I’m not sure if I have a fetish …  but my obsession with sexy underwear is close to it!

I really couldn’t feel sexy climbing into bed naked for a romp, I always need to dress up in sexy underwear – I own a range from dainty and filmy underwear which enhances my boobs, letting my nipples and pussy show through, to teasing  garments like basques or bodices which squeeze my waist in and my boobs up and out helping me look voluptuous.  

I love a stocking (be it hold-up or lace topped, with seams, or made of fishnet) and suspenders (on a belt or part of other garments).  It’s interesting the way a stocking frames the ‘Sexy Bit’ (cue a sketch from Dara O Briain).  I love how, the thicker, darker edge of the stocking, or the lacy top of the hold ups, makes a vivid marker at the top of the thigh where the skin is pale and very sensitive to the touch.  Then the eye roves up to the groin area which (for me) would always be adorned with the prettiest knickers, to keep the delights behind them a secret for a little longer (access to my naked pussy becomes the grand finale!)  

I like to keep my bikini line waxed smooth, currently my choice is to have all hair waxed away – a Hollywood wax is the common term for it, because I relish the smoothness enhancing my sensitivity and I just love the way it looks and feels.  

Knickers, panties, thongs – I don’t know where to begin because I love wearing them all.  The only styles I’m not a fan of are the huge white or beige granny pants and crotchless knickers – quite possibly 2 opposite ends of the spectrum!  I adore a french knicker, because it covers all my bits but doesn’t hold things tightly, a lover could sneak exploring fingers past my thigh, under the lace or silky fabric and into my fleshy folds – no obstruction – yay!  A favourite fantasy of mine  I also love tap pants – (less fabric than a french knicker shaped like a Brazilian, so you see more under-bum, while the fabric is fluted from the central seam).  

I have a neat bum, not bountiful or bootylicious (which I’ve sometimes yearned for) but my legs are slim so I guess it goes with the territory.  I mostly choose a thong when my outfit requires an ‘invisible’ knicker but it also looks best with a basque or bodystocking.  I love how a g-string leaves my bum almost bare and I enjoy a slight stimulation from the elastic portion between my butt cheeks so I definitely don one for a sexy encounter – Mr Churchgate knows the code and is hearteningly appreciative!  It was recently recommended that I try a thong with 2 strings of faux pearls which stretch from the fabric triangle covering the mons to the waistband at the back.  I haven’t given it a ‘test drive’ yet but the recommender told me his girlfriend nearly had an orgasm in public from wearing such a garment to attend a fancy function while climbing lots of steps to get to the ballroom … hell yeah!  I wanted a piece of that action!

Matching sets of balconette bras and tanga briefs in beautiful colours are what I wear on nights out – if I’m dressed sexily from the skin outwards I feel more va-va-voom.  They make me move in a sexy way, I’ll feel the rub of the lace or the drag of the soft silk on my delicate skin.  My nipples will press against the filmy fabric and my panties will hug and cling to the fleshy lips of my pussy in anticipation of the fun to come later (so long as we haven’t over imbibed … in which case it might be hit bed, snore!)

My latest yearning is for a leather strappy body harness, to wear over some vixen-inspired black undies and my spikiest, most crippling to walk in, boots!  I keep trawling the fetish-wear sites pondering which design appeals the most (maybe that’ll be my Black Friday treat to myself and Mr Churchgate!)  Once again I think its sexy power is how it’ll frame all my tantalising bits:  black straps around my full breasts, bold black lines making a trail down towards my pussy and framing those fleshy lips of delight.  Perhaps it’s my turn to be the stern mistress: my eager slave kneeling in his bonds awaiting my whim or command, or maybe the straps will inspire Mr C to dominate me, to tie me to the bedstead or fasten my hands behind my back and force me to …. Whoops! Getting carried away with my daydream!

So to summarise, me wearing sexy underwear is akin to:

  • A cake decorated with fancy, delicious icing 
  • A window display which lures you into the shop to make a fabulous purchase
  • A painting being mounted in an ornate gilt frame ready to go on display
  • A diamond being set in a ring, surrounded by smaller gems
  • A table laid with best glasses and silverware in preparation for a delicious feast
And my confidence and feeling of desirability multiplies with the process of my adornment, and I’m likely to have a much better time in the sack!

Thanks to Cara Sutra for creating this meme:  
Twitter @TheCaraSutra
Check out the beautiful lingerie on this website which I follow (and drool over regularly!)

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  1. I love this blog, there is SO much variety in its content. Today's entry, for example, is both inspiring and downright arousing. Such a way with words that convey not just deeds, but also the emotions that go along with them. It is also so well observed and true-to-life; picking up on the wee drinkie too many scenario which, I am sure, has happened to most of us reading this.
    Overall, a brilliant (and very arousing) read. Thank you for sharing Posy xx

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