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Shiver me Timbers (and a bottle of rum!)

Part 1  and  Part 2 of this story can be found here, or this story can stand alone.

As she lay under him, Lavinia tried to take stock of what’d happened, earlier that day she’d been a girl disguised as a boy, scrubbing the deck for a pittance of pay, now she’d become a woman, but what kind? She’d her lost maidenhead to a lawless pirate, and she’d liked it!  He rolled off her, to the side and she gasped, able to take deep breaths again, she noticed a soreness at the cleft of her legs yet she felt more alive than ever before.
She watched him intently, his long hair was loose and his face and neck tanned, a pulse throbbed in his throat, in time with the thud of her heart.  Suddenly she was aware of his dark eyes on her and a flush of embarrassment heated her face.
“So, little rabbit… Vinny, what next?”
She did indeed feel like a rabbit, trembling with anticipation and fear. What if he killed her now?  Or worse still, he left her behind?  She bit her lip and waited, watching his face.
“Did you like what we just did?  Me loving you?” his gowling voice was tinged with tenderness, Lavinia nodded, her flush deepening.
“Would you like more? I can show you many ways we can pleasure each other, we could …” but he didn’t finish that thought, instead cocking his head like a robin, he stilled to listen.
“I smell smoke!” he exclaimed, “they’re burning the ship!” so saying, he leaped off the bed and ran to the door, poking his head outside where the clamour of fighting and the smell of burning was unmistakable.
Lavinia clutched her clothes around herself, pulling her overshirt  together while tucking it into her breeches she pulled the belt tight.  The pirate, meanwhile, grabbed a bottle of rum and a few of the captain’s personal effects before gripping her by the shoulders harshly, staring into her eyes.
“Do you want to come?  I’ll have to keep you hidden. It’s a hard life, but damned if I’m leaving my little rabbit behind, not when I’ve so much to teach you!”
“Take me with you!” she gasped, already she smouldered from within at the thought of lying with him again and learning the ways of the flesh.  If it was wrong, she didn’t want to be right.
“Stay still and quiet!” he ordered as he pressed her down to the floor, onto a woven rug with an intricate pattern.  Lavinia’s pirate rolled her deftly in the rug, before tossing water from the washstand over it and slinging her over his shoulder.   
He made his way quickly above deck where the roar of flames was louder still and was met by shouted questions and orders to the remainder of the crew.  Lavinia could see nothing but she felt herself flung and caught with a muffled grunt, before she was hoisted onto a shoulder again.  She heard her pirate boasting about the rum and brass trinkets he’d lifted from the conquered ship’s captain.  There was a muffled cheer and she felt jolts as some of his crew patted his back, then the motion of footsteps as he travelled below deck with his precious cargo.
He shut the door to his quarters before putting the rug on the floor and unrolling it to release her, while Lavinia blinked at the sudden light and tried giddily to take in her surroundings.  The pirate’s cabin was pokey, but private.  He had a narrow cot bed and, like most sailors, a large trunk.  From this he pulled garments and pushed them under the mattress.

“Hide in here if you hear anyone coming, the floorboards outside squeak so you must listen for it.  Nobody can know you’re here, otherwise you’ll be in danger whenever I leave the cabin to be on deck.”  He took her chin and fixed her with his expressive eyes.  “You’re my little rabbit and I won’t share you with the scurvy knaves on board this ship.”  He bent to press his lips to hers briefly, then was at the door.  “I’ll bring you food presently.”  His eyes swept over her, his gaze hot, then he was gone.


Lavinia sank onto the narrow bed, her knees weak.  She felt feverish with excitement and delayed shock.  Her old life was gone, this was her life now, the plaything of a savage pirate, waiting for him all day, but the nights … she shuddered in anticipation of experiencing those delicious emotions and sensations again!  Was he so savage really?  He’d been tender where he could, she guessed from the grunts and moans she’d heard at her parent’s home that coupling could be uncomfortable.  
She was reminded her of her own discomfort, so she moved to the tiny washstand and soaked a cloth to bathe her cunny.  Lowering her breeks she noticed blood smeared on her thighs so she gently washed it away, the cool water soothing, yet awaking new tingles in her puffed lips.  She began to touch herself the way her pirate had ‘til she felt a-tremble, getting giddy again.  Abandoning the wash cloth Lavinia settled on the bed with her legs spread and gently stroked her outer lips which were covered with soft downy hair.  The tingles radiated out from where she touched, her fingers playing over sensitive flesh sending flashes of excitement around her body.  
Lavinia allowed her digits to dip lower, encountering smooth skin, but with a silky wetness, and such warmth! She pressed with fingers till the lips gave way and her finger sank into the depths of her cunny.  Oh!  Vinny’s mouth made an expression of surprise as she encountered no resistance at all, her finger sliding deep into the heated confines of her quim.  She sighed with delight, it felt nearly as good as before, so she used her finger to slide in and out, slipping and dipping, while waves of pleasure fanned out from her core. Wetness built and ran run out of her, just as before, the tops of her thighs glistened with her juices.
Lavinia was oblivious to the noises of the crew above deck, the gulls which circled the ship and the dip and roll of the vessel on the salty waves.  All she knew or cared about was the tune she was playing on her own instrument, plucking and strumming, building up to a glorious crescendo.  Her head fell back and she squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the climax of her teasing broke over her with its familiar rainbow colours.  Her cunny throbbed so she pressed her legs together, trapping her hand and stilling it, to better luxuriate in the pulses that she’d drawn out of herself.
Her body feeling bone tired, Lavinia drew up her knees, curling into a ball to sleep, before remembering she needed to stay hidden.  She dragged a blanket over to the trunk;  wrapping it around herself, she climbed inside to sleep until her pirate came back for her.

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  1. Hi Posy,
    well, I love your longer stories (and story series) and this one underlines just why. I loved the character build up and the increasing sexual tension. I must also admit to adoring the pictures you posted alongside (see? a nautical term there too ha ha).

    Seriously, please keep penning these longer stories, you are my fav author and you have never disappointed thank you X

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