As I often say ~ Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!!

It’s been a funny old week!  Definitely not my best week of the year when I received the disappointing news that I didn’t get a ‘new blogger’ rating from Kinkly, but Pillow Talk‘s a small site and I don’t use Twitter or Facebook to promote myself so my presence is tiny compared with others who I follow.

I am, however, delighted that British blogs which I rate highly have done really well, such as Miss Jezebella, Scandarella and Cara Sutra,  I have also discovered some fascinating new blogs to follow, Girl on the Net & My Tickle Trunk so finding out about Kinkly and who is on there was a positive experience for me.

I’m delighted that lots of you are reading & enjoying my erotic musings and stories and I hope I’m helping you select the most appropriate adult toys with my frank reviews – the stats of how many of you visit my site cheer me every time I view them.  Please use the e-mail subscription feature (new to my page) so you’ll get an e-mail notification every time I post something new on Pillow Talk.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of songs out now with a really raw, sexy vibe to them?  I love Camilla Cabello‘s  “Havana and  Jorja Smith  singingTeenage Fantasyand Demi Lovato is on fire withSorry Not Sorry“.

Anyway, thanks for supporting me, my Dark Darlings!

Love Posy

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