I feel the magic in your caress

I feel magic when I touch your dress

Silk and satin, leather and lace

Black panties with an angel’s face

[The Steve Miller Band]



  • So glad you managed to post a photo Posy. I just love the sweeping curves of your arse. Your beautiful panties just add so much to make this one very hot image. xx

  • I don't think I ever realized that those were the lyrics to that song! Excellent musical interpretation! 🙂

  • Sexy shot Posy and a fabulous bum you have there

  • The perfect image for these lyrics


  • I'd say 'black panties on an angel's ass'… stunning look, Posy.

  • Gorgeous!
    Missy x

  • Those are some seriously sexy undies!

  • Very very sexy xx

  • I'm going to be seeing this photo every time I listen to Steve Miller now. 😉

  • What lovely, generous comments. thank you! I'm walking on air now! x

  • Beautiful image. I am sorry to be so late to your blog! Catching up slowly 😉

  • Def wanting to see more x

  • So beautiful.

  • Black magic woman!

  • Very pretty underwear, superbly modelled. I had to look again to spot the paddle!


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