A Dragon Tail – Part 6

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Later that day Violetta was at the stream again, washing herself clean of the blood and body fluids which coated her skin, but which she’d worn proudly, like a trophy, while she and the dragon had repeatedly played, teased and fucked, finally lying down together to recoup and discuss.  The dragon was to be her master, and she his slave, plaything;  keeping herself ready and willing at all times to slake his sexual appetite.  She was to remain nude, both for his admiration of her body and for easy access to her orifices.  However, in acknowledgement of her thin skin and hairless body she was allowed to wrap herself in animal skins or rugs at night.

The dragon had no intention of hurting her, and ordered Violetta to tell him if any of his sexual practices caused her pain, but he did suggest that many of the games he wanted to play with her might sting or ache at first, but would develop into pleasure.  Violetta could well understand this.  The invasion of his tail into her cunny earlier had felt shocking at first, but had soon developed into the most intense, glorious feelings which had left her enraptured and  very much inclined to try anything he suggested.  

Later she’d been delighted to lick and suck the slick of her juices on and around his ridged tail tip, and the dragon had enjoyed both the sensations her hot mouth delivered and the sight of her – pale veined eyelids closed in rapture while her mouth stretched and her slender neck craned to take his tail in and down her throat.  He’d felt his seed well up from within to spurt out of his cock as the Princess fellated his tail.  With a little encouragement, he felt sure she’d enjoy licking and sucking around his penis tip on another occasion – and he knew it would pleasure him greatly.

The licking and tickling she’d experienced from dragon’s tongue was a pleasure she relived often, even now as she was washing herself clean with the cold running water of the stream.  Violetta pinched and tugged at her nipples, dragging them into aching points the way his tongue had when he wrapped it tightly around the tips of her breasts and squeezed.  She groaned at the combination of the memory and the sensation she was creating making her pussy (it felt increasingly right to call it this)  clutch at nothing while flooding with silky wet juices.  Violetta had never, while pleasuring herself in the past, thought of probing her wet depths with her fingers, there’d always been enough dizzying response created from touching the flesh outside and around her cunny.  

Now she could not touch!  The dragon had sought her agreement that he alone would satisfy her,  so if she wanted to touch herself she must ask his permission.  Self pleasure was now something for which Violetta would be punished, and whilst that thought made chills march up and down her spine while goosebumps rose on her naked skin, it also made her panting and wet!  Her body seethed with excited anticipation at the concept of punishment from her scaly master!  

She tried to snap out of her heavy-limbed fuge, but all she could think of were the many ways he might restrain her and torment her to orgasm.  Her nipples became constant, hard points, straining for the slightest touch (even the breeze, or leaves brushing against them gave her cause to stand still, embracing the throb until it subsided enough to continue back to the cave!)  The lips of her pussy too, were puffy and swollen, her dragon had licked and sucked them so thoroughly that they rubbed as she walked, holding her constantly at a low plateau of sexual arousal.  She was under his spell and his to command.

Meanwhile, in the dim recesses of his cave, the dragon was sifting through his heaps of treasure.  Gold and jewels in abundance, but other things precious to man besides.  He had a set of illuminated sketches drawn on parchment which depicted many sexual acts – often involving more than one man with a woman, or several concubines using their every orifice to bring pleasure to their lord.  The dragon had often studied these and derived great arousal from them.  He intended to show them to Violetta to gradually break down barriers and inhibitions; he also knew some of the things he wanted to try with her required her to be extremely aroused before she could embark on them.  These pictures would be a secret weapon to incentivise her.

He had also found the gold collar and cuffs a previous love slave of his had worn.  The collar had  a circular ring at both the front and the back, so that the handcuff chain could run through either orientation.  The handcuffs were dainty and engraved with intricate patterns and studded with jewels which made them glint and spark when they caught the light.  There were three different chains, all of fairly lightweight links, but their length allowed the handcuff wearer no range of movement, through to some movement, to almost unrestricted movement.

Also amongst the prized possessions the dragon had collected were several dildos, also plugs which could be used to teach and prepare his love slave for the pleasures of sodomy.  The dragon felt quite dreamy when he began to imagine how Violetta would look kneeling before him in her collar, with her hands fastened close together in front of her by the shortest chain.  He would use this gold bulb-shaped plug, decorated at its stopper end with a large multifaceted ruby, and he would start by licking and probing her with his snake-like tongue, alternating between pussy and arse, until she was groaning and keening with need, thrusting her hips back at him.  At this point the dragon would let his split tongue penetrate both holes – her pussy first, sweet with tangy juices, then her tight anal whorl.  

He knew from experience it wouldn’t be long before her gasps became begging cries for him to use her, to give her more.  Oh how it made his loins throb with desire to hear the cultured voice when a sex slave begged him to do unnameable things to her!  This would be the moment when he could begin pressing the cold, unforgiving plug at Violetta’s sphincter.  He hoped she would’ve abandoned all thoughts at this point except a pursuit of pleasure, so that he’d find pressing the cold metal plug inside her would be a slight stretch followed by a welcome feeling of fullness.  He knew it would be an alien sensation at first, an invasion of something cold and heavy stretching her in a way she had never experienced.  If he prolonged his licking and probing of her pussy and clitty, Violetta would soon be grinding her pudenda against his tongue and cumming over his face!  Perhaps she’d even gush and spend as she had done that morning – oh what joy to have found a princess who could ejaculate!

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5 thoughts on “A Dragon Tail – Part 6”

  1. Posy, I am really enjoying this series. I love the slow build ups and the descriptions are so vivid. If there was a rating system here, I would give it a 9 out of 10. Brilliant 🙂

  2. I too am really enjoying this story and look forward to read what he next has in mind of her, although I can imagine that, with all the toys he has found 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. My word Posy, that cunning dragon has some kit stashed away in his cave including of all things, an art collection. A lovely invention. This sexy story had me totally engrossed as usual. The description of how he'd use his forked tongue was a 'whorl' lot of fun. CPxx

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