Book Review : Named and Shamed

Anybody who’s been reading my blog recently knows I’m having a moment with erotica in fairy tales, and I have tried my hand at modernising and sexing up some of our more traditional tales (back off Disney, there’s nothing for you here!)

Imagine my delight when someone tweeted about this book!  I downloaded a sample, loved how it gave me the fanny gallops, so I bought the novel, and here’s what I thought of it!

Named & Shamed

A dark and dirty erotic fairy tale by Janine Ashbless

Meet Tansy, a feisty redhead who’s not ashamed to use her sex appeal in the fight against creatures from fairy tales – or Them There as it’s safer to call the non-humans in this re-imagining of our modern day world overrun with creatures from folk stories.

In daylight hours humans can go about their normal business to a great extent, but after dark, the magical folk have the power – it’s a worldwide problem.  Tansy works for a government agency and uses her womanly wiles (OK – her sweet pussy and the rest of her booming body) to gather secrets and information to help overthrow the Fairies.

In a tricky situation, where she’s endangered another person’s life, Tansy is forced to collaborate with one of Them There, the deal appears to be to giving her body over to a fabulous sexual experience.  However, the price she pays is far higher, her libido is enchanted so she literally can’t get enough!  What follows is a total orgy of experiences, many of which I found very erotic and illicit.  Tansy learns there’s only one way to lift the curse, so begin on her travels with her bi-sexual bestie and her well-hung boyfriend!

I hesitate to ‘yuck somebody else’s yum’ but the second half of the book left me less impressed.  This is mostly because Tansy craves ever more depraved acts which feed her desire for humiliation, which isn’t my ‘thing’.  As a whole the book is hot, absolutely drenched in all kinds of sexual antics and fetishes.  The author’s twist on fairy tale folk in a modern world is clever.   The writing style is great and the story-line is original.  The critical deciding factor for reading enjoyment is whether the sexual content appeals to you.

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  1. haha – I have never heard of the term "Fanny Gallops" before but it is very evocative. Anyway, the review is very good. I like the way you described the book's two "halves" as it were and that you were appreciative that others "yum" exists. I also think you have got the line between whetting someones appetite and giving the plot away, spot on. The only thing I would add is that the labels don't seem to be complete for the activities you mentioned (in another conversation). Wasn't there some form of watersports etc in there too?

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