Masturbation – When it Doesn’t Go to Plan!

Masturbation Monday

Let me tell you about my most spectacular masturbation ‘fail’ which happened during the month of April, when I was participating in #30daysorgasmfun (organised by Tabitha Rayne).  

It was a funny old situation, I was home alone because my OH was taking our eldest back to his student accommodation.  I was watching TV in bed, both the dogs sitting on the duvet.  I thought “they won’t notice, do what you gotta do” but as soon as I switched my vibe on, they both looked up at me!  They kept watching me, obviously wondering where the high pitched buzz was coming from, but I carried on.  Lubed up, I was  gently stimulating the outside lip area with the g-spot vibe.  

After a while I wanted more, so I began to gently penetrate with the glass dildo – I love it when it’s chilly (it  feels like a ‘punishment’ to take it in all cold: my kink I suppose).  This was all feeling lovely but I wanted more, mental stimulation perhaps, so I tried to read some erotica.  But – I couldn’t advance the pages on my i-pad as both hands were busy!  So I put my i-pad down, closed my eyes to get into it a bit more (the dogs were no longer watching – thank goodness) then the vibe ran out of charge!  FFS!  

Never mind, I had a wand within reach, but it has a much harsher buzz and it tends to tickle or overstimulate.  I carried on masturbating as best I could, having uploaded Frolicme on my i-Pad so I could  watch a film instead of reading, but I realised I’d gone off the boil.  No matter if I thrusted more, deeper, faster,  twisting the glass dildo to feel all its ridges!.  This happens to me sometimes, so I just gave up.   I had at least felt lovely tingles, my pussy engorging with blood and opening up like a flower; I just lost heart in it.  

However the next morning I used my Lelo Sona Cruise in the shower,   I held it against my clitoris and the wishbone shaped fleshy area which radiates down from it and I had a whopper of an orgasm!  I find it very intense thrumming myself while trying to remain standing- so I guess the previous night’s failure counted as edging!

8 thoughts on “Masturbation – When it Doesn’t Go to Plan!”

  1. Oh Posy this is absolutely GLORIOUS! Such a brilliant and fun post x x thank you so much for taking part in the 30 days and sharing your experiences. You've put a HUGE smile on my face x x

  2. The bit about the dogs made me chuckle. Our cat is a regular witness to me masturbating and to us having sex. She mainly just ignores the whole thing


  3. I love the bit about the dogs. Sometimes I think the more you want that orgasm, the least likely it is to come, however hard you try! xx

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