Frisky Friday


Hello my Dark Darlings,
After a rather dull working week I have been coming home and reading a hot, racy book in which the central character has had a spell, or a curse put on her where she is horny all the time. 
I am also full of nervous energy about my first assignment for the Smut Marathon.  The starters gun went off on Sunday and the chequered flag for entries will wave on 10-2-18 so please take a peek at the entries myself and the other competitors have submitted whilst they are being judged, constructive criticism via comment is always welcome, but all will be anonymous until the judges have made their selections.
Anyway, what I am saying is that I am both jittery (nervous) and horny/frisky, so today I feel like sharing a picture in this popular meme.  (please ignore my selfie stick!)  I have to confess, I rather like the sensation of my knickers wedged in my bum crack … am I the only one?


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