… But Words Can Never Hurt Me

Sticks and Stone May Break my Bones, 

but Words can Never Hurt Me 

[anon. ~ from nursery rhyme]

I’m so excited as I get the pen to write on my skin, that my heart is beating hard, making my breasts jiggle perceptibly.  I’ve packed for a weekend away with my man, plenty of wispy triangles of silk and lace stowed amongst lounging clothes, my lockable case of sex toys and a new bottle of lube.  Now I need to  ‘grafitti’ myself for my big reveal later!  I’m doing it before we leave home, who knows how things will go down once he gets me alone!

I’ve already tested the marker pen – I wrote leg on my shin then got in the shower to shave my legs ultra smooth – it washed off with soap, so I know I wont be inked up for days (hence I didn’t choose a Sharpie!)  Cupping my full breast I set about writing Suck Me around its nipple – it’s harder than you think!  Not simply because the flesh is undulating, but I have to write it so someone else can read it – and looking in the mirror doesn’t help!  Around my other nipple I write Bite Me – my man can be too considerate, this gives him licence to be rough, which today I crave!

I’ve bought some sexy underwear:  a body harness of stretchy straps to make it look as if I’m in a cage.  I want to present myself to him as a helpless plaything, to get my pleasure from being used by him – we’ve never done this before – I usually take the lead!  With a big grin on my face I bend forward – what to write above my naked pussy?  (I had a hollywood wax last night, not a single hair in sight!)  I write both Lick and Fuck – I want him to do both of them! As I think how hard I want him to ride me I feel a hint of moisture gathering.  

‘Calm down, don’t get ahead of yourself, we’ve got a 2 hour drive yet!’  I lecture myself whilst writing SLUT on my inner thigh.  I turn to look at my bottom in the mirror, and wonder how the hell I’ll reach to write Spank Me!  I need help, but that’s not possible.  I really do want him to spank me, both with his hand and the paddle I bought months ago but have never tried.  I grasp a handful of buttock and twist painfully – doing my best mirror writing as I study my reflection.  Then I slip on a pair of knickers (dark purple, like my felt pen!) and a bra, pull on jeans and a T-shirt, ready to go.

The journey is a bit frustrating, it’s a Friday afternoon, so we’re not the only ones trying to get away, but the golf club we arrive at seems classy and the guest lodges are great, proper log cladding with decking at the front, some even have hot tubs (not us!  We didn’t trust the weather!)  Inside the decor is relaxed but luxurious, our marble bathroom has a great shower that could fit 2, while our bedroom has a metal bed frame (yesss!! great for restraint!).  I am outwardly smiling while doing a mental fist pump!  We’re all set for a filthy weekend!

Whilst I could pounce on him straight away, I want my man to relax and wind down a bit, so we plan to cook a light meal and have a couple of drinks.  We’re here for 3 nights, so there is no unseemly rush, although I can’t wait to spring my surprise on him!  When I use the bathroom and see the garish words written on my skin I feel so slutty and excited, another rush of moisture makes my knickers slick with it.  I peek inside the cups of my bra, the words curl round the puckered flesh, and the colour has rubbed off slightly into the fabric – oh well.

When bedtime comes round, my fella is in and out of the bathroom double quick, he leaves no time for me to shimmy into the harness and all it’s complicated straps!  Onto plan B – a flimsy silk camisole with a matching navy thong – his eyes bug appreciatively as I slide into bed next to him and he smooths the fabric over the peaks of my hardened nipples.

“I love you in this,” he growls and I preen, deliberately hitching my shoulders so a strap slips and his next stroke drags the fabric down to reveal my breast.  
“You know I love your tits,” then he hesitates, and I know he’s reading the words.  
“Suck me,” he murmurs, then gets right on with it!  Oh the pleasure, the tingles, I feel so wicked.  I am aware that even when I am acting submissive I’m topping from the bottom, but my man is such a gentleman, he needs a nudge to take me roughly!

The other strap has fallen down, helpfully trapping my arms by my sides, and my fella attacks my other breast with delight, nipping and pulling at the pebbled skin while I groan with the ache of desire coursing through me.  

He pulls the gusset of my thong aside and slides a finger straight in, exclaiming how lovely and wet I am.  While my pussy grips at him greedily I wonder if he will see the words … 
Then he laughs and says “but you’re My slut!” and I know he has.  My panties get dragged down my legs and he squints at the smudged writing (post waxing my beautician rubs in a treatment oil, so Lick and Fuck have not survived very well).

I’ve placed the box of ‘toys’ at the foot of the bed, and he selects a large black silicone vibrator, with a curve to reach my g-spot.  I don’t want to question, as he’s taking charge, but I wonder as he teases me with it  if he meant to choose this vibrating pattern, or he’s just confused by the buttons!  Soon I am writhing with pleasure as he saws the silicone beast back and forth in my pussy, making my hips buck in response to the yearning building within.  I know he enjoys seeing how much of its menacing black girth and length my slutty cunt can swallow.

“Please can I suck you?” I beg, and he concedes, lying back amongst the deep pillows while I kneel to take his member in my mouth.  At first I can sink my face right down against his groin, sucking and teasing the full length of him in the warm, wet cavern of my mouth, but soon he has unfurled and swollen to the extent that I cannot get all the way down, no matter how I try.  Instead I focus on the sensitive, shiny crown of his penis, licking and sucking around it, I encompass it in a cheek hollowing suction which has him groaning with pleasure.

My busy hands rub and tease around his balls and perineum then stroke and press within the crease of his butt, reminding him that there is pleasure to be had here, he only has to command it.  

“Would you like me to put on a ring?” I ask, and for a moment he is confused, lost in his reverie of sensation, until I show him a silicone cock ring from the toy box.  He nods and together we stretch it and put it in place at the base of his penis, which I continue to lick and suck.

He draws me towards him so my breasts dangle invitingly over his face, and he grasps one with his hand and the other in his mouth, biting and sucking at me till my legs go weak and I have to grip the bedstead with my hand.  I keep pumping his cock with my left hand but bite my lip to curtail my moans.  Soon he draws me down to the mattress to raise himself over me.

“C’mon slut, let see what you can do!”  He hovers above me, teasing my yearning slit with his cock, glossing it with my juices as he rubs up and down my crease, pleasuring the nub of my clitoris, while denying me the satisfaction of sinking his length inside.  I want him now, the yearning in my core becomes an obsession, an itch only he can scratch, so I reach up to pinch and pull at his nipples, knowing this brings him closer to the edge.

The cock ring is nestled at the base of him, holding him firm and tight, and all he has to do is sink his hardness into me, there’ll be no resistance, my pussy like melted butter to his hot knife.  The next moment is an electric shock to us;  with a bolt of excitement that makes us groan aloud, he drives into me with one swift, deep thrust… and the dance begins! 

We both know the steps so well that it’s hard to describe, but we are in tune, no one dominant or submissive, each reaching for fulfillment but pulling our partner along to attain it too.  He hears my breathing hitch and tries to speed up for me, I feel his body tense so I thrust upwards, squeezing him.  Then we unravel together, feeling the throbs and pulses which bring satisfaction, our juices commingling and our hearts beating hard from exertion.

“Your such a little minx!”  He laughs, nuzzling into my neck later, he doesn’t choose the word slut I notice.
“I know, but it was fun wasn’t it?”  I rest my head on his chest and feel a comforting beat under my ear.
“Yes, lots of fun.”
“And we’ve got all weekend to continue doing things like that!”  I smile, little does he suspect the other submissive things I want to try out.
“I thought you wanted to write?” he questions.
“I do, and I will, but don’t forget I’m writing smutty things, so I’ll need to take my frustration out on you!”
“That’s fine by me,” and though it’s dark I can tell he’s smiling.  “Get some sleep.”

[To be continued …]  

This week’s #WickedWednesday prompt is What would you like to ‘continue’?

11 thoughts on “… But Words Can Never Hurt Me”

  1. Wow – I absolutely LOVED this one. I know you gave a us a hint earlier in the week with the writing thing but your description of what you wrote and how it was received was just superb. I, like Melody, cannot wait for your continuation.
    Seems that you not only have a way with words but a fantastic way with deeds too 🙂
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. I find the whole writing on skin and being written on so fucking hot. I love that he slowly got to discover the words on your skin


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