Posy’s First Time as the Underdog

This tale picks up where “… But words can Never Hurt Me”  left off, but on the second night of a long weekend away from home in a log cabin.

I am, of course, still itching to try out the underwear I’ve brought which is all black straps, dressing my body to look like its in a cage.  I grab myself an early evening shower in the lush bathroom (I can see my naked body in a wall of mirror while I shower, using the soapy hot water to wash away the words ‘lick’ and ‘bite’ I wrote on my skin the previous day.  In the slightly condensed mirror I enjoy how my breasts look –  watching how they lift and move as I shampoo and rinse my hair.

I don’t intend to be caught out like yesterday, with no time to get dressed up as planned, so while my beloved is cooking I open the pack to work out the complications of the straps!  I’m pleasantly surprised to find that there’s a bra section built in (I had supposed I’d have to wear my own bra underneath)  A tiny thong is also included and fishnet stockings of a fine mesh – this is all very pleasing!  I select my own lacy tap thong to wear because I don’t find the fit of the one in the pack flattering.  Insinuating myself into the stretchy straps, I notice the bra cups will contain my boobs so long as I move carefully!  I slip some comfortable pj’s over the top to keep my underwear a secret ‘til later, then join my man for some food and drink.

All evening I hug my secret to myself: at bedtime I get out the toybox and prepare for the big reveal!  In the past we’ve experimented with some light hand spanking, blindfolds and tied wrists – with me taking charge.  Today, I explain, I’d like him to take the dominant role.  I throw back the duvet and he surveys my ensemble, the sexy black straps subdividing my body, like a grid drawn over my bra, thong and stockings.  It’s a long time since I’ve worn stockings, my man usually prefers hold-ups, but the glint in his eye says he appreciates these!

I show him the array of toys but suggest that I’d particularly like him to try these: some velcro handcuffs and a black mock-croc paddle.  He looks a combination of excited and nervous.  We decide that my wrists will be cuffed together, but not fastened to anything (for this first time).  Piling up pillows to elevate my bum, I feel the butterflies building up in my tummy!

He starts very gently, stroking the curves of my buttocks and tops of my thighs with the smooth surface of the paddle.

“We haven’t used this before.”

“No, I’ve been saving it for the right moment.”

“So you want me to spank you?”

“Yes please.”  I stretch out my bound hands in front of me to remind myself I’m at his mercy.

“Because that’s what it says here.”  He chuckles and lands a spank on my buttock; I’m more surprised by what he said than that first blow.

“Does it still say ‘spank me’ on my bum?”  I strain to look over my shoulder, “I thought I’d washed that off!”

We both laugh while he aims another blow on my other buttock.  “Is that OK?”

He’s being very gentle so I wiggle my butt at him.  “Yeah, I can take harder.”

The spanking continues, he checks in a lot, but to be honest I’m yearning for him to spank harder or more frequently, to give me a build-up of heat.  It’s quite noisy, so I’m glad we’re in an isolated cabin rather than trying this at home!  I sense he’s not really getting anything out of this so I roll over onto my back.  I beckon for him to come up my body, to kneel over my chest so I can suck on his hardening cock.  I love his strong body straddled over me, my submissive feelings are enhanced by my bound wrists.  I sink my mouth over the length of him to lick and suck, feeling him engorge with blood as I hollow my cheeks and lave with my tongue.  Above me, he groans with appreciation and I bob my head with renewed enthusiasm, those noises are my reward, fuelling my efforts.

Soon it’s my turn again, so he buries his face between my thighs and does magical things with his tongue, licking and sucking, while probing and teasing inside me with his fingers.  I lie back to enjoy it, my pelvis still tilted towards him by the pile of pillows.  I let my bound wrists fall back above my head, opening myself up to the sensations building within me.  Memories of the previous night creep into my head adding fuel to my excitement, when he unfastens my suspenders to  tug my lacy panties down my legs.

I feel firm, warm pressure as the tip of his cock nudges at the swollen, sensitive lips of my vulva.  I long to lick away the inevitable drool of salty precum from its helmet, but it’s not me calling the shots today, though I can’t help tilting my pussy towards him with need.  He seems to be teasing me by prolonging the moment before plunging his length into my honeyed depths, but when he places a bullet vibrator into my hand I realise he was rummaging through the toys!

“Cum for me” he instructs, before beginning to power into me, using  long slow thrusts.

I gasp at that delicious, first invasion of his cock inside me, always  a pleasant shock then fumble at the controls of the little vibe with my bound hands to get the device buzzing on a constant, low speed.  Holding it against the sensitive nub of my clit I quickly reach that ‘no going back’ moment when my climax bursts and blossoms within me.  I pulse and tighten with my man’s powerful thrusts of penetration, til we’re both groaning in unison, gasping and grasping at each other as our climaxes drench us in powerful sensation.

Later on when we are all cuddled up together he tells me I’m sexy and how lucky he is that I’m so free about trying new things – he particularly liked discovering the writing on me the day before.  Delighted, I ask if he liked the sexy underwear and he gives it an enthusiastic thumbs up, tomorrow he’ll help me to choose his favourite from the pictures I took earlier in the day to share on my blog.  I love him for trying new things for me, but I’m not sure he enjoyed being the spanker, I’ll let things settle and discuss it with him another time.

8 thoughts on “Posy’s First Time as the Underdog”

  1. This is a beautiful and erotic description of your time away. I am sure that, with suitable encouragement, your OH can be persuaded to enjoy the spanking (which you so richly deserve ha ha). Seriously, you are taking your readers, your dark darlings on a journey of discovery with you and I, for one, and loving it.
    (I also love your pictures too).
    Thank you for being so open and for sharing these new experiences with us, we are truly honored. x

  2. With regards to the spanking and I did mention this on your other post I really do recommend The Loving Dominant as that book deals really well with some of the conflicts men experience when taking the dominant role when it comes to impact play.


  3. Love that picture. This was sexy to read. I will say, talk to him bit so he knows what you want. It may give him the chance to voice is desire to do it more if you communicate it to him

  4. I know you don't think he's getting anything out of topping or Doming you, but anyone who says, "Come for me" just screams top/Dom to me. And with regards to spankings, it's not unusual to tell your partner that you want more or for them to hit you harder. I still do that with JB every so often (when he think I can't take it, lol), and he's been spanking me for years.

    That being said, this was also a delicious post and your lingerie is gorgeous!

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