Black Lace

by July Talk

Black lace underneath her clothes
Black lace
Black lace underneath her clothes
Black lace

Got the type of party that leaves a birthmark
Got the type of party that don’t look good
In the dark
Look good
In the dark
Ooh, ooh

I wake up halfway down the stairs
Tryed to recall the melodies
The tangled tee you handed me

Last night hangs heavy in the air
The scratches on my back just read
That she cares for me, yeah she cares for me
Beautiful lace body stocking available from Bondara
I’m not going to pretend to know this song by July talk, but the words seemed to fit the picture so …
Click the lips to see who else is sinning this Sunday.

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    That looks like a really fab body stocking – i dont know the song either 😉 Am also liking the little black trunk in the photo

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    You look splendidly sexy in all that lace Posy. In fact I am 'bobbin' up and down with excitement. The trunk is very intriguing. CPxx

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