Up-date on 30 Day Orgasm Fun!

Appropriate for #MasturbationMonday no?  An up-date on how my challenge is going!

Very well thank you!  Yes, after the moody PMT days when my libido upped and left, and it was very difficult to get myself ‘near’ the mood let alone in it,  I am having lots of fun.  Lots of satisfying, stomach spasming orgasms which I don’t have to struggle and strain to achieve!  Woo Hoo!

Admittedly I have had days when, like Kayla Lords tweeted, I wanted to nurse my poor little clit afterwards and apologise to it – but it is her own fault, she likes it focused and a little bit rough!

 I’m having great results with my new lube Maximus – that was a great buy from Bondara – as many of my toys are silicone.

There has been good rotation of my toys, I’ve used the Tracey Cox G-spot vibrator and the Rocks off Bamboo, the Lovehoney jiggle balls and the Tracey Cox love egg.  I gave the Lovehoney mini wand another chance but used in combo with my Lovehoney textured glass dildo and that was eye-crossingly satisfying.  I’ve tried sitting and standing (I agree with May Moore – when you stand to have a wank, it feels a bit more like a ‘knee-trembler’ up against the wall!  very furtive and urgent!)

I’ve bought myself some new toys from Miss Jezebella who was having a spring clean so I’m looking forward to some nipple pinching fun and some double penetration, having decided I may be ready to go up a size with the butt plugs (perhaps a lovely cool metal or glass one – do I dare?)  Also, having read some of Emmeline Peaches’ reviews, I suspect I’m a texture slut so I may need to order something deliciously bumpy and draggy from Bad Dragon!

I may share one more up-date  before this challenge is over, but right now I’m certainly getting to my happy place and building a better picture of my libido pattern.

Posy ?

9 thoughts on “Up-date on 30 Day Orgasm Fun!”

  1. I am enjoying the challenge too and slowly working though my dildo collection. If you like glass and texture you might want to check out Ceramic Pleasures. He makes them all by hand and they are very beautiful


  2. Love reading which toys you picked! I have kept a record of the toys I've used for the challenge too. I hope you enjoy your new ones from Miss Jezebella ?
    Aurora x

  3. I really appreciate everyone's kind and positive comments, about the challenge, about my toy choices and about my selfie! Bless you all, I hope to go out with a 'firework' finish!

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