Millie by Hannah Lockhardt

Millie is a young girl on the brink of womanhood – and her particular passions seem to be swimming naked in the bay, imagining herself like a water nymph, and hoping that someone will see her wanton displays of nakedness or lewd behaviour and react positively to it.

The story is set back in time, I am not sure when, but in this era most people wear a lot of garments for swimming and don’t want others to see their bare skin (arms, ankles.decolletage) – Millie is different..  She likes to be free, comfortable, not hampered by clothes and she fights (in her own small way) against these conventions.

Her parents are monsters!  They don’t understand her, possibly they don’t even like her, so their plan is to get her married off (advantageously one assumes) as soon as possible.  To this end they move away from Miranda, the house on the bay which she loves, and into a town residence.  They take a holiday at a genteel seaside resort, Millie is presented at a party as a debutante.

Millie will not allow herself to be tamed, she appears compliant to her mother’s wishes, but this is for a quiet life.  She continues to gaze at her naked form in front of a mirror, imagining what the hands (and other parts) of a lover would do to her.  She swims naked, even though their hotel is in a much less secluded place than the bay where they used to live.  She displays herself at her bedroom window, longing to be seen but convinced she is not overlooked.  Millie fantasies and touches herself often, enjoying the results of  her stroking and probing.

What Millie does not expect is to meet a like-minded young man.  She comes into contact with red faced, clumsy, boorish boys attending the same dances as her, in search of prospective wives.  But is the man of her dreams, her fantasies, out there?  Someone who can embrace her more modern, ‘french’ attitude to sex, who will control her masterfully while allowing her to be a free, sexual spirit?   You will have to read Hannah’s novella to find out for yourself.

If you enjoy erotic interludes described with the gentility of times past;  if you are charmed by the slower pace of life, the constraints of social conventions in a bygone era, this book will appeal to you.  I have a passion for victorian erotica, so this book piqued my interest.  Following  one protagonist  rather than the frantic, sex obsessed behaviour and cast of characters found in most victorian stories, however, gave a gentler, more romantic tone to ‘Millie’.

Hannah Lockhardt or Other Hannah (@hannahlockhardt) as she is known on Twitter, is a writer to look out for.  This book, and others by Hannah, can be purchased from Amazon or any platform which sells e-books.  I was sent this novella to read and give an honest review, the opinion I state here is my own and unbiased.

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