A Dragon Tale

The dragon lifted his iridescent green head, his scales glinting in the ambient light slanting into the mouth of the cave.  He could smell food approaching and he tilted his head, to better catch the sound of hooves on the mountain path.  A horse and a rider he’d guess, so he lumbered to the opening taking deep gulps of air to ready himself for expelling blasts of scorching, singeing flames.  Fucking knights!  If they wanted to prove how brave and macho they were, couldn’t they lead armies into battle or chop down trees or something?  Why did they all want to earn their stripes by trying to slay him?

As his eyes grew accustomed to the brightness he saw that the rider was female, for dismounting the horse made her beautiful red hair move in undulating waves.  The slender girl approached him tentatively, his nostrils flared as he took in the mixture of fragrances she gave off, identifying with pleasure the distinctive smell of fear and arousal as top notes.  Perhaps this would be sweet after all.

The princess cried and trembled very prettily when she explained the marriage deal her father had made with a prince from a coastal land.  She described his humped back, lazy eye and halitosis and the dragon laughed, a puff of smoke rising from his nostrils.  She spoke of the cold, icy climate where he lived and the diet of herring and pickled cabbage prevalent in his austere kingdom.  She was working towards the reason for her visit and the dragon,  while curious to know, did not want her to leave so soon.

“I want you to kidnap me!” her voice quavered while her pleading eyes swam with unshed tears.

“Are you crazy?  That would bring your father’s army up here to slay ME and rescue YOU!”

“You can fly can’t you?”  she sobbed, eyeing the leathery wings on the side of his body, much like a bat’s.  She was fascinated by the horns on his head and the furled strength in his reptilian body.  

He flexed his wings a little and inclined his head in the affirmative.  “I don’t see the relevance” he retorted in his low, rumbling voice.  As he spoke, she noticed his tongue had a fork to it.  He was her only hope of escape, stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The dragon might still devour her, but she sensed there was something less than predatory behind his eyes.

“You can swoop down and grab me,” her eyes slid nervously to his cruel, sharp talons, “and fly away with me.  We could land somewhere new, a lair they don’t know about.  We only have to be away a few months until the dust settles, then you can return to this cave.” She peered into the gloom, wondering if he actually slept on gold and jewels he’d accrued, “then I can start a new life.”

“What’s in it for me?” his deep voice reverberated in her bones: she felt it in her chest cavity and even her pelvis, and did her best to quell the sensation it awoke.  She didn’t have time for arousal right now, she was negotiating.

“I have a dowry.  A chest full of ceremonial items crafted from gold and silver and encrusted with precious stones, I’ll pay you with that.”

The dragon stayed silent. The princess’ scalp prickled with nerves, her nipples hardened and ached.  She tried not to look at his tail, ridged and muscled, which curled and thrashed while he pondered, reminding her of a tentacle.  She felt a clench in the pit of her stomach, warmth and seeping moisture gathering under her dress.  The princess pressed her thighs together, biting her lip to distract herself from her growing arousal, but the dragon’s refined sense of smell detected it, and he smiled to himself.  

“I will need to locate an alternative abode.  I shall scout out a cave and transfer my treasure there.  If I take you with me, you must do my bidding, I will avail myself of your services to clean and care for me.”

The princess gulped, but nodded, she was gripped with fear of this creature and yet something within her stirred at his proximity, his power and her vulnerability seemed a heady cocktail.

“The kidnap should happen on the first of May.  The maidens of our court will be out to meet the sunrise, making a ceremonial offering and washing our faces in the morning dew.  My costume will be a golden gown while the others will be in green, so I should be easy to see.  I will hide some clothes at the edge of the woods.”

They thrashed out a few more details : the princess and the dragon had a deal.  As he watched her straight back walking down the hill he salivated over the fun he imagined having with her.  The heat of the fire in his belly increased and his thrashing tail stiffened to a firm rod as he envisaged teaching her the ways he liked to play.

[To be continued … part 2 and all 6 parts are listed under the drop down menu ‘Longer Series’]


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    1. Thanks Marie, a discussion with a gamer got me inspired for this … I love a ‘flip’ on the traditional and I’m always for a strong woman!

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