Bluntly Honest! #MasturbationMonday

So here I am – it’s #MasturbationMonday,  a week into #30DaysOrgasmFun and I’m sheepishly confessing that just now I am not in the mood!

I guess most of us participating in Tabitha’s self-pleasure challenge will notice some peaks and troughs in our libido (desire to have a wank for those who like to say it plainly!) and for me it’s fairly normal to happen in the run up to my period … all part of the grumpy, tearful carb-craving madness that is my PMT!

Anyway I’ve used a variety of little helpers over the week with my orgasm challenge, my RocksOff Bamboo has been an absolute star!  It has come to my aid several times until the battery ran out (at an awkward moment!).  I’ve used the Lovehoney Basics Love Egg vibrator as a warm up act a few times also, and for a budget toy it has been quite effective, although I am now starting to crave a rumble rather than a buzz!

The Lelo Sona Cruise, which I usually love, was a disappointment in the week – perhaps I’ve lost the knack of positioning it – but it made me sensitive, feeling wound like a coiled spring, instead of horny.  Equally disappointing was my Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Wand Vibrator – too buzzy and whiny by far!  I couldn’t find a low enough speed for satisfaction, but it helped me achieve an adequate build up.

I’ll admit one day I was too tired / too many people in the house to even try, and another day I played to the point of pleasure but didn’t climax – however I won’t stress over this as it’s meant to be a fun challenge.  Sometimes life/commitments get in the way of what we like to do for fun.

I will also admit to being a bit disappointed in myself that I am not the sexy minx with the engine running at all times (the vision I had of myself in my head).  But hey I’m a mum, a dog walker, a working woman, a daughter/sister/friend as well as wife/hot lover.  I guess sometimes the more ‘vanilla’ roles are going to take precedence.

But to sing the praises of #SinfulSunday, I feel very sexy and desirable when I post a picture on Molly’s site and my in-box fills up with flattering, encouraging comments and cheeky banter.  I also love the images that others share, there’s  a great celebration of our different ages, sexualities, kinks, shapes and I am always entertained, impressed and titillated by the shots that other bloggers post.  Well done all of you – I ‘like’, comment on and promote as many as I can each week.

Anyway, later this evening I hope to enjoy some self love … or a bar of chocolate!  Who can say, maybe I’ll have both!

5 thoughts on “Bluntly Honest! #MasturbationMonday”

  1. I agree Posy. Sometimes there just isn't the time to indulge or our energy is just too low. But thanks for keeping us up to speed with you progress this week. Personally I have missed one day because I was just too tired after a day at work. Now if I had one of those Hot Octopuss machines I'd have been all right. As the nice man in the kilt at Eroticon told me, it can take you from flaccid to orgasm in a matter of moments. Though it is my birthday on the 30th April I don't think I'll ask Mrs Pons to get me one.

  2. It's totally understandable to not be in the mood but it seems like ypu have some good toys to help get you through. As the days go on maybe the mood will come back. I haven't heard good things about the Sona cruise I'd be interested to try it. You've also given me a boost to get my photo posted this week for sinful Sunday, I've been wanting to join in for so long now. It's about time I bit the bullet and did it! Your photo on this post is gorgeous, the chocolate is pretty good too.

  3. Hi Zara, very kind words from you! Thank you! I should point out that the hottie at the top of my post is not me (she probably only eats chocolate for the camera!) but please DO jump on the SinfulSunday meme, its lots of fun and you only follow the prompt if you want to! The Sona Cruise can be delicious, but there is a real knack to it, less is more!

  4. "I will also admit to being a bit disappointed in myself that I am not the sexy minx with the engine running at all times" — This is something I relate to so well! So many vanilla things take priority at times. But I also like that you're finding time when you can and keeping this a fun challenge, instead of letting it become another stressful thing.

  5. So far I have only missed two days during the challenge and both were caused by too much work and being super tired at the end of the day. I am most definitely a morning person when it comes to sex and orgasms and if I miss that I often find by bed time I am happy to just snuggle up


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