Going Back to Basics Vampy Reviews a Dildo

So over Christmas I tried and tested this bad boy! The Lovehoney (basic) Realistic Dildo Vibrator. 

I wanted to try this toy as it says that its on the quiet side because there’s nothing more off putting to me than a REALLY LOUD vibrator (I used capitals just then so you could get my point).  Holy cheese balls this one is without a doubt a keeper!

1# I adore the girly colour and the feel of it, it contains latex so its like jelly – yeah this toy is very flexible!
2# referring back to my first point,  this toy is very easy to clean, which makes my life so much easier 
3#  It has textures in all the right places, the (realistic) vibrator has a lifelike head and shaft, but it also has little rows of flexible nubs that caress your clitoris and labia, trust me that gave this toy an extra star! 
4# It’s girthy and the multispeed vibrations were powerful, I could literally feel myself stretch around its bulk. It felt amazing once fully inserted, so next I decided to try the vibrations – this intensified the experience for me and I was coming in no time. 
5# it did live up to it’s claim of being a quiet vibrator so thank goddess!  It was that good that I could still feel myself shaking after I had finished with it.
6# This toy is suitable for male and females, it can be used for vaginal or anal play!
7# Unfortunately this toy is not waterproof.
 All I can say is why not add this toy to your collection? if you like girth and you appreciate something quiet, then go for it!
I would rate this toy 4/5 
  • The circumference: 5.5 inches
  • The insertable length: 6 inches
  • Length overall: 9 inches
You will also need 2x AA batteries and some good water based lube! 
The review of this toy is unbiased, what Vampy Valentine likes, she tells you!  If its no good, she wont mince her words.  However, since writing this review both Vampy and I have become aware that not all silicone is good silicone, and therefore this toy should be used with caution.
More tales from Vampy’s toybox very soon dark darlings!  Please leave her some comments to show your love!

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