Hello my Dark Darlings,

It’s #FriskyFriday already!

I’ve been working on a collaboration with my good friend E.T. Costello and it’s nearly ready for public consumption!!   I am very excited, as he’s such a talented, creative person, that I’m able to share this picture, hinting at the finished piece.  You’ll need to look out for it this weekend when he submits it for the #SinfulSunday meme on Molly’s site.  I have also created a post which Pixie Heart is sharing on her wonderful blog, this is my first commission!
There’s a story behind the tie I’m wearing, and a story behind the book I’m reading, but the most important ‘story’ is that I’m now writing for an audience (something I’ve always dreamed of doing). I have reached a comfortable place with my body (scar and all) and I am living a happy life.  So very grateful for the breaks I’ve been given and to this fascinating, funny, friendly community.  
(Maybe I’ll tell you the other stories another day!)

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