Twisted Tale : The One Where she Dresses in Red

A traditional folk tale snatched back from the storybooks, still best enjoyed at bedtime!
The snow crunched under her feet with a squeaking sound, the low sun slanting through the bare trees in the forest caught the ice crystals made it an unreal, twinkling white.  She admired the stark contrast between snow and the hard black trunks and branches, she saw her breath in front of her in puffs of warm vapour and she sensed the silence of the empty woods around her. Her heart beat fast as she strode out in the crisp cold air, trying to keep warm, shrugging her shoulder to keep her bag of food goodies from slipping.


She wished she could see where the path was, but the drifts of snow blanketed the forest floor, only broken in places by clumps of evil looking prickly bramble bushes.  So she avoided these and kept heading in what felt the right direction, hoping her godmother’s bungalow would be in sight soon.




He wished there was a long mirror that he could admire himself in.  Undoubtedly he was getting quite a thrill from the sensation of the delicate fabrics against his skin, but for full effect he wanted to see what he looked like.  His legs were encased in very sheer, silky black stockings and he stroked his hands all the way up from ankle to thigh as a lover would, smoothing the sheer nylon against his skin.  The fancy lace tops of the stockings were held in place by the studs and eyelets of an emerald green suspender belt, which strained a little on his hips.  He’d found some filmy knickers which matched the suspender belt, their front a gauzy fabric with a paisley printed swirl so his cock was just visible nestled behind the opaque fabric, a wicked beast threatening to wake with the excitement of this illicit activity.


The back of the knickers was emerald green silk, and had crept between the cheeks of his butt as he was broader than their real owner, but he liked the sensation as it tickled and chafed softly against his anus.  He reached up to touch the matching green satin bralet, loving how it looked against his slightly hairy chest; his gym-toned pecs gave him ‘breasts’ and a ‘cleavage’ to which the satin fabric and eyelash lace moulded, while his hard, aroused nipples made a visible peak behind the soft, silky material.


Of course the shoes wouldn’t fit him, nothing in the cupboards was a size 9, but he’d come prepared with a pair of stilettos he’d bought online, with 4” heels, his feet seemed very feminine when he wore them.  He grabbed his phone to hold it at arm’s length and take a selfie, in fact several from different angles, then he lay on the bed to wait.  While waiting he stroked himself, gently teasing through the fabric of the knickers.  So very illicit – it was thrilling to be wearing ladies’ luxury underwear.  They smelt faintly of lily of the valley, the beautifully organised drawers contained sachets of the fragrance, but as he began to tease his thick cock awake, he became aware of the musky smell of his arousal blending with it.


Looking down, he loved the juxtaposition of his manliness cloaked in the ladies’ underwear – the hairs on his legs trapped under the sheer gloss of the stockings, his dark curled pubes began at the tops of his thighs then disappeared only partially under the lace and organza of the dainty knickers.  His happy trail ran from his belly button down to his pubes, where his flaccid cock was now starting to wake and engorge, pressing and straining against the delicate fabric like King Kong in a flimsy cage!


He stroked himself, teasing sensations from his dick, he trailed his fingers around the sensitive head and under the frenulum until the pre-cum began to gather, making its stickiness ooze out and smear onto the fabric of the panties before it’s head poked above the line of elastic.  He went fast and slow, firm then gentle, edging himself towards high excitement before letting his arousal drop back to a low simmer.


He particularly enjoyed teasing his nipples through the silky green fabric, he wondered why girls should be the only ones to enjoy the frisson of delicate silks and satins against their erogenous zones?  He pinched and rolled his nipples, he flicked at them and tugged until they ached and throbbed with sensitivity, just how he liked it.  The precum gathered at his cock’s head and dribbled down, a warm ooze against his abdomen, a sign that he delighted in his self abuse.


Just then he thought he detected the soft thud of footsteps outside, then he definitely heard a key slip into the lock and turn its chambers.  Not long now before his game could properly begin.




She came in the house and slipped off her boots by the mat, no need to walk snow indoors.  Shrugging out of her red wool coat she hung it from its hood on the rack in the hallway.  The house seemed oddly silent, she wondered where her godmother was, normally she was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee brewing and a warm embrace.  She took the bag of groceries into the kitchen, which looked pristine, not as if a visitor was expected for lunch.  Pulling out her phone she checked for missed messages or calls, but saw none.  Where could her godmother be?


She looked around the sitting room for clues, perhaps godmother was ill, so moving down the hall she pushed open the door and was shocked to discover a man on her godmother’s bed, a glint in his eye and a wolfish grin.


“Who are you?  Where’s Elvira?” she asked, feeling shocked.


“I’m a friend of Elvira’s” he answered in a low growl, “I came over to play.”  His face wore an expression: part smug satisfaction and part lust, while a feral musky scent in the room spoke to her body, causing a throb between her legs.


“Do you want to play too?” he held her gaze, she couldn’t help noticing what big eyes he had, they glinted green and mysterious, all the better to see her with.


“Elvira, likes my games, don’t you my love?”  he patted the bedclothes beside him, making something stir underneath.


Her heart beat hard in her chest, she noticed he wore women’s lingerie, beautiful yet obscenely delicate on his hard, muscled body, and she couldn’t help noticing how big his arms were: all the better to hold her with.


She shook her head, in answer to him and to clear her mind from the confusing, lust infused thoughts which assaulted her.  She noticed his phallus throbbing against his hard abs, neither concealed nor contained by the ladies panties he wore.  Her instinct told her things had gone awry and to run for her own protection, but another part of her, a more base part, was enthralled by his confidence and aura of animalistic attraction.


He moved slowly off the bed, rising to his feet allowed her to take in his garter belt, stockings and high heeled shoes.  With stealth and poise he came towards her, licking his lips; she noticed he wore bright red lipstick and his tongue seemed long and fleshy.  


“What a big mouth you have,” she blurted out, watching him intently while backing away.


“All the better to eat you with,” he replied, pressing his palm against the door so she couldn’t open it, and inhaling deeply as he invaded her personal space.  “Would you like that, little one?” his stealthy voice brought goose-bumps to her skin.


“Your godmother likes that!”  he said pulling back the covers to reveal Elvira tied, spreadeagled to the bed with restraint straps;  a ball-gag in her mouth and a buzzing vibrator buried inside her, she was flushed and dishevelled.


The girl was shocked, and yet excited.  She hadn’t known this side to her godmother existed, but the dark depravity thrilled her all the same.  Her eyes were drawn to the thick vibrator protruding from the other woman’s naked pussy lips, its vibes sounded in a pulsing pattern while her godmother’s hips thrust and writhed with enjoyment at the sensations it was providing.


The man in lingerie prowled round her, his cock looked angry and purple with barely contained arousal, when suddenly he grabbed her and held her by the throat, pressing her back against his near-naked torso.


“I’ve eaten her already, and now I’d like to eat you,” his hot breath seared her neck while his hand ran roughly down the front of her body, moulding and pinching her breast in passing, before grasping her pussy through the fabric of her woollen dress.  “Would you like that, little girl?”  He rasped, close to her ear.  


She nodded, transfixed by the vision of her godmother cumming around the vibrator, straining against her bonds while her hips bucked in a frenzy.  The girl’s body was coming alive quickly with desire, as he frigged her through her clothes. He hoisted up the flared skirt and his fingers met bare flesh above her hold-up stockings.


“O I like these,” he growled, his voice a low rumble which resonated right through her, tickling her backside with a buzz, while he stroked her silky thighs above and below the stocking tops.  He pulled her knickers aside, insinuating his fingers under the elastic easily and digging them deep into her soaking wet pussy folds.  “I like this too, and so do you, you’re like a bitch on heat!”  He pressed and stroked, fingering her brutally hard until she began to grunt as if he was fucking her with his cock.  This one liked it wild and rough, he could tell, so when he sank to his knees in front of her he pressed her back hard against the door before beginning to lick, nibble and nuzzle at her pussy.


She closed her eyes, her passion ignited by this frenzied assault on her body.  She felt on fire with arousal as he gripped her legs, holding them apart and licking and sucking at her pussy and clit.  One hand roamed under her and she felt it, already coated with her juices, working its way into her anus, teasing and pressing, invading and possessing her ‘till the colours of her climax began to burst behind her closed eyes.  Her juices burst and flowed over his probing tongue while her pussy pulsed and throbbed deliciously with a wonderful sensation of release.  She shuddered and trembled with the strength of her climax, feeling the pulse in her pussy amplified by the presence of his finger in her back entrance.  What was this wickedness he was subjecting her to?  And why had it taken her so long to discover it?


“My turn now, little one,” he dragged her over to the bed and lay down, “gobble me up!” he laughed and settled on his back, easing the panties until they were under his balls, pushing the tight globes up against the base of his hard cock.  She stood with shaking legs looking at him, her mouth almost watering with desire, before sinking to her knees, grasping his member with her left hand to angle his cock into her wide open mouth.  As she began to suck at him, bobbing her head she saw his right hand move and grasp the vibrator, twisting its base until its high pitched buzzing stopped.  


She licked and sucked both the head and length of his dick, allowing her saliva to run freely, coating and lubing his member as she massaged him up and down using firm lips and vacuum which hollowed her cheeks.  He kept time with her up & down movements, thrusting in and out of the bound woman with the silicone coated vibe.  Out of the corner of her eye she could see he was mirroring the bobs of her head with pistoning the girthy vibe in and out of her godmother’s swollen pussy, which looked pink and wet with arousal.  She felt answering throbs of desire build in her own love box, imagining how it felt to be so helpless while being subjected to pleasurable acts on someone else’s agenda.


She licked and sucked with more urgency, sensing that his climax was close by the tightening of his balls and the thrusting and straining of his body towards her face.  


“Yes, yes!” he snarled, “take it all!”  He grabbed the back of her head with his free hand and held it in place as the pumped up into her mouth ‘til his cum hit the back of her throat.  She gulped and swallowed as fast as she could, but some of the pearly white cum plopped onto his taut abdomen.  Her body throbbed and tingled with lust, and when he loosened his hold on her she moved to lick it up.  


Their eyes met and an understanding passed between them; he enjoyed dominating her and she was willing to be controlled by him, she might never want to go home again!


With thanks to Kate Lister for her inspiring article on the original versions of Grimm’s and other early folk tales which you can also read here.

Image featured is courtesy of @MorselMr

10 thoughts on “Twisted Tale : The One Where she Dresses in Red”

  1. I liked … a lot! Sort of guessed it was red riding hood when the girl walking in the wood strayed off the path. The 'wolf' was very Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Show! Fantastically sexy tale!

  2. Of course there is the Godmothers tale still to tell… I agree about the Tim Curry comment too that definitely who I envisioned. I loved the playfulness of the classic what big eyes you have etc…

  3. "Not everything is as dark as it seems …"
    But this was certainly dark and incredibly erotic.
    I loved the BDSM bit in this one as well 🙂

    I thoroughly "enjoy" these sexy takes on Fairy Tails (which, IMHO, have been far too sanitised for way too long).

    Your versions, however, are simply brilliant. I cannot wait to find out which of the tales will get the "Posy Treatment" next, but I can guarantee, it will be another hit.
    Thank you so much for writing and I hope you are back writing as soon as you are able. XX

  4. Thanks guys, those are generous comments and I'm delighted you all enjoyed it so much! You're right Indigo, I hadn't thought of giving Elvira's PoV – but I could. Better get my brain ticking on what to 'twist' next.

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  6. Very well crafted and most enjoyable. You really should have a go at perverting other fictional classics…Sherlock Holmes Scores Again? Fifth Form Lesbian Orgy at Mallory Towers? Jane Has Two Ponies – and two Stableboys (eg). Bring it on I say.

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