A Dragon Tale (Part 5)

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Violetta was hot and tired, she’d gathered more firewood while the dragon was out hunting.  Next she visited the stream to fill the bucket with water, and while there she bathed, laying her dress aside to stand in the water and drench her arms and face, neck and shoulders, finally reaching under her linen chemise to wash the slick away from her cunny lips.  The cool water felt wonderful against her heated flesh.  As she trailed her fingers between her lips and felt the droplets run down her thighs she marvelled at how aroused she felt in the presence of the mighty beast who’d kidnapped her.

She sat on a rock at the water’s edge, luxuriating in the May morning sunshine.  Her wet chemise peaked and clung to the darkened nubs of her nipples as they strained behind the fabric, hard and hungry.  Violetta sat with thighs apart and her head tilted back, letting herself air dry, inwardly smiling at her primitive toilette this morning compared with the serving wench who’d usually wash her with cloths and warmed water before drying and dressing her before braiding her hair.  

Last night her sleep had been deep at first, while her body was tired, then as night waned towards morning she’d felt troubled, her dreams feverish and filled with frustration.  Confusing images  had made desire throb angrily between her legs; shouting to be satisfied in unmentionable ways.  Held captive to be penetrated and titillated from many directions at once, Violetta’s subconscious had gloried in the loss of control until she was overwhelmed by the sensation of spending.  Once Violetta woke she’d felt an itch at her core she couldn’t scratch, a low drone of arousal that she wouldn’t be ignored.  

She felt awareness of the dragon’s presence round her at all times, even now when he wasn’t watching, she liked to imagine he was.  She pinched her nipple cruelly, trapping the puckered skin between her fingertips and twisted, feeling the sharp pain radiate out from her breast into a yearning spark in her pelvis.  She gripped the other rosebud too, tweaking it the same way til she felt the shriek of pain transform into a shard of desire piercing her belly and warming the embers within.  She finally had to admit it to herself: she wanted him!  No he wasn’t human, but this was pure lust so no matter how dark a deed she must perform, she needed the dragon to satisfy her.

The dragon was in the cave when she returned, damp tendrils of hair framed her face and the water bucket slopped as she trudged up the stony path.  His look of approval that she’d made herself useful in his absence caused a glow of pride.   

“There is a chair in the cave, fetch it and bring it here.”  

It was an order, he delivered it firmly making Violetta instantly want to fight it, but she put the bucket down and ducked into the gloom in search of the item.

She was gone quite some time.

“Hurry girl, don’t take all day,” irritation crept into his voice.

Violetta looked equally annoyed when she emerged, with a piece of furniture in her hands.

“There’s only this!” she exclaimed, banging it down on the rocky outcrop.

“That is indeed the chair,” the dragon’s tone was warning.

“But that chair is broken!” she gestured angrily, “it doesn’t have a seat.”

“That chair is special.”  The dragon’s tone brooked no argument.  “Go inside and find a coil of rope.”

To say Violetta flounced off would be an understatement, and the dragon had to suppress his smirk of triumph before her return.

“There,” she flung it on the ground ungraciously.

“Now get yourself a sharp knife, you have work to do.”

She entered the gloom of the cave for a third time, and returned quickly with a knife.

The dragon had returned from his foray with two sheep and he wanted Violetta to skin them ready for cooking, but that was only part of his plan.

“Take off your dress, this will be messy.”

The princess felt shy, turning her back aware of his piercing gaze on her as she drew the rich fabric over her head, she put the robe aside while trying to retain her dignity.

“Oh humans, how badly your bodies are designed, that you need all these clothes.” The beast shook his head, thinking out loud, 
“lose the underthings too.”

Violetta was about to protest, but one look from his amber eyes and she knew better.  She lifted the chemise over her head to deposit it with her dress, angling her head so that her hair concealed her breasts. 

“Sit,” was his next command, so she sat gingerly on the chair, her curvy buttocks supported by the outer frame which was wide and smooth and surprisingly comfortable.  The breeze blew, and as it played across her skin, Violetta was conscious that her most private parts weren’t resting on anything, but she didn’t feel in danger of falling through the chair.

“Place your feet against the chair legs, and fasten them with rope.”  

It was on the tip of Violetta’s tongue to protest, but again one look silenced her.  She reached for the rope and made loops and knots until her feet were fastened securely.

“Tie your hair back,” he instructed.  She swallowed nervously, then reached back to gather her hair into three hanks which she began to plait, letting the braid fall between her shoulder blades.

Finally the dragon was satisfied with her arrangement and he admired her nubile body: pert, jutting breasts, the hollow of her belly button beginning the pleasure trail down to her pussy, which glowed copper with its dusting of curls (and already smelling fragrant to his heightened senses).  Her slender waist curved in then out towards rounded hips and a pleasingly plump pair of buttocks, now slightly spread on the open-seated chair, for his appreciation.  His forked tongue flickered out to taste the tang of the princess’ musk on the mountain breeze.

Getting his head in the game he placed a sheep across her naked thighs and began to instruct her where to cut and pull to remove its outer hide so it’s carcass could be roasted.  The princess was proud and dexterous, not about to fail this task by being squeamish about the blood which soon coated her wrists and thighs, she made a good job of skinning and gutting the sheep for cooking.  She easily forgot her breasts and pussy were on display, becoming involved in completing the task to his satisfaction.  He seemed pleased with her progress, circling round to watch, his tongue flicking out frequently.

The next moment she was startled by a tickling sensation in her pussy!  Curse her imagination, lewd thoughts must be tormenting her!  No, there it was again, a delicious flicker of warm sensation across her cunny lips, barely more than a whisper.  Violetta raised her head to see if the dragon had noticed, and that’s when she realised he was behind her chair. It was his tongue, touching her secret place.  Oh the shame – he’d find how wet she was!  She tried to clamp her thighs together, but they were tied in place!  Panic flooded her while shame flushed her cheeks and chest deep red.  She groaned aloud while the licking continued, its pressure more insistent, the fork delving between her lips.  Violetta gasped, pleasure was flooding her releasing her juices.  A deep rumble came from behind:  the dragon was groaning too, humming with satisfaction as his tongue licked, flicking round and within her folds.

‘Oh the bliss, this is nectar from the gods!’ the dragon thought as he dipped the tip of his tongue into the princess’ moist quim.  Her flavour was sweet and sharp, with an earthy musk to it which flowed over his tongue and reawakened memories of conquests past, so much sweeter when those thoughts commingled with what he planned to do with this girl.  As he lashed at her with his tongue, insinuating it inside her now so it tickled within her pulsing pussy walls, he heard her breathing getting deeper.  Ragged sighs of pleasure replaced
her earlier gasps of surprise.

When the princess dropped the knife, closing her eyes to let her head fall back, sighing 
“Yes, yes, yes!” over and over again he knew the initiation had been a success.  The dragon renewed the force of his licking to become probing, while his tail stiffened in anticipation.  The princess struggled against the ropes which bound her, not to escape but to spread her thighs wider, so he knew the time was ripe.  Her pussy was slick with opaque juices, running freely to coat her thighs so he began rubbing his tail into the groove of her slit, delivering the stimulation she craved while readying himself to fuck her with it.

“Oh please,”  she cried, and although Violetta did not know quite what she was begging for, the dragon was well versed in female arousal.  He began to press the tip of his tail against her entrance.  It met no resistance, she was so lubricated and ready, and the dragon pushed further.

“Oh more,” she wailed, anguish in her voice revealing how she longed to be filled.

The tail pulled back a little and pushed in again, it’s thrusting was controlled, sinking deeper each time, then drawing back until it was nearly out, before sliding in again.  Violetta felt the divine rub and drag of the ridges which circled round its tip when it pressed into her, her pussy walls hugged it in ecstasy, making her cry out with joy.  Something warm and wonderful built within her, climbing til she yearned to grasp it, yet she wished the sensation would go on and on.

“Oh fuck!  Violetta you’re so tight!” the dragon exclaimed, as the princess climaxed around him, the spasms within her clamping on him and gripping like a fist.

Violetta was lost to the intense sensations, her body suffused with warmth and colour, a wonderful feeling of release flooded through, and with it a gush of hot fluid left her, almost pushing the dragon’s prehensile tail out!  She throbbed from within and her head felt it might explode.  She’d spent in the past when touching herself, but nothing this extreme had occurred!  She felt so full and it was wonderful, what she had been yearning for!  She began to come back into the moment, she looked down at her body, smeared with blood, aware her cunny lips felt swollen and a little bruised.  Then she looked at the dragon with a beatific smile.

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