Junk in the Trunk

Hi my Dark Darlings –  it’s Friday and your weekend of fun & frolics can begin here!  
The intention with my FridayFail feature is to raise a smile.  I shall pictorially  illustrate a deliberate misunderstanding of a common phrase, or take one too literally!  But always with a sexy slant.  
If  you come up with any phrases you think I could have fun with, do put them in the comments or drop me an e-mail.  posy.churchgate@gmail.com
P ?

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  1. Reply

    Oh god woman you look amazing that is damn fine junk you got happening there – I love that outfit! Sorry no sexy slants though…

  2. Anonymous


    What a great idea for a Friday Posy. I don't think Ive heard the expression before but seeing you squeezed into the trunk made me smile. I hope you didn't snag your hot and sexy lace on anything.CPxx

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