Introducing A New Contributor & a New Toy!

In celebration of #Masturbation Monday, please meet a new contributor to my blog:

Vampy Valentine, in her own words :  Bi girl obsessed with piercings, toys, fishnets and boots.  Put a collar on me and I’ll be yours to play with.

Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral & G-Spot VibratorI obtained a Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator and asked the newest addition to my team to give her opinion on this adult gadget.  All views expressed are unbiased and entirely Vampy’s own, she’ll tell you what she did and didn’t like about this pink silicone battery-operated gizmo so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to purchase it for your own ‘adult’ toy box.  Remember, as this toy is made of silicone, only use water-based lube.

The price of this vibrator is currently £19.99 and it runs on 2 AAA batteries, which you can purchase just about anywhere (pop them in your basket at the supermarket!).

Hi I’m Vampy Valentine! I’ll be Posy’s new Toy Tester!   ?        ❤         ?          ❤

Don’t worry, before sharing my thoughts, I made sure that I got full and varied use of the G-Tickler Clitoral and G-spot Vibrator!
Okay so first things first;  the size is a little bit of a let down, the actual length that can be inserted is about only 3 inches so that was disappointing but other than that I did like this vibrator. 
The vibration speeds are very strong and what took me by surprise is that the first speed is quite powerful, so I loved it!  I also enjoyed the four different patterns, even though I’ve used this toy a lot over the last month, the different patterns can still take me by surprise!  Personally my favourite pattern was the fourth one as it’s very rapid and intense (basically right up my street!)
The handle on this toy is on the larger side, which is good if you have someone using it on you.  Being made of silicone its also very flexible;  again that’s another plus for me as it can reach basically anywhere.  [Posy says:  Remember to only use water-based lubes.]
I did, however, have trouble being able to reach my climax with this toy, it would just take me  longer than normal and god forbid if I moved, the toy would just sort of slip out.
I would score the G-Tickler g-spot vibrator a 2/5
It is really cute and perfect if you’re starting to introduce toys but I personally own some pretty intense stuff!  It’s just not really my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean I won’t whip it out if I want some fun. 

Post contains links back to Lovehoney, where I purchased this toy.

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