Stripes and Stealthy Solo Play!

This week the inspiring image has been supplied by Molly of @Mollysdailykiss and was originally called ‘She’s Made of Candy’ and I knew I had just the picture to post to respond with.

I love to feel moisture gathering in my lips and how the flesh swells as it becomes engorged with blood, I like to dip my finger into my  wetness and drag it up to my clitoris and circle round with a tease/torment action which can sometimes be just the lightest tickle of my nail on its sensitive tip.  I adore the first moment that I sink my finger deep inside my pussy and feel my knuckles enveloped in the heat and wetness.  I often cram 3 fingers in as deep as they will go because, as my arousal grows, I get an urge to feel ‘full’.

Extract from post: Solo play – Yes Please!

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