Comin’ Up From Behind

Ah She’s an eight ball

She’s a’rollin faster than a white wall

She’s got an avalanche packed into a snowball

She’s a losin’ all the links

She’s like a stonewall

She’s loaded up

She’s the underdog

Gonna take a mighty swipe

At the high horse

While’a sippin’ on her tricks

In a pitfall

Makin’ eyes at the girls like bullfrogs

I’m telling you sir

She’s comin’ up from

Comin’ up from comin’ up

Comin’ up from behind

Yeah She’s comin’ up from

Comin’ up from comin’ up

Comin’ up from behind

You’d like her hanging

Like a sneaker on a live wire dangling

While your Wall Street pockets are jangling

With the hollow jackpot of your rich kid games

It’s a long shot

She’s got a troop and a tongue for a slingshot

But she’s takin’ steady aim

At the big shots

It’s hard

Not only do I love these lyrics – but I have a soft spot for the film which featured the song Cruel Intentions – I found Sarah Michelle Gellar a very sexy character, athough I didn’t like how twisted and manipulative she was.  [watch the video of the song on YouTube]

See who else is sinning this Sunday by clicking on the lips.


  • This wonderful image certainly seems to fit with the lyrics. 🙂

  • Gorgeous lingerie Posy and your skin look glorious xx

  • Lovely image!

    Rebel xox

  • Oooh I love the lingerie you are wearing <3 x

  • This is a great pose, Posey! (And I love the lingerie too).

  • You look gorgeous in that delectable lingerie Posy. CPxx

  • The angle on this shot is excellent!

  • What a tasty image. Delicious!
    Missy x

  • Such a sexy view. I don't know that movie so I will have to have a look for it


  • Great lyrics! I love that movie too. Gorgeous photo of you and fabulous lingerie.

    PP x

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