My 1 Year Bloggiversary

Roundup of Blogs I’ve Enjoyed this year : 2017

My blogging journey began in summer 2016 started when I joined Lovehoney’s chat rooms to find people who were discussing their erotic writings – 2 or 3 already had blogs where they showcased them.  I copied and pasted URLs and checked out their work (and wondered if I’d ever be as good).  My initial choice was to submit my own first stabs at stories on the Literotica site, making full use of their writing guides and an editor for my first 2 submissions.  I knew Lit had a huge visibility and I needed to know if people appreciated what I was writing, because I’d tried a mainstream blog (book reviews) and hadn’t been able to build up much of a following.

I subsequently returned  to the Lovehoney chat rooms a few times and noticed the newbie bloggers had all branched out on their own, so I took inspiration (& advice) from them.  I trawled their reading lists to expand the blogs I watched.  So the next 3 blogs are very important to the ‘birth’ of Posy!:

Scandarella  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces
Miss Jezebella  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces

Alastor Musing  Powerful pieces of erotica (a series) – she hasn’t updated for a while

On New Year’s Eve, with some bubbly inside me (and full support of my OH) I decided to launch my own blog and Pillow Talk hit the ‘airwaves’.  So 31 December 2017 marks my 1 year bloggiversary!

My next batch of muses were:

Random Red Rose A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces

Little Switch Bitch A mixed media blog, photos, reviews & opinion pieces

Cara Sutra  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces, advice for sex bloggers Everything on Cara’s site is on a bigger scale, she has a panel of reviewers, she’s clearly turned her blogging into an ‘enterprise’.

Although I enjoy reading toy and product reviews (in fact some of them have inspired my writing) what I devour voraciously is great erotica, so I tend to follow blogs which feature well crafted stories. 

I cheekily suggested to Miss Jezebella that she feature one of my stories on her site, she kindly agreed and in July I was her first guest contributor, this brought new traffic to Pillow Talk.  She’s always given me great advice & tips, she encouraged me to try for a Kinkly rating (Erotica category) and join Twitter.  Scandarella echoed her advice and also suggested I get on board with the weekly memes.  Since taking their advice I am continuously discovering new blogs, photos, discussions and competitions.  I’ve even had my first complimentary toy sent to me for review (thanks Lelo).

So here are some of my most valuable blogging discoveries, with (I admit) a heavy bias on those who write erotica ~ both short and long stories. C’mon there’s a need for quickies as well as a teased-out story!  

Aurora Glory  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces
Candy Snatch Reviews  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Tabitha Rayne  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs (and sex toy designer)
Lascivious Lucy  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Midnight at the Oasis  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Nero Speaks Erotic stories from a male PoV, Opinion pieces with erotic picture content
The Smutlancer  Advice and opinion pieces for sex bloggers & writers (some as podcasts)
Sexponential  Opinion pieces on sexual topics, with external contributors
Emmeline Peaches Reviews  A mixed media blog, predominantly reviews with
opinion pieces & interviews
Cousin Pons  Predominantly erotic stories from a male PoV, with erotic photographs
May Moore  Predominantly erotic stories, Some thought pieces and erotic photographs
Joanne’s Reviews  A mixed media blog, predominantly reviews with opinion pieces
and a new section of erotic stories
Cara Thereon  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Molly’s Daily Kiss  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs

Bibulous One  Predominantly erotic stories, true accounts from a male PoV, with erotic


And not forgetting Petra Pan – a talented freelance reviewer, whose work you can find on Random Red Rose’s blog and as part of Cara’s Pleasure Panel.

These blogs are opening my eyes to/ expanding my understanding of a wider variety of sexual orientations and proclivities, and I love it!  I am corresponding with a fascinating Dom and a submissive Little who’ll help me write my BDSM series (Cleaner Close) with more authority and realism.  Now my blog has a fascinating, fun-filled Bi-sexual contributor Vampy Valentine who will write my adult toy reviews, which was my least favourite topic to blog about.

Big love to my followers old & new and thanks to this inclusive community for #SoSS: a fantastic use of Twitter and a resistance movement against narrow minded censorship.  For 2018, my 2nd year of blogging, my goal is onward and upward for Pillow Talk – I plan to expand into audio stories and to share the writing of others.  (Let’s start with trying to squeeze this post into #wickedwednesday)

9 thoughts on “My 1 Year Bloggiversary”

  1. I love to hear how people decided to started blogging! Congratulations on your first bloggiversary and welcome to Wicked Wednesday. Here's to many happy years of blogging!

    Rebel xox

  2. And me! I should add that when I posted my 6 month anniversary summary last week I was surprised to see that my erotica and personal posts were running neck and neck. I didn't set out to write or photograph erotica, but Sinful Sunday got me started and then Ryan reemerged in my consciousness and before I knew it he had taken over…
    Thanks again, and congrats!

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