow.  “You got time for another?”

I nodded eagerly, there was still so much I wanted to ask, we were on the brink of another level of intimacy so when she sat back down with our cups of coffee, and crossed her fishnet clad legs with a delicious swish, I leaned towards her and asked a leading question.

“So what’s your kink?”

Again those blue eyes were on me (blue with a burst of green around the pupil), their corners crinkled up in a smile.  “It’d be easier to tell you what I don’t like!”

I sat back.  

“Have I shocked you?” but she didn’t look concerned, she looked delighted.

“Not exactly,” I answered “so what DON’T you like?”  

Her eyes rolled up to study the ceiling as she counted off a shortlist on her fingers, I took in that sloshing was one, furry play another.  

“So are you a sub or a Domme?” I asked, hoping I sounded knowledgeable.

“I’m a switch,” she replied, “it depends on the partner.  With girls I take charge but with guys I let them take the lead.”

I nodded encouragingly and sipped my drink – shit!  I was so distracted I’d forgotten to put any sugar in.  I tore open packets, pouring and stirring while Naomi elaborated further.

She told me about the munch she went to, where she met other like-minded fetishists, describing what a great way it was to identify kinks she was into and those which did nothing for her.  Naomi’s eyes glazed over in a lovestruck way whilst describing her passion for the long suede flogger, while I tried to imagine how it would feel to be bound in place and whipped by a sexy Indiana Jones type, in full view of other people.  I’ll admit I got a slight frisson picturing it in my head.

I told her about the sex blog I wrote, how I crafted erotic short stories and reviewed sex toys. Naomi searched for it, then book-marked it on her phone.  She asked what I liked writing best, so I said erotic stories.  I’m currently writing a series of confessions where I describe something kinky I’ve done, but moaned that unfortunately I was beginning to running out of topics.

“You need to try something new!” Naomi enthused.  “Have you ever wanked in a public place?”

“No!  Have you?”

“All the time – that’s why I carry this!”  she rummaged in her sparkly backpack and took out a tiny vibrator, about the size of a small lipstick.  It was gothy of course, black and decorated with cartoon characters  with stitched up mouths and patches over their eyes.  She held it out to me.
“Try it!  Here … now!  I dare you!”

I felt all kinds of confusion and embarrassment.  Here?  In this coffee shop?  (admittedly it wasn’t as crowded as before, the mothers with babies had gone and the lunch time rush had yet to begin).  In front of her?  Actually that felt more exciting than scary,  I really wanted to impress her, to prove I was cool and edgy.  Whilst I was trying to decide what to do, Naomi got out a bottle of hand sanitizer, smeared it over the little vibe and cleaned it off with a tissue.

I took the bullet shaped gizmo from her, determination and excitement bubbling up inside me, and when our eyes met I felt a bolt of wicked excitement, she was egging me on to release my ‘bad self’, so I did!  I undid the flies on my jeans and insinuated the black vibrator’s little tip between my panties and my mons then twisted its base to activate the buzzing.  The thrill  was electric!  I was excited to be doing this, feeling quite naughty, especially with my new BF watching!  Under my sweater I roamed the toy around my labia and over the top of my clit, making me feel warm and delightfully tingly.  Squeezing my legs together I made the vibrations travel and suppressed a moan of delight.

“Good huh?” Naomi queried looking me in the eye, and I felt my pleasure elevator travel several floors higher.

While moisture gathered in my pussy, I kept my eyes on Naomi’s face.  Circling the buzzing nub around my clit I smiled to myself, thinking of the coffee shop scene in When Harry Met Sally – I didn’t intend to make a noisy spectacle of myself like that reckless lady!  But shit-o-shit! my orgasm was building stealthily and silently and that’s just how I would enjoy it!  I kept eye contact with Naomi and I pressed the black plastic bullet against my clit hood harder, I held it there as the tension within me pulsed and built until, between my thighs, I felt starbursts of pleasure, like you’d see at a big city firework display!  

OMG I’d just masturbated myself to orgasm in a public place – just for a dare!

“Atta girl!”  Naomi whooped and high-fived my free hand.  I smiled smugly and she passed me the sanitiser gel.  I wriggled in my chair a bit to discreetly re-fasten my flies.

“Now! What’s MY dare?” Naomi said gleefully, waggling her beautiful arched eyebrows.

This piece was submitted for Marie Rebelle’s meme #WickedWednesday, where this week the prompt is ‘Black’.  Please check out who else is participating.

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  1. Jo


    I love the idea of playing truth or dare with a stranger in a cafe! Naomi is a well-written character; I can see and hear her very clearly.

  2. Reply

    I love these two characters and wonder if there might be more encounters between the two of them. And, public masturbation… yes to that!

    Rebel xox

  3. Reply

    I suspect there might Rebel – it was such fun to write. I should confess that a recent meet with Vampy Valentine (my toy tester) was the seed from which this story idea grew.

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