Beach Bliss : Guest Erotic Short Story

This romantic alfresco romp is written by a friend of mine who I met through my submissions to Literotica, he was kind enough to leave me feedback and has followed me ever since, giving me great writing advice and we bounce inspiration /critiques back and forth.  He has kindly given permission for me to be the first to publish this, so please leave great comments and feedback so he’s encouraged to share more! 

Beach Bliss  by Telugu1

Since it’s a gorgeous day, I’d like to take you to the beach.  You should dress in motorcycle leathers – a two-piece for you zipped around the middle to avoid drafts.  Underneath, you should wear a  black bikini and nothing else (apart from socks and bike boots).  Although you’re uncertain about wearing so little underneath your leathers I assure you that you’ll feel warm in this wonderful sun, shielded from the wind by my body.

At our pre-arranged meeting point I turn up on my bike, dismount, removing my helmet to kiss you long and hard on your lips.  When we break, I hand over  your helmet and give a pre-ride brief. Helmets now on, I climb onto the bike, having set up the rear pegs for you, and invite you aboard.
We set off down the country lanes; you are higher up than you’d be in a car so you see more of the countryside.  The sun beats down but we’re kept comfortably cool by the breeze as we ride.  Finally, after enjoying the ride through sunlit lanes, we’d arrive at a secluded beach. We park the bike and climb off.
Removing our helmets, the bike’s hot metal ‘ticks’ as it cools down.  Standing together on the deserted beach (it’s not a holiday for the rest of the country) we look out to sea, listening to the noise of the waves crashing  onto the shore.
I take your hand, and pull you in, turning you to face me.  I cup your cheeks in my hands taking a long, lingering kiss.  While I’m kissing you,  I undo the zip on your jacket revealing your wonderful naked skin.  Your bikini-clad breasts are exposed,  the jacket fully undone.  I reach behind you to undo the zip which binds your jacket to your trousers.  I kiss your neck and shoulders and ease the jacket off.  I undo my leathers and remove them.   All I wear  underneath are swim shorts (which are showing my erection). 
I trail kisses over your wonderful body:  down your neck, the swell of your breasts framed by your bikini, on down over your tummy until I am face-to-face with a leather waistband.  Undoing the zip  (I press inwards so that your pussy feels the vibrations of the zip as it’s undone), I pull down your leather jeans.  Your bikini bottoms come slowly into view, outlining the shape of your pussy.  Tugging them right off, you shuck your legs out of them, until we have only our swimwear on.  
Grabbing your hand again, we race towards the ocean, splashing as we reach the water’s edge.  The water is very chill, but we don’t care.  Getting deeper now, we wade out until the water is reaching that point  (you know the point) just before our genitals submerge.  Suddenly a wave rears up, catching us unawares, and our stomachs are wet as well.  We laugh and dive into the water to wet our hair and acclimatise to the chill water.
Now’s the time for some serious arousal, the water is calmer at this depth, so I’d tell you to float on your back.  You comply and I cradle you, using my arms to keep you balanced and relaxed as the water holds you aloft.  Now, I can really access your body to play and tease as you float, weightless, next to me.  With your body half in and half out of the water, you feel the water lap against your pussy. Now there’s an added sensation when you realise I’m running my finger up and down the groove of your pussy lips, from just underneath your ass right up until I am pressing against your clit then tracking back between your legs to tickle your ass.
Moving my arms up your body, you’re completely relaxed, letting your head rest in the water  knowing I won’t let it sink.   I trace my hands over your breasts, your nipples hardening to tight nubs beneath your bikini.  Below the water’s surface, my hands at your back loosen the bikini strings till your breasts are unfettered.  You gasp as the breeze strikes your damp nipples making them stand even more proud.
Bending forward to  take each erect nipple in my mouth, the difference in temperatures between the sea and my hot mouth makes you gasp.  I lightly bite down with my teeth, my mouth on one and my fingers on the other; I tease you mercilessly.  I’d alternate my finger action between breasts and your pussy but, while I can see your beautiful breasts, I can’t see your pussy – this is something I intend to rectify.  Undoing the side ties of your bikini bottoms you are suddenly completely naked, floating in the sea, with me, your lover, caressing your entire body as you undulate next to me in time with the small wavelets.  I tuck your bikini safely into my shorts pocket.
I can sense your need for release increasing, so I gently ease you into a standing position and we wade back to the beach. We make our way across the wet sand to the grassy areas up the banks.  I lay you down amongst the grass and kiss you long and hard on your luscious pink lips.
Again, I’d sweep my hands over your body, gently appreciating the curve of your breasts, the swell of your hips, stroking down your upper thigh before trailing slowly and inexorably up your inner thigh towards your gorgeously smooth pussy mound.  I’d lie over you to take a nipple between my lips and teeth, biting down just hard enough to make you groan, then I’d hold that erect nipple between my teeth and attack it with side-to-side swipes of my tongue.  You would feel an alteration to my tongue movements, I’d flick up and down over your nipple to push it repeatedly against my upper and lower teeth.  Moving my attention to your other side, instead of attacking just your nipple, I open my mouth wide and take as much of your breast as I can in my mouth, carefully shielding my teeth to suck hard, making your aureola engorge with blood to become even more sensitive.  I’d use both of my hands, one on each breast to trace circles around them, teasing both nipples at the same time.
Totally relaxed and enjoying my ministrations, you’d feel the grass at your sides brushing against your skin, you’d hear the roar of the sea and perhaps smell the summer flowers, but above all you’d feel my hot breath on your tummy. I’d start kissing my way down your body abandoning your breasts for your stomach (I promised I’d love your tummy!)   Finally reaching your mons I’d kiss it lightly, then begin tonguing your pussy lips, not your entrance itself, but at your swelling lips.  You’d part your legs attempting to get me to play at your core, but for the time being, I’m content to play round the edges.  Intermittently, I’ll sweep my pointed tongue right along your pussy lips to prod your clit between your folds, but then I’d resume circling your whole pussy.  I gently tickle your inner thigh, almost – but not quite – touching your pussy, judging the right time to go down on you properly.
I’d spread your legs even further apart and lie down, my head between your legs I’d gently, almost imperceptibly,  trace my tongue up your folds.  My fingers  part you to expose your clitoris.  I use my teeth very gently on your most delicate flesh and, holding the base of your clit in my teeth, I repeat what I did to your nipples.  Being held firmly, your clit has no retreat from the onslaught.  As you start to buck your hips, I release your clit and lift your legs into the air.  You get the idea, holding the backs of your knees and pulling, exposing your whole sex to me.
What a wonderful sight, from the pinkness of your vagina to the slightly darker pucker of your ass, I view two wonderful areas, about to get the benefit of my fingers and tongue.  Starting off with your pussy, I use my tongue to scoop up the signs of your arousal.  Drinking your sweet nectar I’d probe into your pussy as far as my tongue will go.  I’d use fingers to penetrate you, curving my digits towards the front wall of your vagina, in search of the spongy part that give you so much pleasure.  With fingers still inside you, slowly and delicately, I’d tease your ass with my tongue, moving around your cleft  until I finally settle on your pucker feeling it clench in response.  I tense my tongue into a dart to jab at your ass, tasting the salt from the sea and your love juices which’ve flowed down from your pussy.
Using the finger with which I’d probed your pussy, I’d use your natural lubrication to allow that finger entrance to  your ass, while my mouth completely encloses your pussy where I’d suck, tease and probe with my tongue until you’re about to cum.
Releasing you, I’d stand up and from my erection you’d see how much this has been turning me on.  My cock would be copiously leaking pre-cum, so I’d drip some slap bang into the middle of your pussy, cold by the time it reaches you.  
I’d position myself between your legs which you have now let go, My cock naturally finding its target, you’d feel it nudging the entrance to your vagina.  Feel the sensation of being spread as you are penetrated, bit by bit, inch by inch, as I slide myself into you, filling you with my hardness.  My heavy balls would touch your ass, I’d push a fraction more into you before I gently withdraw, your pussy lips clinging tightly to my withdrawing cock.  Once fully withdrawn, I’d plunge back in to the hilt.  You’d tell me that you’re ready, so I speed up slightly, my balls bouncing off your ass until, with a loud groan I cum inside you.  I’d feel every squirt as your pussy clings to my cock.  As my climax subsides, I’d be aware you haven’t yet cum (although you are close).  Withdrawing I’d use my tongue on your pussy one last time, cleaning my fluids from you as I do, but more importantly, stimulating your clit until you arch and gasp your own release.
As you come down from your orgasm, I’d push my softening cock back inside you, and we’d lie connected, me kissing your lips and looking into your eyes before kissing you again.
“God, Sushmita, you are beautiful.”  I’d tell you and we’d lie like that for the longest time.

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