Caged for His Pleasure


The Cage ~ Lyrics by Elton John

Have you ever lived in a cage?

Where you live to be whipped and be tamed

For I've never loved in a cage

Or talked to a friend or just waved

My beloved and I are away for a long, lazy weekend.  He has been working too hard and we both needed some R&R.  So we are staying in a log cabin lodge associated with a golf course some where in Cambs.  He is taking care of the sustenance, I am taking care of sexy adventures!  This is a taster of last night's main show, where I was spanked with a paddle whilst wearing handcuffs, all firsts for me (I've dished it , but never taken it!)  It is really important to take the time to reconnect, and I feel better for it.
Kiss the lips to see who else is sinning this Sunday!

An exciting development was that yesterday my first story was published on FrolicMe - a fantastic site where porn and erotica is slanted for the enjoyment of women and couples.  Do visit!  You'll be able to read Daisy's Diary for free but to watch the film it accompanies, you'll need to subscribe.  The beautifully shot films are both classy and arousing - my current favourite is another Daisy one entitled Me Me Me.
The fabulous caged underwear I'm wearing is from Bondara, review to follow!

11 thoughts on “Caged for His Pleasure”

  1. This makes me want to both be in a cage in a log cabin and make a horror movie that involves a cage in a log cabin!

  2. Well it looks like you have a handle on the sexy element of your weekend and time to reconnect sounds lovely and you are right. It is so important


  3. Jo – have I provided a story prompt?? I hope so!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments on both my underwear & my racy weekend. Details of both will follow in separate posts!

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