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#FetishFriday  – No. 3

Hi guys,  it’s been a busy week in Posy’s world!  I’ve contributed my experiences to a fellow blogger who is investigating women’s libido, desire and arousal patterns.  Sexponential  has found that the ‘model’ used to shape our expectations of a standard libido (definitely don’t want to use the word ‘normal’) is based on males rather than females, so Sexponential is compiling and collating real personal experiences from women of different ages and various walks of life and it’s fascinating and free-ing to find out that you’re not a ‘cold fish’ when in fact your life situation has simply created a dip or a cool-off of your libido while something else in your life takes priority (childcare, serious illness, lack of emotional connection with a partner).
I urge you guys to follow Sexponential’s fabulous series #sexdrive stories.

For today’s Fetish Friday I’m sharing a couple of pictures of me in lingerie – as I explained last week, sexy underwear is my ‘fetish’.

Hope everyone has a lovely day and is ready to kick back and enjoy a super-saucy weekend!

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Coming very soon … I have a ‘boxfresh’ new contributor!!  I cant wait to introduce you all to my sex toy tester who is going to bring a different angle and a fresh new voice to Posy Talk.

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